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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Zelda | Updated: 01/13/18


Water Medallion


  1. Clear the infamous Water Temple.
  2. Obtain Fire Arrows.
  3. OPTIONAL: Do some collection in Lake Hylia.

Water Temple


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

Warp to Lake Hylia and sink to the lowest part of the lake. With the Iron Boots and Zora Tunic, shoot the crystal switch above the doorway with your Hookshot to enter the lake.

Playing Master Quest? Click here for the Master Quest dungeon walkthrough

Ah, the Water Temple. The most infamous Ocarina of Time dungeon that conjures up bad memories left and right, for kids all over the world. The dungeon so bad Eiji Aonuma had to apologize for it. Well, I never found the original version to be that bad. I despised the Great Bay Temple in Majora's Mask more, and even Jabu-Jabu's Belly I disliked more in Ocarina. It was just never THAT bad, and the 3DS version adds further changes to alleviate some complaints, including the repetitiveness of equipping the Iron Boots through the Gear screen, as well as unclear water level indicators.

In the central chamber, sink to the lowest level and enter the doorway with the yellow/green markings around it. Head inside to find... ugh Ruto. After a brief exchange, follow her to the surface and... she'll be gone. Yay! Anyway, at the surface, there is a Triforce symbol on the wall. Play Zelda's Lullaby to lower the water level to the level denoted by the sign next to it, in this case, the lowest level. Now head through the nearby door and defeat the spiked ball enemies. Doing so spawns a chest containing the Dungeon Map.

Drop down through the hole back to the lowest level. There is a lit torch in the center, and two unlit ones in the corner. Either shoot arrows through the center torch to light it, or cast Din's Fire to light both at once. Enter the now-open door and clear the room of the Shellder enemies to get a Small Key. Exit and return to the central chamber.

Head to the south doorway and drop a bomb at the end to blast the cracked block. Sink to the bottom and use your Hookshot to defeat the Shellder. Surface at the end of the corridor and step on the yellow switch to raise the water level. Climb onto the ledge and Hookshot to the target above. Hit the crystal switch behind it to open the gate and reach Gold Skulltula #71. In the Master Quest version of the game, this Skulltula is much more tedious to get (you'll see why in the main walkthrough later on), so be thankful! Return to the central chamber.

Climb onto the block on the western doorway and push the block along down into the water. Sink down and surface at the end of the corridor, then hit the crystal switch to temporarily activate a geyser, allowing you to cross to the opposite side. In here, sink down and hit the crystal switch in the dragon statue's mouth, then Hookshot onto the target on the ledge. Defeat the Shellders before surfacing to a small ledge with both a Small Key and a crystal switch. Return to the central chamber.

Enter the locked door entering the center pillar on the south side. Play Zelda's Lullaby near the sign here to raise the water level, then use your Iron Boots to sink down below, into the hole left behind by the floating platform next to you. Head to the end of the corridor, hit the crystal switch, defeat more Shellders, then swim up the newly opened grate towards a chest with a Small Key. With that done, head back and exit to the central chamber with the now-accessible door on the second floor.

Sink back down and enter the southern doorway where we met Ruto. Surface to find a ledge with a cracked wall. Bomb it to enter, then open the chest inside for yet another Small Key. Exit and head through the eastern doorway on the second floor. Hookshot across the spikes and onto the ceiling. Disable the water geyser momentarily using the crystal switch to open the chest containing with the Compass. Exit back to the central chamber the way you came.

Head to the west side now and open the locked door with the blue markings around it. Stand on the water geyser, then hit the crystal switch by the entrance to raise yourself to the third level. Enter the door here to find yourself next to the water level setting. Cast Farore's Wind to make it easier for when we need to come back here, then leap down to the central chamber.

Open the locked door on the west side of the highest floor. Inside, use your Hookshot to make your way across to the opposite ledge. Open the locked door towards the next room. Hit the crystal switch to raise both water level and statue, allowing access to a Hookshot target to the left. Grapple there, then hit the switch again. Hookshot across to the north and clamber over the dragon statue's head. Hit the crystal switch again to raise the water level and grapple over to the final platform. Sink the water level, climb the statue's head, then raise it again to reach the high ledge. Defeat the Like Like from afar before using the Hookshot target on the ceiing to cross the spikes.

In this room, proceed to the opposite end and turn backwards to find... your shadow? This is Dark Link! He is damn good at blocking your attacks. Want an easy way to kill him? Equip the Megaton Hammer and just keep pounding at him. Another easy way to dispose of him is using Din's Fire, which always hits. Otherwise, if you feel like fighting fair, just L-Target him and attack when you see a chance, that's all. After quite a few hits, he will go down. The illusion of a room fades. Head through the door to the next room to find a chest containing the Longshot: It's an upgraded Hookshot that lets you shoot even further with (and one I will still refer to as the Hookshot, because let's face it, they're the same item)! Play the Song of Time to get rid of the block here, then drop down.

