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All you wanted was a big Saturday night out with your girl friend Maria Chavez. Dinner, a movie, drinks and afterwards . . . who knows? What you got was a ransacked apartment, a kidnapped girl friend and an anonymous phone call threatening to kill Maria unless you deliver "the goods" by sunup. The problem is: you don't know what the "goods" are or where they're hidden. What could a thirty two year old waitress and Salvadoran immigrant have that anyone would want bad enough to destroy her apartment and kidnap her?
You grimly realize your night on the town will be filled with danger and intrigue. You must discover who has kidnapped the woman you love and why? Find where she is being held and rescue her before sunup.
Complicating your task are the dangers and challenges awaiting you on the mean streets of Liberty city. Many people still believe Liberty is a good place to live, but each day it becomes harder to float above the rising tide of crime and corruption. By day Liberty is full of hardworking, honest people. But by night the shadows release a collection of freaks, oddballs and outcasts that would make a circus sideshow jealous. Hustlers, con men, users and fixers work the night, everyone with a scheme needing a victim. You'll have to chart a path through this decadent maze, tracking down subtle clues and vague leads to find the woman you love.
Introducing Paragon Software's "Twilight's Ransom", an exciting graphic text adventure for anyone who's ever wanted to be a hero for a night. You assume the role of Ron Mulligan on his quest to save his beloved Maria. This tense action packed adventure features:
- A picture disk with over twenty detailed illustrations of scenes you will encounter in the game.
- Actual clues, included in the package, which help you solve the mystery.
- Sophisticated character interaction and over 175 locations for you to explore in the city.
- A story line bringing to life all the excitement, energy and danger of a big city.
- Compatibility with Aicom Corporation's speech board.

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