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First there was Tetris, then Welltris, now comes the third in the mind-teaser series from the Soviet Union.
FACES follows the same concept you have come to love in its predecessors. In this case the falling blocks have pieces of famous and not-so-famous faces that must be stacked in the proper order to form complete faces.
Swap the pieces, flip them, and drop them into place. "To rotate Shakespeare's noise or not to rotate Shakespeare's nose, that is the question." Rack up the score by making perfect or mixed faces, but remember there are no points for "double chins" in this game!
For an unparalleled fun time, play FACES in the head-to-head mode. When you create a perfect face, your opponent gets a stack of face pieces dumped onto his screen. The tournament mode allows up to 10 players to try their skills for any pre-selected time and the victor is the one with the highest score.
It's funny, it's obsessive, and you'll keep coming back for more of those soon-to-be-unforgettable FACES from the Soviet Union.

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