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They're Tricky! They're Trouble! They're Troddlers

The great magician Divinius gave you and your partner, Pokus, a simple order: clean out the cellar. But like any sorcerer's apprentices, you just couldn't resist an opportunity to get out of work. When you saw that box labeled Warning! Instant Magical Troddlers May Zombify If Allowed to Teleport! you just had to open it, didn't you? Sure enough, out they went through the teleporter door hundreds of 'em and Divinius will have your hides if you don't bring 'em back pronto. You've got 175 fast, funny, frazzling levels ahead of you. Now get out there and round up those little critters before they get zombified - or you're really in for it!

Now you've done it, Hokus!

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