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FAQ by gammalost2

Updated: 06/18/11

v 1.0

++++ DISCLAIMER ++++

You are free to use this document as you please as long as you do
not claim my work as your own. If you want to modify this, please
make a changelog. I wrote this walkthrough for fun and do not place
any copyright on it.
This FAQ is based on the english version 1.07 of ambermoon. This version
was never released or properly betatested, and thus contains numerous bugs.
If you know german it is reccomended to play the german version instead.

In my oppinion Ambermoon/Amberstar are amongst the best RPGs ever made,
however they are at times very hard. My hope is that this faq will help
people who are stuck in the game to complete it. If you are however new
to the game I suggest you try playing without this document, as it will
take away a lot of the fun of discovering quest/places/puzzles on your own.

If you havent played Amberstar, it is suggested that you play it first as
Ambermoon has lots of references to it, and will make your gaming experience
of Ambermoon much better.

Big thanks go out to the Thalion webshrine 

++++ Strategy guide/hints ++++

--== The party ==--

First of all it is worth mentioning that the game uses a shared XP system.
This means that a party with two members will get more XP pr char than a
party with three. Choose your partymembers carefully.

--== Recruitable characters ==--

Egil - Fighter
Nelvin - Mage
Selena - Thief
Sabine - Healer
Valdyn - Ranger
Gryban - Paladin
Tar - Mage
Leonoria - Alchemist
Tagor - Mystic

--== Stats ==--

Some stats are more useful than others:

- Strength
Determines how much loot/gold you can carry. You can never get enough STR
as one of the most common problems in the game is not being able to carry
anymore. Fortunately you can store gold/items in chests. Make sure you
store all unneccesary items/gold before entering a new dungeon/cave.
Buy one or more rings of STR as soon as possible.

- Speed
Determines who will attack first. A high SPD is vital to your
fighting strategy. Buy one or more rings of SPD as soon as possible.

Gives the entire party statboost when you throw a wishing coin in them.
Save your coins until you have a complete party so everyone will benefit.
The well in Spannenberb will increase your STR.

--== MAGIC ==--


First off a little introduction to Spell Learning Points (SLP). Every
magic user gets a certain amount of these when leveling. SLP are used
to learn new spell. SLP are used even if you are unsuccessful so save
before attempting to learn new magic. In both Amberstar and Ambermoon
you have mixed classes and pure classes. An example of a mixed class is
a paladin. A paladin is a fighter and a healer. These mixed classes
gets less SLP and MP when leveling. Therefore, if using a mixed class,
you will have to be more careful what spells you learn.

In the case of Ambermoon you can not decide what class your main 
character is. He/She always starts out as an Adventurer. This is a mixed
fighter and alchemist class. You will also probably pick up
Valdyn later in the game who is a Ranger (mixed fighter and mystic).

If you decide to keep these two as your only access to mystic and alchemist
spells, there are a few ones that are very important to learn.

Mystical map III  - This is one of the most useful spells in the game.
                    It shows secrets, monsters and other points of interest.

Identification    - Identiifies objects. You should also carry a bunch of
                    scrolls of these.
Map view          - Shows a full minimap of the dungeon. This includes
                    unexplored areas and secrets.


Magical Attack    - Gives you more attack power.
Magical Barrier   - Gives you more defense power.
Anti-magic sphere - Gives you protection against spells.
Magic lantern/sun - Gives you light
Create food       - Found this very useful, but not really needed.
Levitation        - Very handy later in the game.
Jump              - Will help you out of a few tight spots. Not used often.
                    A few scrolls will do the trick too
Haste/mass-haste  - Very helpful when taking down bosses.

Spells you should have as scrolls because they use too much MP, aren't
used often, or aren't worth the SLP.

Duplicate item    - Does just that. Does not work on the best stuff.
Repair item       - Repairs a broken item.
Word of marking   - Sets a beacon you can return to later.
Word of returning - Teleports to a set beacon.


