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Hill Street Blues is the most honored series in the history of television with the stunning accomplishment of 26 Emmy Awards and numerous other international awards.
Now you can finally play the computer game in this re-created computer simulated city of Hill Street.
You take on the role of "Captain Frank Furillo" and by deploying the police officers under your command, you solve and control crimes. With help from nine of the most famous characters from the TV series, you can interact with up to nine crime incidents simultaneously, ranging from muggings to bank robbers, drug pushing and murders. So "REMEMBER, LET'S BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!"
- Digitized Pictures And Sounds From The TV Series
- Fantastic 3-D Graphics
- Intelligent City System Complete With Traffic Lights, Subways, Trains And Over 300 Different Vehicles.
- Over 400 Male And Female Pedestrians With Individual Characteristics. Some Nice, Some Nasty

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