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FAQ/Walkthrough by deuteros

Version: 1 | Updated: 09/15/03

  A simple WalkThrough to.............

    D   D  E      U   U    T    E      R   R  O   O  S    
    D   D  EEE    U   U    T    EEE    RRRR   O   O   SSS 
    D   D  E      U   U    T    E      R  R   O   O      S
    DDDD   EEEEE   UUU     T    EEEEE  R   R   OOO   SSSS 

Table Of Contents:
I.  Introduction
II. Basis
III. Walkthrough
  a) Story.
  b) getting to space.
  c) building you're first space station.
  c*) going to the moon.
  d) getting silver & platinium.
  e) 4 stations and loads of ressources.
  f) let's exchange with methanoids.
  g) beginning of a war.
  h) kicking some ass out of the solar system.
  i) sceneries.
  j) ending.
IV. Cheats & hints
V. Credits

-  I. Introduction
  Deuteros is a quite old game made by Ian Bird in 1991 for activision.
It's a strategy/puzzle/adventure game with a bit of real-time.
I've played it quite a lot when I was young (understand 16-17) and enjoyed it
quite a lot. But I never arrived to the end, being squashed by the methanoids
every-time. I've played it recently (during summer 2003) and realized that the
game was much more puzzled that what I could have thought first.
In fact if you loose a part of the game it will be the hell to finish. Still
If you follow a simple order to do things you'll find it a breeze to finish.
It will take you about 20-30 hours to finish the game, so think it twice
before starting as the game is quite addictive once you're in :)
I'm french, so you may find errors in the faq. I'll correct them as they're
found out of course.
Now you may wonder why I'm taking time writting a complete walkthrough for
such a old game. Well I've searched a lot for one on the net, and since I
haven't found any, I've felt I should help hardcore gamers like me trying
to get back to "roots" games as we may call them.

-  I. Basis

a) How To Play?
Well to play deuteros you have 3 choices.
- get an original amiga 500 WITHOUT memory upgrade & secondary floppy drive
- get an original ataris st.
- run it with an emulator.
Well the one who choose running it with the two first choices shouldn't have
problems. Just put the floppy in & run

If you want to play it on an emulator you'll have of course to get the original
game (can be found on ebay for less than 5$)
And find an emulator to run it (various places on the net) ut it's nbot quite
the subject of a faq isn't it?
Well anyhow if youo've got probleme running it on an amiga emulator (my
original floppies were amiga ones) you have to remember to disable any expanded
memory, hard-drive & secondary floppy drive. The game won't run if you've got
any of those.

b) basic controls.
The game is fully mouse driven, the options will appear as the game run so i'll
describe them during walkthrough.

III. Walkthrough

a) Story
The game begins long after millenium (an other game from Ian Bird) in which you
were colonizing space after the total destruction of earth during a nuclear
war. The game would begin on the moon base and at the end the colonies
implanted in planets of the solar system will declare independance, you'll
discover a terramorphing system, run it on earth and be able to colonize it
Millenium take places a thousand year after those events. The old colonies have
declared war on each others and the methanoids now rule the galaxies.
In the meantime on earth everything about a moon base and space colony has long
benn forgotten with the ability to travel through star.
Until recently when a professor made some new theory about the moon base and
projects about spaceships who could halp colonize the galaxy, the guy has taken
with him a few terraneans ready for adventure and created earth-city. A special
complex with research & production facility on the sole purpose of colonizing
back space. Now the only guy that everybody's waiting for is the new commander
of earth city.... You.

