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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Zelda | Updated: 01/13/18

Master Quest Dungeons

Spirit Temple Master Quest


Heart Containers

Pieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

NOTE: This guide begins as you first enter the temple as Adult Link, prior to learning the Requiem of Spirit.

Entering as Adult Link, you'll find the path to the left is blocked by a powerful upward stream of water from when Ganondorf's toilet was there that blocks your path forward. The chest in the center contains some Bombchu; use it to blow up the rocks nearby to find an eye switch, which drops a chest containing a Small Key. To the right, you'll find a crouch hole you cannot enter as Adult Link. The rocks by the base of the stairs can be batted away withh the Megaton Hammer, but we can ignore them for now. Leave, learn the Requiem of Spirit from Sheik, and return to the temple as a child.


Speak to Nabooru by the crouch hole and say that you are doing "nothing, really" when she asks what you're doing here. She will then request that you crawl through the hole for her and pick up the Silver Gauntlets, because she can't fit through the hole. Crawl through, and on the opposite side, kill the Torch Slugs using Jump Attacks. Enter the top-right door and open the chest right there for the Dungeon Map. Ignore the Anubis in this room for now and return to the previous room, entering the top-left door this time.

Take care of the Gibdo before pulling the left grave stone to reveal a switch you can step on (if it was under the grave stone, shouldn't it have been depressed the whole time? Video game logic). Send a Bombchu down the now open grate on the other side of the pit to blow up the rock (again, video game logic means the Bombchu passes straight through) and reveal an eye switch. Hit it to create floating ice platforms we can cross. Kill the remaining two Gibdos here to open the door.

As you enter, you'll immediately be ambushed by a Stalfos. Wearing the too big Hylian shield as a child makes you completely impervious to the Stalfos's jump attacks in your defensive pose, so use that to your advantage to defeat it. Enter the next door.

Clear the room of the Keese first before pulling the grave stone to the left of the entrance to reveal a switch that drops the bridge back to the platform with the chest we already pilfered. Now kill the other enemies in this room, and cast Din's Fire on the Anubis to kill it. Upon doing so, a chest containing a Small Key will appear. Take it and return to the center room.

Release a Bombchu into the crouch hole to crawl through it. Keep a mental note of the rusted switch in this room. Proceed past the locked door into a narrow shaft. Hitting the crystal switch drops a Like Like on you as it opens the grates above, so be prepared to deal with it as soon as you hit the switch. Climb up; up here, defeat the Lizalfos and remaining Skulltula before looking for a crack in the wall. Destroy it with a Bombchu, shining light onto the sun pattern on the floor (the chest that spawns after defeating the enemies contains some Bombchu if you don't have any). Doing so drops a chest onto a high ledge that we can't quite access, so keep a mental note of it and proceed through the locked door with our last key.

Hop down and hit the eye switch on the statue's right leg to spawn a chest in the middle of the room, which contains the Compass (Beware the Floormasters and Wallmasters). Look in the opposite direction and note the frozen eye switch above the doorway. Melt it with Din's Fire before activating the switch to open the door. Inside, proceed down the corridor until you come across a pit. Look in the walls of the pit for another eye switch, which when hit, drops a chest containing a Small Key. Return to the previous room.

Climb back up the ledge by the door we first entered the room through, and leap across to the time block (it's a very awkward angle, which extends the feel that sometimes Master Quest can look like a fanmade ROM hack) to grab the crate atop it. Hop back across, over the railing and onto the ledge. Climb the stairs and at the top, play the Song of Time to spawn another time block. Take the crate across and drop down onto the statue's hand, placing the crate on the blue pressure switch to open the door on the upper level. Head on through.

Make your way past the fire-breathing statue and enter the next door. As you enter, activate the crystal switch to put out the fires on the floor level. Next, go to the blocks with sun symbols atop. Pull the one not in the corner into the ray of light falling on the floor, unlocking another door in this room. Head on through to find our old friend, the Iron Knuckle. Keep dealing Jump Attacks to it (it might take a while because the Kokiri Sword does even less damage to it than the Master Sword when we fought it at the Fire Temple), and once you're done, open the door behind his throne to exit outside... and that damn owl is here again. He will give you tips on the upcoming boss. Once he leaves, open the chest for the Silver Gauntlets.

Immediately after, a cutscene will play. Nabooru has been trapped by some witches, so I guess, these are yours now. Warp to the Temple of Time, turn the time forward (sorry Nabooru, I guess you're just gonna have to wait seven years) and return to the Desert Colossus.


As you enter, deploy a Bombchu on the rock in the ceiling directly above the chest area (if you don't have any, find a switch in the far corner of the room you can shoot to drop a chest containing them). Hookshot onto the target above and push the blocks here to the end to find yourself back in the central chamber of the dungeon.

Light the three torches (two near the statue, one on a high ledge) with your Fire Arrows to open the doors. Enter the lower right door and Hookshot onto the chest on the high ledge we couldn't reach as a child to get a Small Key. Hit the crystal switch by the pit and drop back down into the room with the rusted switch we couldn't hit. Pound it to drop a chest back in the child section of the temple (yeah you're gonna have to get that, but not right now. Later.) Head back to the statue room.

