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Feel the excitement! Experience the thrill! Now you can have all the fun and glamour of a Las Vegas casino in your own home.
California Dreams' Vegas Gambler is an accurate simulation of four of your favorite games. The payoffs are big and the action is fast. Using the same odds as a famous Las Vegas casino the game gives you that "Vegas" feeling. Vegas Gambler adds the flashing lights and lively music to put you in the gambling mood.
SLOT MACHINE lets you pull the handle and watch for a jackpot. Listen as the coins fall. See the lights flash.
BLACKJACK puts you at the table. Beat the dealer! Develop your own winning strategy.
POKER combines the excitement of the card game with the speed of a video game to give a fascinating new twist to one of your favorite gambling games.
ROULETTE gives you the feeling of playing at a Las Vegas casino. Place your favorite bets and spin the wheel.

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