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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Zelda | Updated: 01/13/18


Zora's Domain


  1. Do some collection now that we have Bombs, including getting the Spin Attack and Din's Fire from Fairy Fountains, the latter of which is required for Master Quest.
  2. Head to Zora's River and open the path into Zora's Domain.
  3. Talk to the king.
  4. Find Ruto's Letter in Lake Hylia, which can be accessed with the Silver Scale.
  5. OPTIONAL: Get some collectibles in the Lake.
  6. Present the letter to the king and enter Jabu-Jabu's Belly

Some Minor Collection


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

17 (Normal)
15 (Master Quest)


With the Bomb Bag, there are a few things we can now grab around the world. On the Death Mountain Trail, there is a bombable wall near the exit to Kakariko Village. Inside is Gold Skulltula #18. Climb the back wall to get the token. Now, if you don't have a bottle of bugs, head to the Graveyard and get some, then drop the bugs into the soft soil spot immediately in front of Dodongo's Cavern to reveal Gold Skulltula #19.

Head back up to Goron City. There is a Goron who rolls around the city at high speed known as the Hot-Rodder Goron. Use a Bomb to stop him only in the cave-like area (otherwise he will get annoyed) to net yourself the Big Bomb Bag. Now blow up the rocks on the top-level to enter a maze-like area. Blow up the boulders to open the path forward to get to the end (the path is mostly to the right and middle; none on the left), where there are two chests containing a Purple Rupee (worth 50) each! Roll into the nearby crate to get Gold Skulltula #20.

Return to the trail and continue your ascent. There was a point where the path splits, one that leads into the city, and the other is blocked by rocks. Use your bombs to blow up the first rock, then hold a bomb and toss it at the next one just as it is about to blow. Cross over to the other side and you'll find yourself among falling rocks. Use your Hylian Shield to stay protected when the rocks fall, and quickly run to the other side when you have an opening. Use the Slingshot to kill the Skulltulas on the wall before climbing, and the owl is here. After he's done speaking, enter the hole on the right.

You'll find yourself in the Death Mountain Crater. Roll into the crate to find Gold Skulltula #21, then exit and re-enter to restart your death timer. Run down the path and climb down the climbable wall here. Quickly clamber down towards the alcove in the wall with Piece of Heart #10, before dropping down to fall into the lava and finding yourself back at the top. Exit, then continue up the mountain to bomb the lone, large rock. Inside is the Great Fairy's Fountain, whose fairy will give you the power of the Spin Attack. Exit and head back down the Mountain. As you pass Kakariko Village, stop by the House of Skulltula and get the Shard of Agony for collecting 20 tokens, which helps us find more of these tokens. Neat!

Go to Hyrule Castle Town. Head to the Market and check in with the Bombchu Bowling minigame. Check the minigames section for more detailed strategies; one of the prizes, which rotates, for winning Bombchu Bowling is Piece of Heart #11. While you're there, one of the prizes is the Biggest Bomb Bag, which lets you hold up to 50 Bombs!

Return back to the castle ground. Slip in through the vines and drop down at the gate. Carefully make your way past the guards towards a dead end on the right side. Bomb the rock open to reveal the entrance to a Great Fairy's Fountain. Talk to the Great Fairy and she will give you Din's Fire, which allows you to create a ball of fire around you that incinerates enemies.

In Search of Sapphire


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

21 (Normal)
19 (Master Quest)


Link needs the final Spiritual Stone to open the door in the Temple of Time. The final stone is held by the Zoras of Zora's Domain, situated between the tall peaks of Death Mountain and the woods of Kokiri Forest. There are rocks that block the entrance. Before using your newfound bombs, roll into the tree by the entrance to find Gold Skulltula #22. You will encounter the Magic Bean seller, who will sell you Magic Beans for 10 Rupees. Cheap? There's a catch. For every subsequent purchase, the price will rise by 10 Rupees, and you'll need 10 of these. Of course, we're going to deal with them later on, so don't fret if you don't have the cash.

