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It's match point and you're down Love-40...
You've been deadly with everything loose in mid-court, but you have to break the Australian's serve to survive. He smashes a driving first serve to your forehand. You hit a precise passing shot to the corner and rush the net. He's trying a delicate lob, but you leap and punch home an overhand smash to win the point. Only four more to go...
- Hit topspin shots, lobs, deep volleys, overhead smashes and drop shots to any part of the court in real time.
- Create your own opponents using Tennis Cup's full-featured player editor. Design practice opponents to improve your game or use the editor to recreate the attributes of today's top pros!
- Practice with the automatic ball machine, then work your way through exhibition matches, tournament play and grueling championships.
- Need to improve your backhand shots? Tennis Cup features practice modes for every different shot, training modes with the computer opponents and selectable game speed options.
- Unique split-screen, first person perspective gives an authentic feel to championship tennis on grass, clay, hard court or indoors!
- Pit your skills against the computer or a friend in a singles or doubles match or team up and play against the computer in a doubles challenge.
- If you're up to it, cross rackets with Tennis Cup's 32 top-seeded pros, each with their own unique strengths, weaknesses, strategy and tactics.
Whether you're playing against a friend or the computer, Tennis Cup gives you the excitement and challenge you've been looking for.

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