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By the year 2049, Earth has been turned into a toxic waste dump! Humankind has fled into space leaving behind an army of mechanized "Orbots" to clean up the mess! But when the Orbot leader, WarHead, goes haywire and starts a robot revolt, only a lonely sludge barge pilot named VECTORMAN can pull the plug! VectorMan can morph! Change into a speeding train, a power drill, mechanical fish, or a dune buggy gone berserk. Overthrow the Orbots with awesome weapon power-ups like Shockwave, Bolo, and Orb. The best graphics yet on Genesis! Eye-popping 3D effects and silky smooth animation!

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#29 highest rated GEN action game (#40 on GEN, #18097 overall)

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#256 shortest GEN action game (#387 on GEN, #19055 overall)


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