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Reviewed: 08/13/07 | Updated: 05/07/12

One Word: Hell

Often games based on movies suck. Well, the good news is, Ghost Rider came out about the time the (mediocre) movie was in the cinemas, but it ain't a movie game. It is not very superb anyway. It consists of two different elements, one a platform battler and the other some battle racing, probably like Road Rash (which I never played).

Sound + Graphics 6/10
There is not much to say and nothing to write home about. You recognize landscape, Ghostboy and his enemies, the "story" is told by nice pictures. Music does not annoy.

Story 3/10
Ah, well. First there is Mephisto trapping you in Hell. And then your girlfriend is kidnapped and you have to fight with old enemies like Lilith and some vampire guys whos name I forgot. Ah yes, you even meet a Marvel vampire hunter.

Gameplay + Controls for the platform part 6/10
In the platform part you jump around and attack about 5 kinds of enemies, either per fist or using your chain. The chain is about the only original aspect of the game, as you can swing it around in different ways and it only does damage on the far end, where it is on fire. With experiencepoints you can increase your lifebar or the damage or learn a few new moves. And you fight the same boss again and again and again. And after you level up the chain one time, he is even ridiculously easy. On the platform level there are only 3 different bosses, and even the others are basically the first one again and again. Mediocre, generic and ruined by the ever- returning boss.

Gameplay + controls for the cycle part 2/10
So, you are riding your hellish bike through some very absurd tracks (like a many miles long winding road inside (!) a little Mexican village), dodge obstacles and battle enemies by hitting them or shooting fireballs. The controls do not work, battling enemies is more or less a matter of luck. Steering does not work well, it is more or less a matter of luck whether you hit an obstacle or not. And the bosses are always the same, the drive around in front of you and shoot at you and you shoot back. At least they all look different.

Overall 4/10
Well, only one kind of new idea for a whole game does not seem very great. The tedious bike levels ruin what could have been a generic but bearable game.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Product Release: Ghost Rider (EU, 02/23/07)

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