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Brainblaster, a double-value game package, includes two great games designed to scramble your brains and challenge your reflexes.
XENON 2, the ultimate coin-op quality action game with a hot soundtrack to match.
No one likes a bad loser and no losers come more universally despised than the Xenites. For a thousand years they have been plotting revenge for their humiliating defeat in the last galactic conflict. Now, the very fabric of time is in danger...the Xenites have planted five time bombs throughout history. Only you can save the day--not to mention the universe! The last time you met it was a playground scrap. This time...it's WAR.
BOMBUZAL, a fast moving game filled with explosive mayhem.
You must detonate a variety of bombs without getting blown away! The bombs are located on ever-changing tiles that can be covered with ice, disappear without warning, or spin wildly out of control. A 2-D overhead and a 3-D isometric point-of-view add to the variety of gameplay. Bombuzal is "...hundreds of levels of sheer addiction!"

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