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You must take the role of Brian, whose heroics have been foretold by the Prophets. Fulfil your destiny and free your family and friends who are being held captive deep within the Great Halls of Valhalla by the evil god Loki.
Leap limitlessly through 16 stunning levels as you hum 22 original pieces of music, whilst contending with hundreds of different adversaries. Brian must use both brain and brawn to battle bravely with the 8 Apprentices of Darkness before he is allowed to enter Valhalla, where he must pass the ultimate test.
The platform puzzles will challenge you! The adversaries will attempt to thwart you! Only your joystick jostling can get you through.
Along your route you will be able to buy numerous magical fashion accessories from mystical shopkeepers that will aid you on your quest. Swords, shields, potions and power coupled with your own special style is the only way that you will be able to defeat The Dark Lord in the final confrontation.
Prophecy 1 is platforms, puzzles and playability (as well as being rather pleasing to both eye and ear).

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