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in your hands, a one way ticket to the cursed town of SiLENT HiLL... no guarantee that you'll ever find your way out...
A macabre collection of all PlayStation 2 episodes (Silent Hill 2, 3 and 4) from the critically acclaimed SiLENT HiLL series.
Follow the footsteps of three who have inexplicably found their way into Silent Hill, pursued a bloody trail in an eerie mist-filled town harbouring the most unspeakable, depraved secrets... and descended into a nightmare full of mutilated fiends lurking in the shadows and fog... of which there seems no escape!
Can you keep hold of your sanity when plummeted into a grotesque and mangled alternate world, your mind invaded by creepy murmurs and white noise?
Why are you there? Who can you trust?
How do you survive the horrors that are predestined for you...?!
A must for all fans of horror who dare to explore the depths of their innermost fears...

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