You'll need to make it upstream to the domain, but of course, Link can't swim through the strong current, so stick the river banks. Not far up, you will come across a Cucco. Grab it, as we'll need it for the collectibles around here. Not far from the Bean salesman, Link can leap off the ledge to glide towards a high ledge with Piece of Heart #12.

Now head up along the river towards the waterfall at the end. This is the entrance to Zora's Domain, but don't enter yet. Instead, look around for a narrow ledge Link can glide to with the Cucco to net himself Piece of Heart #13. We're not quite done yet. Head back a short distance and drop down the water to your left when there is a ladder. Play the Sun's Song to make it night, and on the ladder, Gold Skulltula #23 should spawn. With that done, step on the stone plaque in front of the waterfall and play Zelda's Lullaby to open the path into the domain.

From Domain to Lake


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

23 (Normal)
21 (Master Quest)


Inside the Domain, run to the top of the domain, near the king. Light a Deku Stick and run around the domain lighting the five torches. The five torches are at:

  1. The bottom of the stairs leading up to the throne room.
  2. Near the town shop.
  3. By a circle of rocks in the shallow part of the water.
  4. The final two are behind the waterfall. Be careful to stick to the shallow parts of the water, as swimming puts the sitck out. Also, if at any point your stick is getting shorter, store it and take it out again.

Doing so will spawn a chest behind the waterfall for Piece of Heart #14. Head back up, and next to the throne room agree to play a game with the Zora near the diving spot. Collect all of the Rupees as instructed, then return to him to be granted the Silver Scale, which is a necessary item that lets you dive twice as deep.

Using your new scale, enter the tunnel opposite the waterfall underwater to find yourself in Lake Hylia. Here, head towards the stone pillars and Navi will point out the bottle, which contains Bottle #3, as well as Ruto's Letter! With that done, you can now head back towards the Domain and present the letter to the king, but there are a few things we can do first.

Head towards dry land and find the place that looks like a plantation or farm. There are two scarecrows here, and the lower one, Bonooru, says he never forgets a tune. Take out your Ocarina and make up a song for him (8 notes long). Make it easy to remember, as we'll need it for later on in the game. This is the Scarecrow's Song.

Next to Pierre, there are some bushes you can slash for bugs, if you don't have any. Head to the large house, which is the Lakeside Laboratory. Next to it, there is a soft soil spot. Place your bug inside to get Gold Skulltula #24, then plant a Magic Bean if you have that. Now swim to the smaller of the two islands in the middle of the lake and play the Sun's Song to make it night and find Gold Skulltula #25. For the final piece of collection we can do, head to the Fishing Pond and pay to play. Catch any fish over 10 pounds to get Piece of Heart #15. Check out the minigames section for more detail.

Return to Zora's Domain and bottle up a fish near the shallow water (if you have an empty one. Otherwise, speak to the king first, then come back for the fish with your newly emptied bottle). Head to the throne room and speak to the king, showing him the letter. Doing so causes him to move aside and allow you access to the area behind the throne room.

Here, before dealing with the rest, head towards the bottom-right corner of the map to find a lone tree. Roll into it to get Gold Skulltula #26. Now toss a bomb at the rock to gain access to yet another Fairy Fountain, this time granting you Farore's Wind, which allows you to place a warp point in any room in a dungeon! With that done, return to the platform in front of Jabu-Jabu, set a fish loose, and get... gobbled up. Ew!

Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs
81526 (Normal)
24 (Master Quest)

Are you playing Master Quest? Click here for the Master Quest dungeon walkthrough

Oh boy. One of my least favorite dungeons, in the whole series. Yes, I hate this dungeon more than the Water Temple. More than Majora's Mask's Great Bay Temple (which I find a bit long but not actually that bad). Maybe second only to Sky Keep in Skyward Sword (and those who know me know how much I hate that dungeon). Not just because of how bad it looks, not because of how disturbing it is, but you'll see why. It's also not because it's hard or long, just... tedious.