b) getting to space
Ok the game begin with a picture of earth-city. You have only acces to few
things for now. The most important should be the little floppy down on the
Clicking on it will lead you to the save/load programs, first you'll have to
put a blank floppy in the drive, format it and you're now able to save your
game (Really usefull).
Now let's check the upper left icon, click on it then click again. Time
will advance a bit. Now this is how the game work, you give commands pass some
times till the commands are done then give other commands.
Train advancing time, and don't bother big events, during those events the
time advance will allways stop and the log icon will blink red.
That's the one just right of the save/load icon. clicking on it will show
the last events (wel nothing for now of course.)
So long for the upper icons, now down there you'll find twelve square icons,
you'll only have acces to 6 of them at the beginning.
the upper one looking like a drawer is the production, here you can ask your
crew to build various things. For that they'll need ressource and convert them
to what you'll ask them to build.
Now you may wonder where are your ressources, that's the bottom icon looking
like a cask. Clicking on it you'll find how much of each ressource you have.
Just above it you've see your derricks working. To have ressources you much
dig for them, the derrick screen will show you what is currently digged and
how much derrick you have for digging. the max number of derricks is 8, you
begin with one. Advance time and you'll see ressource being digged with time.
In the stock screen you'll see the ressources number growing as they are
So first step let's build derricks. Go the the production screen, on the right
you(ll find green dots (only one for now) clicking on it will ask your staff
to build a derrick.
Advance time... Nothing happen. Well if you look in the bottom right of the
production screen you'll see a staff icon with nobody in it.
To build something you'll have first to train some of your troops for building
Go to the icon with the three doors and train 41 people in marines,
100 in research and same in production.
Advance time, the door will open as soon as they're trained.
Now go to the production screen you'll notice the guy you've been training is
now ready to build derricks for you.
Cool! ask him for a few derricks (7 to fill you're digging screen)
You may notice the production is quite low, don't bother, the more he'll
product the faster it will go. In fact you'll see his rank moving three
times (don't now the names sorry)
each time a derrick is build you can ask him to make another one and go in
your digging screen to add a derrick to dig ressources.
Ok digging things is cool but you were waiting a bit more of the game. That's
understandable, click on the icon just to the right of the crew one.
That's your research center, here you'll see dots on the right, red, yellow
and green ones. Green mean the research are finished (for example that's the
case for derricks) red means you may research a new thingy to build, during
the research they'll move to yellow then green.
Try searching space hull or something. See how it works?
ok now you may finish your 8 derricks, and research everyting needed for
a space station, don't worry you've got time.
After studying everything you should be able to build a space hull, motor,
fuel and a tool pod.
Time for the last icon! go to the shuttle one just down the crew icon.
You may build a new shuttle, add it a motor, fuel it, set a pilot to drive it
and launch it to space!!!
Hurrah you've just completed the first part of the game.

c) building you're first space station
ok going to space is cool, but let's face it you wnat more. So let's build
orbital stations parts and put them on the tool pod of your shuttle.
Just click on the pod and select the space station part.
Now if you build 8 of them and put them in space you'll have you're first
space station constructed, then train a new crew for production, put them in a
cryogenic pod and send them up to the station, you have now a fully working
space production center.
By the way you may have notice the new icon really up right which will let you
see all you're space stations in a solar system. You may also research all
the new thingy like interplanetary ships & stuff.
One of the best thing is the CCF, this gadget let you put some crew in your
shuttle and automaticly transfert ressources from planetary to orbit.
Put a CCF on a shuttle with a ressource pod, click all the green light
now the shuttle will leave earth and go to stations by itself, refueling
when needed and transfering ressources each time. This will allow
you to have all ressources needed in space.

c*) going to the moon
Well this part is compulsory but usefull, build your big vessel, orbital
stations elements and build a new orbital station around the moon. Transfer
ressources (the CCF also works on big vessels) and an engeneer, you'll be able
to build a space station cleaning droid and get him down with a shuttle. Now
you'll discover back the original moonbase from the millenium game hurray!!

