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Reviewed: 09/16/13

A pointless husk of software.

This is a strip poker game. It has naked women in it. That’s probably all the warning that you need.

So, all these strip poker data disks? They’re not real games, right? All they do is change what your opponent looks like. Do you want to strip this low resolution photograph model or that low resolution photograph model? Do you want to play the same game over and over again? Is it really worth playing this thing when you can just get images of naked women on the internet? What the hell is the point of these stupid disks anyway? Does any of this matter in the slightest?

What are some reasons to live? What are some reasons to love?

Quick question: How uptight would one have to be to care so much about small details? Each one of these data disks contain pictures of women in various states of undress (ignoring the man disk) and that’s about all it adds to the game. What is the difference between the “Suzanne and Bianca” disk and the “Beverly and Dawn” disk? Not much. The women on the disks are good, yes, but do you really need more of these? Both of the disks perform the same function, have the same amount of effectiveness at what they do, and are thus redundant. There is no point to this data disk.

There is nothing to be found here. Look somewhere else.

As always, the data disk add nothing to the gameplay. You just get different pictures. You play against the same braindead AI like you do in every Strip Poker II Plus game and that’s about it. This was a game designed for bored and lonely businessmen, I understand, but are bored and lonely businessmen really that picky about which individual model they play against? It’s not like there’s any name recognition or anything. Bianca doesn’t have a last name! She’s decided to remain anonymous, probably because she didn’t want her friends to tease her about being in such a stupid piece of software. Maybe if it were a model who had been featured in various men’s magazines or at least tried to pull something silly like add a story about how my best friend’s hot cousin wanted to play poker with me, then sure. This would have been software that would maybe be worth owning. As it stands, this is one disappointing and redundant floppy.

Cool Fact- The name Bianca means white, yet in the game Bianca wears black! Suzanne is the one in white! I guess none of this matters. Their clothes come off pretty easily anyway.

Also Try- If you like strip poker, there’s always strip mahjong! There are some seriously high quality strip mahjong games out there. Try Mahjong Club 90s on the arcade. It’s pretty basic at first, but is also a great place to start if you want to get into it.

Rating: 2

Product Release: Strip Poker II Plus Data Disk #3: Suzanne & Bianca (EU, 12/31/88)

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