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  1. It is the end of the 31st century. Nearly one thousand years ago man colonized the moon, and from there created a range of human mutations which were left to develop other planets. At the same time, life on earth was destroyed by a cataclysmic climate change.

    Now the mutant races are at war with each other, and man has returned to Earth, rebuilt civilization, and forgotten about past adventures.

    Deep in Earth City, plans have been made to explore space again. The race has started to develop Earth's resources, to research new technology, to build for future adventures.

    You must control the training, research, resources, production and stores of Earth City in a complex strategic battle to maximize the planet's supplies. You must construct and pilot the hi-tech space shuttles and ships needed for mankind to venture out into the furthest reaches of the war-turn solar system. Operation Deuteros has begun.

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