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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Zelda | Updated: 01/13/18


The Master Sword


  1. Return to Hyrule Castle and get the Ocarina of Time
  2. Learn the Song of Time.
  3. OPTIONAL: Do some optional collection.
  4. Play the song in the Temple of Time and access the Master Sword.
  5. Do some required stuff in Lon Lon Ranch and Kakariko Village, as well as optional stuff.

Off to the Races


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs
91530 (Normal)
26 (Master Quest)

With the three Spiritual Stones in your hand, don't quite head to Hyrule Castle yet. Back outside, play the Sun’s Song to make it night before swimming towards the exit. On the way, you’ll be able to spot a logto Jabu-Jabu's left before the entrance to the domain. Step on the log and kill Gold Skulltula #31 on the wall. With that done, head to Hyrule Castle. As you step near the drawbridge, a cutscene will play.

Swim into the moat to retrieve the Ocarina of Time! At this point, Zelda will communicate with you with her vision to teach you the Song of Time. Now, with this, you can directly skip to the next sub-chapter if you want, as we are now going to do a LOT of optional collection. If you don't feel like it, skip ahead. Want to 100% the game? Well, stay on for the ride.

The Blade of Evil's Bane Can Wait


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs
91531 (Normal)
27 (Master Quest)

NOTE: As I said in the previous subchapter, this entire subchapter is optional.

Head back to Lon Lon Ranch and make it nighttime. There is Gold Skulltula #32 on the window; use your Boomerang to grab the token. Now head to the opposite end of the ranch and look for Gold Skulltula #33 on the feed-silo where we grabbed a Piece of Heart, but this time outside.

Return to Hyrule Field and make your way to Kakariko, but don't enter. Just after the bridge, look for a lone tree to the left of the entrance and bomb its behind. Head inside to find a Skulltula, as well as Gold Skulltula #34 on the wall. With this, head to Kakariko's House of Skulltula and get the Giant's Wallet for collecting 30 tokens. After that, head to the Graveyard and look for Gold Skulltula #35, whose token you can only collect with the Boomerang. Plant a Magic Bean in the soft soil spot where we found a Gold Skulltula before, by the corner before leaving.

Now, here's the thing. This section gets a bit complicated. Refer to the chart below to figure out which parts to read.

Normal versionMaster Quest
Collected Piece of Heart #9 with the backflipSkip both boxes.Read the second box.
Did not collect Piece of Heart #9 and would like to do it the normal wayRead the first box.Read both boxes.

Collecting Piece of Heart #9 without cheating

Head to the entrance of Dodongo's Cavern and plant the Magic Bean in the soft soil spot where we found a Gold Skulltula earlier in our adventure. Return to this spot in the next chapter after obtaining the Master Sword as Adult Link to ride the plant to the Piece of Heart above the cavern.

For Master Quest Players

Enter Dodongo's Cavern and make your way to the room with the bombs around a staircase (it's the top-right door), then head to the south door into the room with the blocks we saw earlier. Play the Song of Time as many times as it takes to get to the corner of the room where there is Gold Skulltula #54 (Master Quest). Now head to the second floor, enter the bottom-left room, head through the door on the opposite side into the Lizalfos arena, and then towards the room with the Poes. Enter the door I told you to ignore earlier to find a small room with Gold Skulltula #55 (Master Quest). With that done, we are now actually ahead of the normal version on token count! It's technically possible to draw even at this point, but there are two remaining Gold Skulltulas in the normal game, and the second one can only be obtained later, so we might as well obtain both together, later on in the game.

Now head to Kokiri Forest and behind the shop, there is a soft soil spot. Drop some bugs in here to reveal Gold Skulltula #36, then plant a Magic Bean here if you'd like some extra Rupees later on. Next, re-enter the Deku Tree and here's where our path splits:

For Normal Game Players

Drop down into the basement and head into the torch room using the block to clamber onto the higher ledge and enter the crouchhole. Head towards the corner and burn the web covering the path with a Deku Stick and the nearby torch. Bomb the rock and enter the room; turn left, kill Gold Skulltula #37 and pick up the token with the Boomerang. Exit the dungeon.

For Master Quest Players

Head to the back room on the higher level where we found the Compass, past the Big Deku Baba. Stand on the platform next to the chest and use a Bombchu on the rocks on the high ledge. Climb up to find Gold Skulltula #2 (Master Quest). Now head back to the center room and drop down into the basement. Clamber up onto the high ledge and enter the crouchhole. In the torch room, look to the ceiling to find Gold Skulltula #37 (Master Quest). Use the Song of Time to spawn blocks to reach the spider. And finally, head into the northeastern room with the Big Deku Baba and claim Gold Skulltula #3 (Master Quest) on the wall. With that done, exit the dungeon.

Next, head to the Lost Woods, making sure you have at least 40 Rupees. Enter the Woods and turn left twice back towards where we found the Business Scrub. There's a soft soil spot in the area that we can drop bugs in, for, you guessed it, Gold Skulltula #38. Head back towards the woods, turn right, straight, left, right, left, left. Here, there is a meadow with two Business Scrubs and another soft soil spot that hides Gold Skulltula #39. Purposely get lost to find yourself back at the Lost Woods Entrance. Turn right, left, right, left, straight, left. Bomb the rock and enter; inside, there are two Business Scrubs, and the one on the left will sell you an upgrade that allows you to carry more Deku Nuts.

