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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Zelda | Updated: 01/13/18


Spirit Medallion


  1. Rescue the four carpenters in the Gerudo's Fortress.
  2. OPTIONAL: Obtain some collectibles in the Gerudo Valley area.
  3. Make your way to the Spirit Temple and clear it.

Carpenter Quest


Heart Containers

Pieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

We visited the Gerudo Valley once as Child Link to gain some collectibles, but now is the first time we will be able to access the rest of the area. Or not... the Gerudo have broken off the bridge for protection. You have two options of getting across: one involves the Longshot, and the other is leaping across the valley with Epona. Pick either one, it doesn't matter.

Inside the Valley, speak to the foreman in the tent. He says he wants to fix the bridge, which will earn us an item to access the final dungeon, but none of his workers are available, and that they may have been kidnapped. In video game speak that means, they were definitely kidnapped. Before proceeding, make it night and look up on the cliff wall behind the foreman's tent for Gold Skulltula #87. Proceed to the south side of the area and bomb the rocks to find a chest with a Purple Rupee, then look up towards the cliff wall to find Gold Skulltula #88.

Continue down the valley from the foreman's tent and purposely get caught to get tossed into jail. From your cell, grapple onto the wooden canopy out the window from the cell. Enter the bottom-leftmost door and speak to the carpenter, after which a Gerudo will come and attack you. Use Deku Nuts to stun her, then attack with your sword to get a Small Key. Free the first carpenter, Ichiro, then exit the room.

Enter the doorway right next to the one we exited out of. In here, you may come across some guards. You can stun them with your arrows and they will stay down until you exit and re-enter the room, so it's much more convenient than the Hookshot, whose stun effect only lasts a few seconds. From here, turn right and prceed up the ramp. Exit to find yourself on the second floor balcony. Peek out the corner and stun the Gerudo guard, then enter the door on the ledge she was on. Inside, there is another Gerudo will attack you. Use the same strategy on this one as last time to get the Small Key that frees Jiro, the second carpenter.

Exit the other door to find yourself on a third floor ledge. Ignore the doorway and drop down the nearby ledge. Enter the door to find yet another prisoner and another Gerudo to fight for the Small Key that frees Sabooro, the third carpenter. Exit the way you came.

Enter the door we ignored earlier up the vine wall. Hookshot the ceiling beams to safely pass the Gerudo below and head up the stairs at the end. Back outside, drop down and enter the doorway. The final carpenter, and the corresponding guard with the Small Key, is in here. Freeing all four carpenters impresses one of the Gerudo guards, who just appears there, and she gives you the Gerudo Token. You can now explore the area without getting caught!

Valley Collection


Heart Containers

Pieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

NOTE: This sub-chapter is completely optional. You can skip to the next one.

Return to the room where we Hookshotted across the ceiling, and exit out the same doorway. Climb up the ledge to the side this time upon exiting and play the Scarecrow's Song to summon Pierre. Grapple onto him and grab Piece of Heart #33 at the top of the fortress. Now play the Sun's Song to make it night, and it should send Link back to the door we exited. Look on the back cliff wall nearby to find Gold Skulltula #89.

Back at the base of the fortress, there is a dungeon called the Gerudo Training Grounds, which gets you the Ice Arrows for completing it, but it is (1) optional and (2) cannot be completed without the Spirit Temple's dungeon item, at least not as they intended you to. So I'm going to skip it for now, but it is in the next chapter if you'd like.

Head east, up the valley towards a tent with a Gerudo woman attending it. Speak to her and pay up 20 Rupees to begin the Gerudo Archery challenge. You no longer need to control Epona; instead your whole focus is hitting the targets. On your first pass, take out the jars, then aim at the center of the target at the end and hit its as fast as you can to rack up the points, before aiming for the targets on the side wall behind where the jars used to be as you go back. If you score 1000 points, you get Piece of Heart #34, and scoring 1500 points nets you the Biggest Quiver, which lets you store up to 50 Arrows.

With that done, play the Sun's Song to make it night (if it isn't already) and head to the target at the end of the path (without playing the challenge). Gold Skultula #90 will be waiting for you.

Wasteland Waddle


Heart Containers

Pieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

In the fortress area, head to the north part and climb the ladder next to the gate. Speak to the woman and she'll let you through, but of course, will warn you of the dangers ahead. Head on through.

In the Haunted Wasteland, everything is quicksand, and it's very hard to see. Use your Longshot to grapple to the boxes that are visible. At the end of the boxes, there are some flags; pass between them to ensure safe passage, as the Gerudo told you. And at the end of that, you will come across a building. Light the torches for a Purple Rupee, and be sure to look around for Gold Skulltula #91 inside. Equip the Lens of Truth to see a Big Poe, who will serve as your guide through the final stretch of the Wasteland. Follow it, even if it does look like it's going around in circles, and you'll emerge at the Desert Colossus, an oasis that serves as the entrance to the Spirit Temple.

