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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Zelda | Updated: 01/13/18


Shadow Medallion


  1. Return to Kakariko and learn the Nocturne of Shadow.
  2. Obtain the secret item at the bottom of Kakariko's well.
  3. Defeat the evil lurking in the Shadow Temple.

Kakariko on Fire


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

As soon as you enter Kakariko Village after completing the Water Temple, you will witness a dramatic scene in which it is on fire. In the ensuing chaos, Sheik manages to teach you the Nocturne of Shadow, a song that lets you warp to the Kakariko Graveyard at any time. Our next dungeon is the Shadow Temple, but there is one thing we have to tackle before going in - the Bottom of the Well, and as adult Link, it is blocked off.

Also, while we're in Kakariko, if you haven't obtained the Song of Storms, go get it in the windmill from Guru Guru. With that taught to you, exit Kakariko. You can actually warp straight to the Temple of Time, but there are a few things we can do while we're here.

Return to the Graveyard and play Dampe's Amazing Grave Race again. The path and strategy remains the same as before, except this time, now that you have the Longshot, you can use it in the final room just before the finish to grapple to the high ledge and reach the finish before Dampe. Doing so gets you Piece of Heart #28.

From the windmill, exit and Longshot onto the roof of the blue house. Talk to the man, who will be amazed you got here and gift you with Piece of Heart #29. Exit and head to the map's northwest corner and near Lon Lon Ranch, bomb the lone tree to find a hole next to it. Drop down and defeat the enemy. Use your Iron Boots to sink down to the bottom and grab Piece of Heart #30.

Head to the Temple of Time and return to child form. Head to Hyrule Castle and sneak back to where we found Talon last time. Next to the tree, play the Song of Storms, to erm, make a hole appear. Drop down inside to find Gold Skulltula #78. Our final destination is Zora's River. Head there and near the middle, there are some logs sticking out of the water, and on one of them, taking out your Ocarina gets the attention of the frog band. Play the Song of Storms to make them grow, and doing so gets you Piece of Heart #31. Since they're all big now, play another game with them, this time following the notes that each one signs, and doing so perfectly will get you Piece of Heart #32. Only four left in the whole game!

And finally, go to the Shooting Gallery and play another perfect game, but with your bow this time, to get the Big Quiver. Read more on how to do this in the Minigames section. With that done, warp to Kakariko and re-enter the windmill. Sing the Song of Storms to make it rain, ruin Guru Guru's mood, and, most importantly, drain the well's water, allowing you access inside.

Bottom of the Well


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

Playing Master Quest? Click here for the Master Quest dungeon walkthrough

Crawl through the crouch hole and hop down. There, you will face a Big Skulltula; defeat it, then equip the Lens of Truth and pass through the fake hole. Circle around this large room to find a Triforce symbol in the floor. Play Zelda's Lullaby to stop the flow of water.

Head west from the symbol and turn left at the next fork, before turning right. Drop down into the hole, open the chest for a Recovery Heart, and climb the wall behind it. Enter the door. In this room, clear the enemies first before using a Deku Stick to light all the torches in the room to open one of the graves. Inside is a Small Key.

Return to where we first entered the room and hop down to collect the Bombs in the chest before crawling through the crouch-hole. Climb up the chains on the other side and enter the room to find the Dead Hand, a large creature with hands sticking out the floor. Dispatch its hands first before targeting the main creature, and upon defeating it, you will earn the Lens of Truth. With this earned, you can now leave the dungeon, as this is the only essential item (it's not even totally needed, as an experienced player can complete Ocarina of Time without the lens, it just gets significantly harder). However, there are other things we can collect here, including the Huge Rupee in the invisible chest at the back of the room. Return to the large, central room.

As you climb up the wall, turn right and equip the Lens to see a fake wall. Open the chest within for a Small Key. There is another similar alcove in the wall around here that also has another Small Key. The Compass is also in this center room, but there's a hole that leads into the basement in front of it, so to get there, you need to garound the side and enter the alcove through the fake wall. The two locked doors (also hidden behind fake walls) each lead to a room with Gold Skulltulas #79 and #80, and Gold Skulltula #81 is through the northeast door, where there is a corridor you must use the lens to navigate down to find a Like Like and your Gold Skulltula at the end.