Exit towards Hyrule Field and head to the entrance of Lake Hylia. There is a stupid fence here in the shape of a box. Climb in and place a bomb squarely (pun entirely intended) in the middle to find a hole. Inside, there is a Business Scrub who sells Piece of Heart #16 for 10 Rupees.

Find the ladder to the right and head into Lake Hylia. Head to the side of the laboratory and make it nighttime. On the side of the building is Gold Skulltula #40 that you can grab with your Boomerang.

Just a ways north from Lake Hylia is the Gerudo Valley. Before you enter, there is a circle of rocks in the dried grass, near the entrance area on its north side. Place a bomb in the middle and drop down into the hole. Use Din's Fire to burn the cobwebs to find... erm, a cow. Ignore him and look in the top corner of the wall for Gold Skulltula #41. Exit the hole and enter the Gerudo Valley.

As you cross the bridge past the tiny waterfall, turn it to night and look in the cubby for Gold Skulltula #42, picking it up with your Boomerang. Now look towards the waterfall in the canyon. Glide down with the Cucco, then swim down towards the base of the waterfall. Behind it, you should find a ladder that leads to an alcove with Piece of Heart #17. Head back into the river and swim up onto the right riverbank. There is a Gerudo woman with a cow here, as well as a soft soil spot. You know the drill. Release some bugs to get Gold Skulltula #43. Hop down into the river and let the current take you to Lake Hylia.

Swim back to the valley (I know it's a pain) and grab the Cucco. To the left of the bridge, there is a high ledge with a lone crate. Roll into it to get Piece of Heart #18. With that done, hop down again to find yourself in Lake Hylia. While we're in Lake Hylia, if you're playing the Master Quest version of the game, make your way towards Zora's Domain and head back inside Jabu-Jabu.

For Master Quest Players

Drop down to the basement level in the central elevator room and enter the door on the left. Head through the end of the passage to find the large room with the Block of Time. Play the Song of Time here to get rid of the block and reveal Gold Skulltula #30 (Master Quest).

With that final piece of collection done, head towards Hyrule Castle Town. For more collection.

Majora's Mask Preview


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs
101843 (Normal)
45 (Master Quest)

NOTE: This chapter is also entirely optional. Skip to the next one if you'd like.

Coming soon.

The Blade That Gets Stuff Done


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs
101843 (Normal)
45 (Master Quest)

With all of this collected, head towards the Temple of Time, east of the Market in Castle Town and place the stones in their spots. Play the Song of Time to open the door and find yourself in the Master Sword's chambers. Grab it, and let's... go... zzz.

Oops. As it turns out, you can't quite hold that blade yet. The sword places you into an automatic slumber until you're of legal age, 17, which means Link slept for SEVEN YEARS. Meanwhile, Ganondorf laughs, having succeeded in making you do his errands, and an old guy introduces himself as the Sage of Light. Having screwed this all up, it's now your job to fix it. Rauru will give you the Light Medallion, and you need to pick up the five remaining Medallions, located, you guessed it, all over Hyrule.

As you gain consciousness back in the Temple of Time, a mysterious figure named Sheik introduces herself. She asks you to visit Kakariko Village, before heading to our next objective.

Grown-Up Stuff


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs
101843 (Normal)
45 (Master Quest)

Exit the Temple to find the market in really bad condition. Head out towards Lon Lon Ranch and enter, then speak to the new owner, Ingo. Pay 10 Rupees to play his horse game. Sing Epona's Song to make Epona come to you. Practice running around the arena, jumping the fences (which earns you 20 Rupees), then speak to Ingo while on Epona using L-Target to challenge him to a race. Speaking to him on Epona gives you a chance of winning, while the other horses are too slow. Beat him, and accept his second challenge, with the wager being the horse. Repeat your victory, with the difference this time being he is slightly more aggressive. It still should be fairly easy though, and at the end, Ingo will renege and lock you in a ranch. The solution? Just use Epona to jump the short fence and exit the ranch.

Ride Epona in Hyrule Field, which is pretty much the only place she can go. Head to Kakariko Village and head to the Graveyard. If you planted a Magic Bean, ride the plant it has grown into to get Piece of Heart #19. Right next to the plant, there is a grave with flowers. Pull it and enter to find Dampe, the gravekeeper who was alive back then! He will challenge you to a race, or rather, a mission to follow him.

It should be fairly simple. In the interest of conciseness, I will not be putting in a detailed guide for directions. All I can say is dodge the flame he leaves behind (which also serve as Hansel and Gretel's breadcrumbs for you to follow), and head through any passage with purple flame braziers lighting it. You should not have to deal with enemies, and at the end, successfully completing the challenge gets you the Hookshot. Head through the door behind the chest and play the Song of Time. Head up the stairs to find yourself in the windmill! Use the rotating platform to reach Piece of Heart #20, before dropping down. Here, talk to Guru Guru and learn the Song of Storms, which leads to the infamous Song of Storms paradox. Give it a read to find out what I mean.

While we're in Kakariko, make it night and Hookshot onto the roof of the House of Skulltula, before Hookshooting across towards Impa's House in the south. There is Gold Skulltula #44 here. With that done, head back to Hyrule Field.