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Reviewed: 12/20/10

Save Tom and Jerry's home.

Being an old Game Boy game, I wasn't expecting too much out of Tom and Jerry: Frantic Antics. But I had just finished a guide on the other Tom and Jerry Game Boy game (simply titled Tom and Jerry), which is made by the same company and so I was expecting more of the same: simple platforming. So here's what you can expect out of Frantic Antics:

It turns out that the neighborhood where Tom and Jerry live is under threat of being demolished to make room for some fancy high-rise apartments. And with the threat of their home being taken away, Tom and Jerry will team up to put a stop to it. You'll also meet a young girl named Robyn who you'll find out is living with her evil Aunt Figg, and so you'll have to help her of course.

The story is actually derived from another source: Tom and Jerry: The Movie. Now I've never seen that movie, but I can tell you that the game in no way even comes close to representing it. About all you know (by playing this game) is that Robyn lives with her evil Aunt and tries to escape (You learn most of this by running into the humans on the screen, who then talk to you). There's also a Doctor introduced who gets in your way. During some levels you'll have to find items for Robyn, such as her backpack and locket, so I'm sure those are in the movie as well. Overall the story in the game hardly represent the movie, but that's not too big of a deal since you don't really need to pay attention to the story at all to make it through the game (they don't even focus on what happened to Tom and Jerry's home anyways). Plus, you're not seriously looking for a good story from a platforming Game Boy game, are you?

Like it's predecessor, the game play is pretty simple ( it's a platforming game after all). This time you'll play as both Tom and Jerry, usually switching out after a few levels, and can only jump and sprint (although you'll have to use both to reach some areas). You'll have a health bar that decreases each time you get hit, and grants you a few seconds of invulnerability. You can use this time to get through many tough spots. You'll collect cheese and fish (depending on who you're playing as) throughout the stage, and each one you collect ups your health bar a little bit. Some items are especially helpful like stars which will restore you to full health and hearts which give you an extra life.

Overall the platforming is pretty fun. They give you a decent amount of hits before dying and the invulnerability makes it almost a guarantee that you CAN beat this game. I also liked the level designs in this game much better than the first one. Not only are there more choices and open areas to explore, but there were more unique level designs. For example, in one level you had to move in the dark and turn on the lights every so often as an enemy keeps turning them off on you. Overall nothing outstanding or mind blowing, but good nonetheless. The graphics were decent and I never really had any trouble with the platforming at all. The audio and sound effects are decent as well, and trust me, they definitely make use of the Tom and Jerry theme song a lot.

The game also comes with a few passwords, and consists of a total of 10 levels before you beat it. There's really no reason to play through it again, unless you just want a higher score (and if you do.... why?).

Overall: 6 /10

Overall, Tom and Jerry isn't a bad game to pick up and play. Don't look for any depth here, but if all you want is a platforming challenge then it does it's job. Needless to say, there are MANY better choices out there. It's very short and not too challenging, but it's there. For the record, I did enjoy this title more than the first Tom and Jerry Game Boy game (even though I gave them the same scores). Have fun and keep playing.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Tom and Jerry: Frantic Antics (US, 10/31/93)

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