The Colossus is overrun by Leevers, so try to avoid them if you can. Enter the Spirit Temple, to find that you can't do anything yet because the crouch hole is too small. Exit, and Sheik will appear to teach you the final song, the Requiem of Spirit. At this point, you can go ahead and warp back to the Temple of Time, enter the temple and read the next sub-chapter, but of course, as you'd expect, there are optional collectibles we can get.

Warp to the Temple of Time and return to the past. In the Market, enter the Treasure Chest game shop and agree to play. We could've gotten this much earlier if you wanted to try your luck, or a bit earlier if you wanted to backtrack after getting the lens, but I decided to put this here to make it convenient. Use the lens to see the contents of the chest and get the right one every time, and for doing so, you'll earn Piece of Heart #35.

Now teleport to the Colossus as a child. Find the soft soil spot by the area. Put bugs in it to get Gold Skulltula #92, then plant a Magic Bean in it and return as Adult Link and ride the plant to Piece of Heart #36. That is every last one in the game. Woo!

Play the Sun's Song and make it night. Ride the bean plant towards an area with Gold Skulltula #93. Hop down and find the dried oasis to the south. Play the Song of Storms to fill it back up, and this will turn into a Fairy Fountain, which allows you to replenish your fairy supply any time you're low. Before leaving, be sure to grab Gold Skulltula #94, which lurks on one of the trees during the night.

And finally, between two trees in the northern part of the area, there is a crack along the wall. Bomb it to find an entrance to a Great Fairy Fountain. Enter to earn the final Great Fairy spell, Nayru's Love, which grants Link temporary invincibility in exchange for some magic. Awesome! With that done, warp back to the Temple of Time, become a child and return to the Colossus to begin the game's final temple.

Spirit Temple


Heart Containers

Pieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

Playing Master Quest? Click here for the Master Quest dungeon walkthrough


Speak to Nabooru by the crouch hole and say that you are doing "nothing, really" when she asks what you're doing here. She will then request that you crawl through the hole for her and pick up the Silver Gauntlets, because she can't fit through the hole. Crawl through, and on the opposite side, take out the Fire Keese and slip past the Bladetraps to find an Armos statue. Take it out, as well as the two Keese on the wall, before entering the now-unlocked top-left door.

As you enter, you'll immediately be ambushed by a Stalfos. Wearing the too big Hylian shield as a child makes you completely impervious to the Stalfos's jump attacks in your defensive pose, so use that to your advantage to defeat it. Once you do, aim your Boomerang off-center towards the crystal switch on the opposite side of the gate to have it swing around and activate it, dropping a bridge for you. Open the chest here for a Blue Rupee, then proceed to the next room.

In the next room, you will come across an Anubis enemy. Leave no chances and take it out with Din's Fire. Skip past the crystal switch and enter the only other door in the room. Here, you need to trick the Wallmaster first into coming down and defeating it, so you can collect the five Silver Rupees in peace. Doing so makes a bridge across the pit. Kill the Keese, then be sure to grab Gold Skulltula #95 on the opposite side of the grate, as you probably spotted it. Now cast Din's Fire once more to light the two torches in the room to get a Small Key from the chest that drops. Exit out the door back into the room where we found the Armos statue.

Enter the crouch hole and open the locked door on the other side. Kill the Skulltulas on the wall to climb up safely. Up here, defeat the Lizalfos and remaining Skulltula before looking for a crack in the wall. Destroy it with a Bombchu, shining light onto the sun pattern on the floor (if you don't have any Bombchu, hit the crystal switch to spawn a chest with some Bombchus. Also there is another chest with a Blue Rupee). Before leaving, return to where we climbed up, and check the wall opposite down the shaft to get Gold Skulltula #96. Exit the eastern door.

As you enter the Spirit Temple's largest room, push the Armos statue to your left down onto the blue pressure switch. Drop down and head to the center platform, where there are two unlit torches. Cast Din's Fire to light them, netting you the Dungeon Map in the chest that appears. Now climb back up the wall near the Armos statue and head up the stairs. Enter the first door on your left.

In this room, first things first: kill all of the Beamos as you enter to make the next part a bit easier. Now collect the five Silver Rupees, pushing the blocks and climbing up ledges to light the brazier in the middle of the room. Grab a Deku Stick and light all the torches around the room to drop a chest containing a Small Key. And for the last puzzle, drag the block with the sun symbol atop it into the sunlight, opening the exit door. Proceed through, and as you head up the stairs, turn around to get Gold Skulltula #97 above the doorway. Open the locked door with your key.

That, good sir or madam, is an Iron Knuckle, and it is BRUTAL. It drains four hearts of damage per hit, so you want to approach this fight very carefully. The Iron Knuckle swings its hammer quite slowly, and it sticks there for quite a while, so keep an L-Target on it and immediately after its hammer lands, go in for a Jump Attack. Repeat this pattern. It will gradually lose its armor and become more agile, so do be wary. If you found this hard, be thankful you're not playing Master Quest: not only did MQ players have to deal with double damage, but also they encountered this fight in the Fire Temple. Exit the door behind where the Iron Knuckle used to be, and that damn owl is here again. He will give you tips on the upcoming boss. Once he leaves, open the chest for the Silver Gauntlets.

