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The best game of all time just got a little better 06/20/11 JCash1313
An overpriced re-release that does little to fix the original's problems 06/16/11 joselagu
Fifteen years later...A nostalgia-free analysis 09/12/13 AnalyticalGamer
Well I Enjoy it, but doesn't mean others will. 06/21/11 AssassinCaveman
It's been 13 years, can the Ocarina of TIME~ Withstand the test, of TIME~ *Insert laugh track* 06/20/11 AXBHikaru
If you were disappointed, it's your own fault. Link gave you exactly what he promised- The best game ever, again. 07/08/11 AXingfreak
Link, race towards time! Save the world once again... IN 3D! 06/20/11 BahamutZero92
After all these years, Ocarina of Time still represents an astonishing adventure no one should miss 01/09/13 BGuerrie
A lazy remake of a great game. 06/21/11 chris1001 the sequel
Effort Values stretch to Zelda games as well 09/12/11 ChronoCactaur
One of the greatest games of all time just got even better 10/01/13 CoreGamer101
Perfection in the Palm of your hand... 06/27/11 Darkowl716
A Huge Update 01/19/12 gameaddict51
A must have 3DS game 06/22/11 Gaming_deviant
An Adventure of Time 03/27/13 Isaiah
OoT made even better, with very few flaws 06/27/11 Lakoah
Best Zelda game yet 12/13/17 lewismiddi
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D: An impressive remake to the Original game but with added features! 02/24/15 Link3114
Why this is STILL the greatest game of all time. 07/08/11 pro_gamer19
Well what did you expect? A brand new game? 07/14/11 psychopenguin77
Don't let angry people with terrible grammar sway you from appreciating a great remake. 06/27/11 sh1dLOng
I was completely satisfied, but a lot of people are going to be disappointed. 06/22/11 SunshineJesse
Awesome game as you remember it with some helpful updates. :) 06/27/11 supercerenity
"Forever A Legend" 11/21/11 Swordsaver
A vision better illustrated 06/22/11 wachaninja
A Perfect Handheld Game 06/20/11 XenoHendrix
Time to look back 05/19/17 Zero_Maniac

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ROR The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (N64 Vs. GCN Vs. 3DS)
ROR The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time (N64 Vs. GCN Vs. 3DS) from ExoParadigmGamer

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