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An addictive compelling Touring Car Management simulation. Touring Car Challenge gives you the opportunity to use your skill and judgement to manage a top Touring Car team, have your own on and off circuit battles and perhaps influence the outcome of the championship, "if you're good enough."
- Select from any of the top teams.
- Full drivers and manufacturers championship.
- 1-4 Players, 4 difficulty levels, load/save game options etc.
- Records and championship statistics.
- Sign a tyre supply deal for the season with a top tyre manufacturer.
- Make suspension changes to suit the circuit.
- Develop and fine tune your engine for more power.
- Choose your tyres to suit the circuit, weather conditions and your race strategy.
- Sign any of the world's top Touring Car drivers.
- All drivers have unique driving styles and varying skill levels that fluctuate with experience.
- Driver records and comparison charts.
- 3 levels of graphical highlights.
- Realistic sound effects.
- Make dramatic pitstops and monitor tyre wear and grip levels.
- Crashes, spins, multiple car pileups, stop/go penalties, punctures and any number of other possible accidents.
- Check the detailed weather report and forecast before deciding upon a race strategy and your car set-up.
- Variable in race weather conditions.
- Full circuit information and detailed circuit diagrams.
- All rounds of the championship featured including "double headers."

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