Even though this is a pure magic class, she will run out of SLP amazingly
fast. Therefore make sure to use your SLP wizely. I suggest learning
status-changing spells as soon as possible (cure madness, raise dead etc).
Also know that there are often two different spells that do the same thing.
An example of this is Heal ageing and stop ageing. The first one works on
one person, while the second works for the entire party.
You only need one of them, and I suggest the first since it uses less SLP.
Using a paladin instead of a healer is in my optinion, not an option.

++++ Quick and dirty ambermoon FAQ/Walkthrough ++++

1.1 Spannenberg

You start the game in your grandfathers house. First thing to do is to go
down in the cellar and find a shortsword. Make sure to take everything of
value before leaving the house.

Now head for Spannenberg. There are two things you should do here first.
1. Find the fighters guild
2. Buy some decent weapons/armor.

The fighters guild is to the west, while the merchant is to the east.
I'd reccomend you go to the fighters guild first to get your second
partymenber, Egil. Now you should have a fighting chance against the
numerous bandits plaguing the city. Make sure to save before every fight
as weapons/armor break easily. You won't be able to repair these before
later in the game, so make sure nothing gets broken. Load if it happens.

You now hopefully have a longsword or two, and can go hunting for some
bandits to gain xp + cash.

Now you need to get a pick-axe to be able to explore further down your
grandfathers cellar. There are two ways of getting these. First one is
to take the "test of thieves" down in the thieves gulid (inn). The second
is to find the 4 missing golden horseshoes for the stablemaster. If you 
have a few lockpicks I suggest you go for the first option.

Enter the inn and find the stairs down. If you've spoken to one of the ppl
in the inn, you'll know that he wants a broach to tell you the secret
password for the riddlemouth. Don't give him this broach. Your mage will
really benefit from the +10 to U-M it provides. 

The password for the riddlemouth is as you might have guessed if you
played amberster: silk. If you've kept the broach, you'll be facing
a nice fireball for "cheating", so make sure you save first, and load
until your characters survive the blast.

If you've visited the various houses, you should have gotten several quests.
1. Get rid of the bandits
2. Get rid of the orcs
3. find the missing chalices
4. Rescue the sick girl (includes swamp-lily quest, water of life quest
   and getting an empty vial)
5. Find the horse shoes
6. Get some stuff for your grandfather
7. Find the name of the cat (Felix)

The order of which you do the quest doesn't matter, and for all I know,
doing them in a different order than this faq could be better. Do the
"water of life" quest last as it's the most dangerous.

You should go to the alchemists tower as early as possible to get the
mage Nelvin. Remember you share XP between your characters, so one
character more means less XP pr char. You should get Nelvin as high level
as possible because his magic is vital in getting the water of life.

The last character you should get is the sylph Selena. Shes more or less
useless for anything else but picking locks, and will suck up valuable XP
 that would benefit your other characters. Do however make sure you get
her on your team so you can rob her inventory.

I won't go into more detail on the various quests since this was never
intended to be a complete walkthrough.

Things to remember:

1. Water of life quest: Make sure to check every wall as there are tons
   of secret rooms.
2. Save before doing anything that will raise your stats, make sure the
   right char gets the right boost. Ie it's a good idea to have a fast
   fighter and mage.
3. Use the chests in your grandfathers house to store money/items
   so they don't clog up your inventory.
4. The pyramid shaped key for the syplh-cave is in a tree outside the cave.

Riddlemouths in the area: 

Grandfathers cellar: Wine
Orc cave: Oknard
Alchemists tower: Anthony
Thieves guild: Silk

After completing quest #4 you'll receive the ring of sobek that enables you
to swim. Now equip this ring on your main char and swim to get the raft.
Any other chars on your team will drown, so head to the healers and
resurrect them. You can also dismiss the members before going on the little
swimming trip, but I find it easier to spend some money on resurrection.