As you enter the mouth of the fish, clear the room of eneies, before looking above the entrance to find the fish's uvula. Shoot it to remove the membrane covering the door to the next room. In here, ignore the jellyfish enemies and enter the door directly opposite leading deeper into Jabu-Jabu. And here's the reason why I dislike this dungeon so much: Princesss Ruto... ugh. This whole dungeon is basically an escort mission, to such a brat no less. She falls within 10 seconds into the hole; follow her in.

Talk to her until she agrees to "give you the honor of" carrying her. You can carry her and put her on switches, and she stays put, but if you happen to lose her, she will return to this room. Anyway, carry her through the nearby door and clear the room of the enemies. Drop down and toss her onto the ledge opposite. Before stepping on the switch, shoot Gold Skulltula #27 on the vine wall to the right; step on the switch now to raise the water level and collect the token before hopping onto the ledge Ruto is on.

Head down the passage and shoot the switch on the ceiling (it looks disturbing, but trust me, it's nowhere near as disturbing as the cow switches in the Master Quest version) and proceed through the newly unlocked door. Here, kill the Octorok, then bring Ruto onto the elevator platform that takes you back to the main level. Proceed through the north door into the room where we initially met Ruto. Don't fall into the holes and enter the door opposite.

Here, take the right fork and step on the switch you see to remove the membrane covering the door. Enter and clear the room of its enemies to get the Boomerang. Now exit and take Ruto to the opposite end (leftmost path) and set her down on the blue pressure switch to let you enter the door. Toss the Boomerang at the red tentacle's vulnerable skinny part to disarm it, then open the chest that spawns to get a Dungeon Map.

Exit and enter the nearby door that is now accessible after disarming the red tentacle. Clear the room of the Shaboom enemies (yes, that's what these bubbles are called) to spawn the chest containing the Compass. Exit and return to the right fork, this time taking a left at the switch towards the second room from the right. Disarm the blue tentacle here as you did with the red one. Now return and enter the center path. Disarm the green tentacle, then exit and head back towards the previous room. Drop down the northwest hole into the basement.

You will land on a higher ledge than before. Right next to your landing spot should be Gold Skulltulas #28 and #29. Use your Boomerang to pick up the tokens, then take Ruto through the nearby door. Inside is the Zora's Sapphire, but of course, not all is as it seems.

Make note of the direction where Bigocto miniboss is going and head in the opposite direction. Use your Boomerang to stun him, then do a jump attack on the glowing green spot on his butt to damage him. Rinse and repeat until he dies. Easy? Well that's not the dungeon boss. Take the elevator platform up. Exit through the south door. In this new room, stun the electric blocks with your Boomerang to hop on them and cross towards the door leading back into the central elevator room. Leap across to the opposite platform to have this platform lower itself to the ground level, making the east side rooms on the first floor available to us.

Grab the nearby crate and put it on the blue pressure switch to remove the membrane covering the door before heading through. In here, kill Gold Skulltula #30 on the vines. Climb up towards the ledge, L-Target the switch behind the crystal wall and toss your Boomerang at it to activate it. Proceed through the door.

Boss Battle - Barinade, Bio-electric Anemone

Start the battle by shooting at Barinade's tentacles around the ceiling, using L-Target to do it effortlessly. He will then spawn some jellyfish, which you can easily defeat with Deku Nuts. This leaves his body vulnerable: stun it with the Boomerang, then come it for a few jump attacks.

He will now spawn more jellyfish and spin them at high velocity around his body. Wait until he releases the jellyfish (no more electrical connection to him), then stun Barinade with a Boomerang, defeat the jellyfish and come it for a few jump slashes. For his final attack, Barinade will fire electrical beams at you. Run around the room, keeping an eye on him for when his body surfaces; Boomerang it to stun, and jump attack. Repeat this until Barinade dies.

Grab the Heart Container, before stepping in the blue light to finish the dungeon.