Immediately after, a cutscene will play. Nabooru has been trapped by some witches, so I guess, these are yours now. Warp to the Temple of Time, turn the time forward (sorry Nabooru, I guess you're just gonna have to wait seven years) and return to the Desert Colossus.


With the Silver Gauntlets, you can now push the large block in the lobby area, granting you access to the East Wing of the temple. Inside here, kill the Beamos, then shoot the crystal switch on the ceiling to unlock the doors. Enter the door to the top-left. Deal with the Wolfos before playing Zelda's Lullaby atop the Triforce symbol to spawn a chest containing the Compass. Hookshot across to get it before returning to the previous room.

Enter the top-right door this time. The boulders here roll along a set path on the curved floor. Grab the four Silver Rupees sitting pretty in their alcoves, before donning the Hover Boots to grab the last one, which hangs in midair. Dash at it from any of the ledges to collect it, afterwards quickly move out of the way before you get rolled over. Before leaving, play the Song of Time near the time block to move it to a different location, unearthing Gold Skulltula #98 behind. Exit through the north door.

As you enter, open the chest for a Small Key, then deal with the Like Like if you'd like (try saying that quickly a few times). Return to the room with the Beamos and enter the locked door in the middle with your new key. Climb up the wall at the end onto the second floor. Here, equip the Lens of Truth to see an invisible Wallmaster. Dispose of it before it becomes trouble. Now push the mirror statue in the middle towards the sun symbols on the wall. One drops a chest with a Recovery Heart, one spawns a chest with a Wallmaster, one drops a chest with breezy air inside that freezes you as you open it, and the last one opens the door.

You're now on the opposite side of the central room. Head up the stairs, but don't enter the door at the top. Instead turn left and equip the Hover Boots to cross the pit towards the rusted switch. Activate it with the Megaton Hammer. Leap onto the statue's hands, immediately to your right, and play Zelda's Lullaby to spawn a chest. Hookshot to it to get a Small Key. Drop down and enter the center door. Push the two blocks here into their recesses, and at the end of the corridor, hit the switch with the Megaton Hammer to activate a shortcut back to near the entrance. Return to the previous room. Now clamber up onto the left side of the room where we entered the room as a child, and head up the stairs towards the top. Play the Scarecrow's Song to summon Pierre, allowing you to cross to the lone platform with Gold Skulltula #99. And finally, return to the locked door we ignored on the lower-right of the higher floor.

As you enter, dispose of the Anubis with another bout of Din's Fire, then the Beamos with your Bombs. Defeating al of the enemies opens the doors; open the southwest one. In here, activate one of the Armos with a bomb or arrow and trick it into stepping on the pressure switch. As it does so, quickly open the door to the south. Here, equip the Lens of Truth to see invisible chests containing Recovery Hearts. Proceed further south to fight yet another Iron Knuckle. You should know what to do at this point, so kill it the same way you did the last one. After doing so, exit the door behind its throne, back outside, to find the chest with the Spirit Temple's second dungeon item, the Mirror Shield, the only dungeon in the game with two items! Also, this shield is pretty neat: it reflects both light and magic, which we need for the final stretch of puzzles.

Return to the Armos room and along the north side, reflect the sunlight onto the sun symbol on the wall to open the north door. Inside is a Small Key. Head back to the Anubis room and enter the southwest door, which was locked before. Use your key to enter. Inside, kill the Beamos first before Hookshotting up to the top of the climbable wall. Kill the remaining two Beamos here and enter the door.

Play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol in front of the locked door. Kill the Torch Slugs that populate the room within. Equip your Megaton Hammer and smash the fake door to the left of the flames surrounding the chest to find an eye switch behind. Shoot it to create another floating platform; Hookshot up to it and leap across onto the switch to extinguish the flames. Open the chest for the Boss Key, then return to the previous room and open the next door.

Defend against the flying pots before hopping down and hitting the crystal switch. Enter the west door and kill the Lizalfos, then proceed into the next chamber and look above the archway you passed under to find a sun symbol. Use your shield to direct light onto it and drop a chest containing Bombs. Proceed to the next chamber and kill the Bubbles surrounding the mirror. Blast the breakable wall then push the mirror to face the one in the archway we just opened up. Another Lizalfos will ambush you; deal with it. Finally, push the last mirror towards the grates, then return to the previous room and hop down. Reflect the light onto the sun symbol on the wall to lower the platform you're on and find yourself back in the central room. Reflect the light onto the statue's face, cracking it. Hookshot across to the grates to land on the platform just ahead of the boss door.

Boss Battle - Twinrova, Sorceress Sisters

Coming soon.