Head down along the sort-of river, minding the vortexes and using Iron Boots to maintain stability. Keep an eye and ear out for Gold Skulltula #72 along the way, which you can get with the Hookshot while equipping the Iron Boots. At the end of the path, climb onto the ledge and hit the eye switch. Hookshot across to the small chest and open it for a Small Key, before heading into the room with the underwater statues. Return to the central chamber.

Stop by the eastern doorway on the highest floor and pull the block in the wall just enough so that it covers the corridor to the side. Now return to the central chamber and head back to the southern doorway at the bottom and lower the water level to the lowest setting. Enter the door to the center pillar and Hookshot up to the second level. Raise the water level to the middle setting, then stand on the floating block and look up towards the high walls to find Gold Skulltula #73, which you can now reach with your Longshot. Return to the central chamber.

Go to the south side. From the center ledge, shoot the eye switch in the water before Hookshotting across to the target. Inside, push the block into its slot (this wouldn't have been possible if we hadn't pulled the previous block in the last paragraph). Turn right and grab the Small Key from the chest, before casting Farore's Wind to return to the place for changing the water level. Raise the water level to the highest setting.

Drop down and enter the western door to find yourself back in the waterfall room. Look to the wall on your right for Gold Skulltula #74, which can now be collected with your Longshot. Head back to the central chamber.

Sink to the bottom and head through the northern doorway. Surface with the Hookshot before grappling across the spikes to the locked door. Open it and go through. Inside, clear the Tektites and use the Longshot target above the northern doorway to reach it and go through. Hop down to the left and find a bombable wall in the corner. Chuck a bomb to the identical corner opposite, then enter the narrow passageway and push and pull the block towards its spot on the opposite side, onto a pressure switch and raising the water level. Continue through the west door.

Step on the switch, cross the geysers and enter the door. Stand at the end of the corridor and look to where the boulders are coming from, the right, for Gold Skulltula #75. Kill and retrieve it with the Longshot, then kill the Shellder and enter the locked door we can unlock with a key to find the Boss Key. Return to the central chamber and make your way to the north side of the highest floor. Grapple across to the target and enter the door. Slowly make your way past the Bladetraps on the incline to the boss door.

Boss Battle - Morpha, Giant Aquatic Amoeba

As you enter, Navi will remark the water isn't normal. Cross the pit over to one of the central platforms and the boss will appear! Quickly hop on over to the side and keep an eye out for Morpha's tentacles, which leave you plenty of time to react because they take forever to form properly. Your goal here is to Hookshot his brain/guts and slash at it. Repeat this process through the entire fight. That's all.

Want to do this very quickly? Stand in a corner and grab his guts from there. Keep Hookshotting him as you turn around so that Link is facing the corner, and Morpha's guts are cornered. Just keep stabbing and slashing with your sword, and it will have absolutely no recourse or escape. The fight will be over in seconds.

Shooting the Sun


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs
142575 (Normal)
74 (Master Quest)

As you exit the dungeon, clamber atop the lone, withered tree with the Longshot and make it night. On top of it is Gold Skulltula #76.

Hop down and stand on the platform with text overlooking the lake. Play the Sun's Song again to cycle the sun, and as the sun rises, draw your Fairy Bow and shoot the sun. Something will drop out of the sky; go and swim towards it to get the Fire Arrows. With that done, if you're not interested in 100%ing the game, you can skip the rest of the chapter, as it's all optional collection.

With the Fire Arrows in tow, there is one more thing we can do back in the Water Temple for Master Quest players:

For Master Quest Players

Re-enter the temple and head to the southern room in the first floor. Head down the corridor and at the end of it, surface. Light the three torches behind you with your shiny new Fire Arrows before playing the Scarecrow's Song to grapple across. Defeat the Stalfos here. Look at the ceiling of the tiny room behind the gate to find Gold Skulltula #71 (Master Quest).

Since the lake has been refilled, the Fishing Pond is now open again. Assuming you're following this guide, as a child, you should've set the record for the biggest fish when getting Piece of Heart #15. Once again, you must set a new record, this time catching a fish over THIRTEEN pounds in order to get the ultimate prize: the Golden Scale, which further extends Link's diving time to 9 seconds.

Return to the Lakeside Laboratory. Inside, use your new scale to dive from top to bottom (not with your boots) and touch the bottom to get Piece of Heart #26. Now use your Iron Boots to sink to the bottom of the pool, destroy the crate and get Gold Skulltula #77. Exit, then use Scarecrow's Song to get to the roof of the lab and get Piece of Heart #27. That's all we have to do in Lake Hylia!