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Larry -

Here's a new set of cars of test, Leadfoot.

Along with the Countach, Ferrari GTO and Carrera, you get to take a spin the Acura NSX. Try to bring it back in one piece. And let me know how the Vette ZR-1 stands up to the imports.

You also have 3 racing cars (Porsche March Indy and 962 and the Jaguar IMSA) and 3 off-roads. Check out the Lamborghini LM-002: it's a 4-wheel drive monster!

You'll notice a couple of new stunts on the track. The pipe will be an excellent challenge for cars with good ground effects, but be careful trying to go upside down in the bigger vehicles. The corkscrew is brand new and may be a little dangerous. (But then, I know that won't bother you.)

All the other items are still here: jumps, slaloms, bridges, loops, spirals, boulevards, tunnels - 14 in a all. Run the numbers on our 5 standard layouts, but then design a few of your own courses... and really test these babies!


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