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A tale of the mysterious East, drawn from Chinese mythology
Y'in Hsi sat still and silent for a long while when the elderly monk finished his tale. His head was spinning as he finally understood the mystery of his past.
The sun was now low in the sky but it was not the late afternoon breeze that caused him to shiver.
"What happened to my father?" he asked quietly.
"He died on the Palace steps, sword in hand. A Prince and a warrior to the last," Lu Wang spoke gently, "Ch'un Kuei took the Palace by storm, all within were put to the sword, no one survived. The old order of peace and prosperity was replaced by a reign of terror and oppression."
"You must now decide whether you will stay here or leave as your father did."
Y'in Hsi did not hesitate.
He took up his father's scroll and ring.
He chose the Golden Path.
Features include:
Illustrated Novella, "The Golden Path"
Joystick or (mouse control dependent on other machines).
20 Interactive Characters
40 'Life' Situations
50 Puzzles
Oriental Sound Track
'Infotext' Helpscreens

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