d) getting silver & platinium
Ok, now you'd like to mine the asteroids and build loads of stations on many
planets but you lack silver & platinium... Well no problem, equip a big vessel
with grappin and go to the asteroids line (you can see it usinf tyhe new eye
icon that let you see planet ressources. The asteroid belt is between mars &
jupiter. Move your vessel there then wait for an asteroid with less than 100t
weight containing silver & paladium to pass by. grap it, then take it back to
any of you're station, you should be able now to build an asteroid mining
device that you cand send with a CCF back and forward to asteroids to bring
back paladium and silver.
Now look at your simple shuttle on earth, have you noticed the pilot you've put
in at the beginning, he's now amiral (waoh if not just pass time) well put him
in the orbital station, go down and replace him with another pilot, you'll need
4 or 5 amirals later on :)

e) 4 stations and loads of ressources.
Ok now keep building stations, bases & derricks till you've got 4 of them.
Beware try to build them on planets taht gives you the wider range of
ressources. With big vessels & CCF you should be able to fill every station
with all the ressources (there's a max of 50.000 of them) you can even replace
engeneers on station with CCE that do the same jobs for nothing.
Now let you're game on time advance & go to dinner.
a few hours later you should have all your ressources nearly filled.

f) let's exchange with methanoids.
Now for some politic, get a big shuttle, a grapple, and two ressource pods
filled with anything and send them to uranus (or jupiter... can't remember)
you should find there a methanoid base.
Try getting in, a guy will talk to you but you don't understand a word, he'll
move then your vessel out of the station... With something in the grapple!!
Back to one of your station you'll find the guy's just given you a communicator
research it, buil one, then send a vessel with:
- the communicator (easier to talk)
- a grapple (don't ask but put one!!)
- a ressource pod filled with anything.
send the vessel back to the methanoid station and get in. The guy will propose
exchanging. Acept and get back to the station.
Do it 4 or 5 more times, the guy will finally tell you that his mates are
planning for a war and give you a test laser on your grapple (that's why a
Now go back to your station, study the thing, you can now build drones.
But first, save ane advance time till one of your station is attacked, note
which one and load back your game.

g) beginning of a war.
Build drones automatically with the CCE in each of you stations, now collect a
max of them with a vessel equiped with the CCFD and move to the planet they've
attacked before your last save. When they arrive you should be therer with
enough brute power to stop them. By the way put an amiral in charge of the
drone vessels as he gives each drones a 14 base attack points.
The methanoids will allways attack two time a station then proceed to next.
Save before each fight, if you loose just load back and fight again. They'll
never have more than 1400 base power in the solar system.
Once you've build enough drones to equip 2 or 3 more vessels with amirals
go and proceed to exterminate the methanoids from the solar system.
Now let's go for the first methanoid base. Let's say the one with whom you
were exchanging things, attack it killing all the drones then go aboard.
waouh a panic button look at it then when it goes below 5 sec leave fast.
The station will explode, but sinbce you've seen the mechanism your research
center will be able to duplicate it.
Now build one and lok at it, if you click the two buttons below the red
timer you'll activate the destruction mechanism, moving them back will stop
them. Remember that.
Next time you attack a humanoid base get in and stop the mechanism (now you
can) you should then have the sattion under your order, build derricks and move
to the ressources center.
Touh a new button, wonder what it does, well you see other stellar system name
and the station you're in... Advance time, you're search team will
discover beaming mechanism, now you can forget about big vessels moving
ressources from one planet to the other, they can just be beamed instantly.
You can equalize everything with earth or build a complex exchange system, as
you like. btw the materials are now automatically beamed from the surface to

h) kicking some ass out of the solar system.
now keep fighting methanoids untill they're definitely out of the solar system,
You're search team will tell you that they've discover a new cross stellar
system ships.
By the way you should have got a few alien messages for now, you may even has
decipher them. Basically they tell you they've given a big thingy to the
methanoids that have destroyes it trying to understand how it works. There's
now part of it scattered around the galaxy. They'tell you as they find them.
Now the game is quite straight forward, with each solar system you'll have to
fight methanoids, when all of their bases are under your control the aliens
will tell you the name of a planet, orbiting it you should find a piece of an
artifact that can be gotten with a vessel equipped with grapple.
Those can't be searched, you'll have to wait till you've got all the 8 pieces
to be able to build the thing.
Still with each solar system you'll discover something and there will be
a little story.

