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RoboSport is a computerized battle-strategy simulation game. It combines the tactical challenge of chess with the intensity of guerilla warfare to provide total strategic mayhem.
Armed with bombs, bullets, missiles, grenades and more, you control teams of Robots that compete in five different sports: Survival, Treasure Hunt, Capture the Flag, Hostage and Baseball. Plan your tactics, instruct your troops, and kick Robutt!
- Simple visual Robot programming system--just point and click
- Thousands of preset battles
- Easy beginner games and challenging scenarios for advanced tacticians
- Nearly unlimited game customization options
- Includes 24 battlefields
- Digitized sounds of battle
- Humiliate your friends in a head-to-head challenge of brain and guts
- Win and you're a brilliant conquering general--lose and you're a bucket of bolts
- Use electronic Zap weapons for close-up destruction, missiles for long-range devastation, and go Kamikaze when all else fails
- Play on two computers connected via modem or serial links
- Use the included RoboPlayer program to view movies of completed battles
- Includes both color and black and white versions
- Play against other humans or against any of four computer personalities

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