1.2 Burnville.

The english version of Ambermoon has a nice collection of bugs as it was
never properly betatested.
Worth mentioning before entering luminors tower are:
1. When getting Valdyn the game will crash. This is solved by copying 
   the 2Map_texts.amb file from the german version, and replacing with
   the english one after you've gotten Valdyn. You can also use the Jump
   spell to get around this bug (untested).
2. This is a weird bug. I've mentioned earlier that dumping Selena might
   be a good idea. However, there seems to be a serious bug if there are
   additional chars in your team after the one you want to dismiss 
   (ie Valdyn and Sabine). Therefore I suggest saving just before getting
   Sabine (in luminors tower basement), then dumping Selena and then get
   Sabine. I have not tested if this will fix the bug, so make sure you
   don't overwrite the save you made just before dumping Selena. To see
   if you are affected: Save after getting Valdyn, then load again. Do this
   once more. If you end up with two Valdyns and no Sabine, then you have
   to keep the damn fly-girl, or find another solution to the problem.
3. Possible trainingbug for Sabine. For some reason I cannot train past
   75% even though she can have 95% in U-M.

After riding the raft you should find the Burnville tunnel. Make sure to
get the schimitar for Egil here. Now head for Burnville.

You'll quicky discover that the city is empty. Go to the healers house to
find a diary and a key. This is needed to complete the next tunnel. Also
make sure you find the hidden magic school and spend some TP on U-M for
your chars. Also get some new spells for Nelvin.

Head for the next tunnel to get to the old black wizard tower. After the
tunnel find the small house, use the sphere of opening and enter what is
now called "Luminor's Tower".

Luminor's tower is full of traps and secrets. Every trap has some sort
of "off-switch" so check the walls. First head for the basement to pick
up the healer Sabine. Make sure to check the "bugwarning" before having
her join.

Before facing Luminor you have to find a few icewater flasks to weaken
him so hes not too impossible to beat. Again, look for fake walls. After
going up a few stairs, you will find a dark floor. Here you will find Valdyn.
Save here and check my bugwarning. This bug is supposedly also avoidable by
using the "jump spell", but as I haven't tried this myself, I can not
confirm this. There is also a fake wall here and an icewater flask.
I found 4 flasks. Use the sphere of opening as the key for the door.

You may want to consider going back to Burnville/Spannenberg to level your
new characters. Valdyn can get the very useful "critical hits" up to 5%
if you decided to let Magier live.

Now go kill Luminor. If you've used all the icewater flasks he should
be no problem at all. When he is dead, make sure to serch the walls for
a nice chest containing lots of stat boosting potions and other items.
Head for the basement and free the prisoners. Next stop is Burnville 
which is now back to swarming with life thanks to you. After exploring
Burnville head for Spannenberg to get a ship.

You do NOT have to do the below steps in the suggested order.

1.3 Illien

Travel to Illien. Here you can recruit the elf Leonoria on your team.
Ask Pelanis about "curse"

1. Needle
2. Nose
3. Ripe
4. Glasses 

1.4 Newlake

Visit the library, search all the bookcases. Find 3 books, 1 key and
lots of nice scrolls. Give the painting you got in BUrnville to the Baron,
and watch as you gain a ton of levels. Now you should be able to deal with
his golem guards. Look for secret walls. Items in the Baron's
house: Lightning boots and anti-magic ring.

Now head for the crypt. This is also where shandra is buried. Here you will
get the key for the secret room in the library.

1.5 Mera's Island

This island is now ruled by her son, Nera, who is not as .. uhm kind... 
as his mother. Talk to the cat and search the bookshelves. After kicking his
butt you get a nice broom you can fly on.

1.6 Gemstone

Or what's left of it. Not much to do here. Find a windpearl, get access 
to donners mine.

1.7 Sleepig potion

Gather the ingredients for the demonbrew. Go to Mera's Island and make it.

1.8 Gnomes of Mera's Island

This is a nice labyrinth. So find your way to the gnome city. Here you can
get Tagor, a lvl 16 mystic on your team. 

1.9 Windchain

By now you should have obtained 13 wind pearls and the mother o pearl
necklace. You need 12 pearls to make the windchain. If you don't have 
atleast 12, you should backtrack till you find them.
Head to the windshrine and make your necklace. 

