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Discover the electrifying tale of Cole MacGrath in a trilogy of thrilling adventures, each filled with blistering superpowers, lightning-fast action and momentous moral dilemmas where every action has consequences.

Empire City is in ruins. Maniacs roam the streets. As crime and chaos spread, Cole must channel his evolving powers and make a choice. Will he be the city's deliverance or its downfall?

Battered and defeated by "The Beast", Cole finds himself fleeing to the city of New Marais. But with the world on the brink of disaster, the eyes of the public are on him; will he choose to save the planet, or use his incredible powers to serve only himself?

inFAMOUS 2: Festival of Blood
Vampires have swarmed into New Marais, and Cole the one person who can save the city has been bitten. Cole now has one night to battle through the bloodsucking hordes and slay the head vampire; otherwise his soul will be lost forever.

* Enjoy all three of Cole MacGrath's epic adventures in one special collection pack.
* Use the unique UGC Mode to access a never-ending supply of new levels, or create your own for others to play.
* Wield Cole's mighty powers with your own hands using a PlayStation®Move motion controller.

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