Optional Collection

This is all but the first of the many rooms in the Spirit Temple whose sole purpose is getting Gold Skulltulas.

In the statue room, solve the blue pressure switch puzzle again, and return to the sun block room again. Kill the Red Bubbles before solving the sun block puzzle, staying aware against the Wallmasters that come out. The third sun block will open the door, while the fourth and fifth blocks don't do anything by themselves, when both are in the sunlight, another translucent block appears in the room. Hookshot onto the target above it to get Gold Skulltula #95. Return to the statue room.

Here, head halfway up the steps on the right side and Hookshot across the gap to the torch on the other side. Enter the locked door at the top and Hookshot past the fire-breathing statues. Here, kill the Beamos to open the door, as well as spawn a chest with Arrows. Play the Song of Time to cause the nearby time block to disappear and reveal a pressure switch. Approach the sandwich of time blocks over the nearby pit and play the Song of Time twice to get the crates atop the time blocks to fall to ground level. Pick one up and put it on the pressure switch, then enter the door.

Inside, clear the Dinolfos (these are exclusive to the Master Quest version of this temple) with Deku Nuts and slashes. In the room, there is a trap chest that freezes you. Proceed through the door and in this corridor, beware of the invisible Wallmaster. Open the door opposite. Guess who? Iron Knuckle again. By now you should be able to deal with him fairly comfortably. After defeating him, enter the door behind his throne to find the chest with the Spirit Temple's second dungeon item, the Mirror Shield, the only dungeon in the game with two items! Also, this shield is pretty neat: it reflects both light and magic, which we need for the final stretch of puzzles.

Backtrack the way you came until you return to the Dinolfos room. Deal with them one more time, then hop atop of the time block by the sunlight. Use your shiny new shield to reflect it towards the sun symbol on the wall, opening the door. Here, defeat the Gibdo to claim the Boss Key! Return to the statue room.

This time, enter the lower-left door, where two Stalfos will come and ambush you. Keep moving while taking care of them as there is also a Wallmaster in this room. Kill all of them for some peace and quiet. The sun symbols on the wall, when shone upon, will all produce a buzzing sound and spawn Wallmasters. Defeat them all to open the gate. Drop down and head through the door.

You're now on the other side of the water fountain by the entrance. Ignore it for now and enter the nearby door to your left. Use the Hookshot to claim Gold Skulltula #96 on the ceiling, then hop down into the sand. You’ll be ganged up on by a ton of Leevers. Use Spin Attacks to defeat then, spawning one, larger Leever, who is bigger but slower. Defeat it to make a chest with a Purple Rupee appear. Play Zelda’s Lullaby on the Triforce symbol to open the door and exit.

Grab the Silver Rupee just outside the door, the get the one on the bottom of the steps. Use the Megaton Hammer to destroy the boulder and press the rusted switch. Quickly run to the now-depressed sprout and leap over, getting the third Silver Rupee. In the main room, collect the last two to drop a chest containing a Small Key. While you're here, exit the temple and quickly re-enter as Child Link to get that one chest in the child section to get another Small Key. Aa Adult Link, Hookshot up to the target in the ceiling again and slowly make your way back to where we were.

Use your key on the locked door and hit the rusted switch with the hammer. Jump down and kill the Club Moblin here. This will cause a gate to open, which has a time block above, so enter and play the Song of Time, causing a gate to open with the Lon Lon’s Ranch crate. Enter and play Epona''s Song, opening the gate to the Sun alcove. Play the Sun’s Song, opening the next alcove, which has no clue at all. Play the Song of Storms to open the last alcove and play Zelda’s Lullaby in it, unlocking the door by where the Club Moblin was. In here there are many many Skulltula, including an invisible one over the chest which contains a Purple Rupee, and nearby is Gold Skulltula #97.

With that done, head to the room with the Beamos and use the Small Key on the locked door. Clear the room of the Keese, then slowly clamber up the wall to collect the Silver Rupees. It may take you a few falls, but once you do, make your way to the top and enter the next door (ignore the Torch Slug). Play Zelda’s Lullaby on the Triforce symbol to open the door ahead into a room with two large Green Bubbles, and a single Dinalfos. Clear them all, then return to the chamber by the entrance and use your Mirror Shield onto the sun symbol on the wall. Quickly dash and turn the last mirror towards the bars. Then, turn the first mirror towards the second, completing the circuit. Use the Lens of Truth before leaving to find an otherwise invisible chest with the Small Key.

Head back to the previous room and enter the last door we have not entered, and through the locked door. Get this Iron Knuckle to destroy the thrones to get both Gold Skulltula #98 and #99. Once you kill him and claim both tokens. Return to the previous room, drop down and light up the sun to lower the platform you're on and find yourself back in the central room. As the elevator goes down, you'll have to fight the Wallmasters one last time. Reflect the light onto the statue's face, cracking it. Hookshot across to the grates to land on the platform just ahead of the boss door.


Boss Battle - Twinrova, Sorceress Sisters

Coming soon.