1.10 The woods

Head west from the windshrine. Here you'll find a huge forest. Search
until you find a small house and talk with the person inside. He will tell
you he's looking for his apprentice Kay. Travel north until you find a cave.
Do the usual mass murdering of not-so-innocent monsters and head back to
the small house. Show him Kay's necklace and get a stick of rare wood.
Head back to the windshrine and make the staff needed to repair the
windgates. I also made the game crash by looking at Kay's remains,
so you might want to save before trying this.

1.11 Sansri's Island

Make sure you have around 3000 gold in your inventory and little else.
You're going to need the space. Then head towards the island with all
the wingates. Locate the one going to Sansri's island (the only working one),
and head through. 

1.12 Illien

Give Sansri's blood to Pelanis.

1.13 Castle Godsbane

Your objective here is to get the amberstar. You can also get Gryban
on your team.

1.14 Temple of the Brotherhood

If you want to get another mage in your party then this is where you
want to go next. Find the stairs leading down. Fight the nice deamon,
get the second part of the amulet.

1.15 Tar

Go to Spannenberg and get the first part of the amulet. The go to Burnville
to get it fixed. Head back to Spannenberg again and show the amulet to the
madman. Also check out the tunnel going to Sansri's Island. There is a bug
preventing you from opening the door,
but since you now have the eagle just access it from both ends. 

1.16 Leba's tower

This should be piece of cake by now. Actaully you should proably have been
here much much earlier in the game. 

1.17 Donner's mine

Not much to say. Standard dungeon.

1.18 Head to the volcano west of Spannenberg and enter the dwarven mine.
Use all the different gems you've found throughout the game to remove various
walls. Find the green navstone.

1.18 Temple of the Brotherhood (part 2)

If you have Tar on your team you've already visited this place. Kill the
remaining guards and obtain two keys. Find the airship and cast off.

2.0 Kire's moon

You soon figure out this is a shitty place. Lots of bugs that are hard
to kill and doesn't give you much XP. You will learn to hate them soon
enough. If you look closely on the ground, you can see
the insect nests. So try your best to avoid them.

Dor Grestin	104/166
Ruins	        66/69
Dorina	        64/235

2.1 Dor Kiredon

You automatically enter the city. Head to the smithy and learn of the
missing daughter. Head down into the cellar and look around. A hint is to
use the "map view" spell. The monsters you find here pack quite a nasty punch.

2.2 Dor Grestin

Not much to say. Speak with everyone.

2.3 Dorina
The word to get in is "Schnism" 

2.4 Ruins

Find some pen and paper, blow the dust off you old calculator and head in.
Once you think you've mastered the.. ahem .. complex math system,
head out again.

2.5 Mine

Make sure you picked up the amber from Kire. Buy a few pickaxes and head to
the mine. Use your incredible mathskills to open various doors. A hint if
you get stuck and can't find where to go is to keep going forward through
the teleporters. 

When you reach the bottom you will be able to make new navstones. Make a
few of each color, and insert the red sphere you found into the machine.
Enter the teleporter. 

2.6 Gadlon

Fun gimmick for you who have played "Dragon Flight".

3.0 Morag

Well, you got your navstones. Time to lift off once again.
Green - Forest moon (you probably already knew that)
Blue - Lyramion (home sweet home)
Yellow - Morag

Yellow it is. Here you learn of the evil plan to steal a tad of water.
Off we go to find those strings. It's also worth mentioning that waterbased
spells do not work here. This means the magical guards just got a lot
tougher to deal with. Automapping does not work either. Cast
"mystical mapping" or similar if you want a map.

If you aren't that good at math, you may wanna try the numbers 242 and 301.

18,13 Give the water bottle you got in the city to this guy.

4.0 Lyramion again

Once you've found all 7 strings, head for the music master. Buy a harp
and give him the strings. Now it's time to head for the main badguy.

4.1 Temple of the brootherhood (again)

Use the harp on the door and fight your way to the main boss.
Kill him and watch the ending.

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