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Sinbad Junior works for the "fair and just" Caliph as an apprentice gardener tending to his incredibly excessive palace gardens. Today however he gazes upon another beautiful flower - the Princess Laila as she stands on a balcony high above the gardens.
Away in an eerie floating castle dark deeds are at hand. The evil Vizier, in his dastardly plan to rule the kingdom, has despatched a demon from the nether regions of hell to kidnap the princess and cast a mighty spell over the kingdom.
As Sinbad stares up at the balcony a dark shape descends from the sky, mauling and clawing at Laila.
Laila screams and the demon lifts off clutching the beautiful princess. Sinbad makes a desperate leap to grab the claw of the monster, but is left on the balcony flat on his back. As the demon disappears into the clouds Sinbad is surrounded by the Caliph's guards and hurled into prison on a charge of sorcery. Now, taking on the role of Sinbad Junior, you not only have to escape the palace dungeons, but also rescure Laila from the evil Vizier.

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