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Hell hath no fury like the wrath of a woman scorned.
Slowly, you open your eyes in the dim light and begin to take in your surroundings. The rough stone walls... the filthy straw mattress under a flickering, smoky torch... the barred window and massive oak door. Obviously, this isn't the guest suite. The peaceful land of Turnvale has been seized by the enchantress Selena... and so, it seems, have you. Enter the world of Virtual Theatre, an innovative new graphic adventure system where fantasy becomes reality and characters take on a life of their own. You assume the role of Diermot, an unlikely hero caught up in a web of sorcery and intrigue. Match your wits against the cruel Temptress and her monstrous creatures, the savage Skorl. Just who is this mysterious Selena--and what is she after? The answer to these questions lie hidden in Lure of the Temptress.
- Stunning graphics and sampled sound effects are guaranteed to capture your imagination, recreating the atmosphere of medieval life in every detail. (Supports all major IBM-compatible sound boards.)
- A large, complex game world with over 60 screens to explore... more than 25 intriguing characters to interact with... and of course, Selena--the Temptress.
- Mouse-driven point-and-click interface provides intuitive control of every aspect of your environment.
- Flexible multi-choice menus let you construct complex sentences and give commands to other characters... a vital element of the game.
- Unique autorouting feature allows "intelligent" navigation... characters walk around objects and each other automatically.

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#13 highest rated AMI adventure game (#149 on AMI, #35157 overall)


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