i) sceneries.
You should do the stellar systems in the order they appear in the ressource
center of your station, first one is proxima etc...
Don't build too much of the drone S they're too costly, try to fill just one
or two vessels with them and do all proxima with them and normal vessels
Proxima is the hardest system to do, because you'll have to do it with drone S
and no big weapons, don't worry the other systems will be a breeze :)
at the end of it you'll get a new alien piece and the hability to travel VERY
fast between system. No do you know what you get when you go from a stellar
system to another with this new propultion and an amiral in control?
a warlord. What's the use of a warlord?
well when you put him in charge of normal drones their power will move from
14 to... 20! yep same as those big expensive S-Drone.
Now you should allways attack methanoids in a system with those warlords
(but the first planet of course) as they're by FAR cheaper.
In the next system you'll discover torpedoes. what is it? well when you see the
red alien and green yours drones in a fight getting in the middle of the map,
launch torpedoes, aliens will move from 200 to 110 drones while you'll move
from 200 to 185. Get some practise but you'll never loose a fight anymore.
In the other systems you'll find things but the order may vary.
- rebel captain:
One of your captain will get mad and steal your ressources to give them to the
You'll reseach center will find a new kind of pod for him (prison pod) when he
arrive in any of your station put a prison pod, move him in (like for
a cryogenic one) then immediately press the left mouse button. That will lock
the pod and the captain will not be able to escape anymore.
- solar eclipse:
all the productions center in one of you system will stop working.(they'll be
back on later on of course)
- meteor:
A big meteor will get from nowhere anbd destroy one of your station.
- nuke:
your research center will develop a new weapon (nuke) fill a space vessel with
no crew and a nuke around planets, when methanoids come just make the vessel
explode, they'all be destroyed, no more need for drone in your systems!!
- juke box:
your search team will tell you about a new weapon found in a methanoid library
after constructing it you'll find it's just a juke box.
- ressources
you'll find ressources left by the methanoids on the surface of planets

j) ending.
at the end you'll find yourself with no more methanoids and all 8 pieces
of the alien device, build it, set him on a space vessel use it in the pod
and 'bravo' you've finished deuteros.
The endind is not that good, but then the game was fun to play no?

IV. Cheats & hints
ok if you've got problemes completing the game there's some 'tricks' you should

- Unlimited devices
pressing shift+C then C again will toggle the unlimited devices cheat. with it
on you'll allways have at least one of everything but drone & drone S
it's quite usefull when constructing vessels, but you have to desactivate it
while sending down derricks to surface of newly conquered planets.

- oracle of attacks.
the methanoids will allways choos the next target right after the end of an
attack, so after an attack anywhere save, pass time and learn wich system will
be the next target, this way you'll never be surprised.

- No attack (unveryfied)
by building part of an orbital station let's say 1 or 2 modules you'll block
the methanoids attack, they're cyclic doing one station after the other,
allthough they can't attack an unbuild station, so by building part of a station
as your third station on earth you'll stop quite soon all methanoides attack on
the solar system, allowing you to gather the drones for more important fights.

- getting a station with 0 drones (unverified)
before atacking a station look how much fuel you need to get to it, then
arrange for your vessel to arrive with 0 fuel left, you'll still be able to
get on the station but won't be attacked, and hop 200 free drones for you :)

V. Credits
Well I've just done this faq as my little piece of help for all the deuterios
fans out there or the one wanting to try it.
We must first thanks Ian Bird for this great game, as the guy also made loads
of very successfull game like Millenium.
Thanks to all the guys who have discussed about the game on forums (which i've
used a lot) and all the emulation fan and developper out ther that allow us
to play back such great games.

if you want information you may contact me at deuteros@banquept.com
for anything not written in the faq.

hope you've enjoyed the game as much as me ;)

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