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The hilarious best-seller...now on your computer!
How do you play Pictionary on a computer? You play it just like the best-selling board game, Pictionary. It's like charades, only you sketch words instead of acting them out.
With a computer, though, you don't need paper and pencil. Instead, you sketch pictures on your screen, using a built-in drawing program. It's a fun and easy way to learn to draw with your computer.
You're not an artist? Don't worry--most people aren't. That's a big part of the fun. Besides, there isn't time to get fancy: you're racing against the clock. So you need to draw on your wits as well as draw pictures.
Computer Pictionary also has some great features the board game doesn't. For example, you can let the computer do the drawing and compete to see who can guess the words first. Challenging the computer, you can even play alone!
Pictionary on a computer: all the fun of paper-and-pencil Pictionary... and then some!
- Over 2500 words to draw.
- For 1 to 4 individuals or teams.
- On-screen dice and gameboard speed up gameplay.
- Play against each other, or challenge the computer.
- Includes easy-to-learn computer drawing program.

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