If you fall down any of the pits, you will land in the basement, where the Dungeon Map is. Collect the five Silver Rupees to escape back to ground level. Anyway, that's all there is to it at the Bottom of the Well. With that done, warp to the Graveyard with the Nocturne of Shadow and enter the real dungeon.

Shadow Temple


Heart Containers

Pieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

Playing Master Quest? Click here for the Master Quest dungeon walkthrough

Inside, stand on the pedestal and cast Din's Fire to light all of the toches simultaneously, allowing access inside. Hookshot across the gap and walk through the fake wall. In this room, use the Lens of Truth to look for a fake wall, then go through the door behind it. Equip your lens to see where the fake walls are. Head down the first door on the left to find a room with ReDeads inside, and defeating them will net you the Dungeon Map. Exit and head to the opposite end of the two square rooms to find another fake wall hiding a door. Inside, fight the Dead Hand in this room much like we've done before. This time, you can use your lens to see where he is hiding and throw Bombs at him. Once you defeat him, you will get the Hover Boots. Return to the room with the gear/apparatus in the middle.

Examine the center apparatus. Equip the lens and find the one pillar that has a skull only visible with the lens before pushing the gear to point towards it to unlock the door across the pit. Use the Hover Boots to cross the pit and continue deeper into the dungeon. Proceed down the incline and look for a fake wall in this room to the north (turn left from the entrance). Enter the room with a spinning blender blade in the center. Use crouches to dodge the lower blade and collect the five Silver Rupees in this room, then open the chest that spawns to get a Small Key. Head through the door opposite it to find a room of Gibdos. Clear the room to get a Compass.

Return to the Beamos room and bomb the only real rock wall. Open the locked door with your key and proceed down the hallway, past the Skulltula and the first two sets of guillotines, until you come up against the fork in the path. A Stalfos will spawn and ambush you; deal with it, then look to the left and equip your lens to see invisible platforms. Cross to the door at the end of the path with your Hover Boots. Inside, deal with the Like Like, then enter the alcove across the entrance. Open the chests for both Arrows and a Blue Rupee (which would have been your tunic/shield if the Like Like ate it), then kill Gold Skulltula #82 on the back wall.

Go back to the previous room and head straight at the fork, past the Stalfos. There is another fork: keep heading straight, defeat the Beamos, before collecting the five Silver Rupees to open the path forward. In the next room, equip the lens to see a stone block in the wall you can pull out and protect yourself from the falling spikes. Pull it along to the middle of the two spikes to block both from reaching the ground. Examine the jail cells to get Gold Skulltula #83, as well as a chest containing more Arrows.

Pull the block to the end of the path to use it to clamber onto the nearby ledge. Use the falling spikes' topside to cross to the switch on the other side. Step on it to reveal a chest containing a Small Key. There is another chest here containing a Blue Rupee as well. Return to the previous room and head down the only path we have not been to, equip your Hover Boots and cross to the locked door on the ledge. Enter.

In this room, there are invisible spikes. Use the lens to see the spike, or keep the Hover Boots on and you will glide over the spikes easily. Use the Hookshot on any Rupees that appear to be floating. Open the chest that spawns for a Blue Rupee. Detour to the door to the west and enter. Examine the back of the statue for Gold Skulltula #84. Climb to the top and toss a Bomb Flower into the cauldron/statue for a Small Key. Exit and return to the previous room, opening the locked door to the north.

Turn the corner, defeating the Skulltula, and wait for the fan to die down before Hookshotting across to the target above. Immediately equip the Iron Boots to prevent falling. Here, you need to equip the Iron Boots to fight the wind. Head down to the end of the bridge, if you'd like, to an optional room with ReDeads. You know what to do. Kill them, then look for an invisible chest to get some Arrows. At the bridge, look for a fake wall and equip your Hover Boots to glide over, with the wind at your back. Inside, kill the Gibdos and open the chest they spawn for a Blue Rupee. Now blow up the rocks in the corner by the locked door for a chest containing the Small Key.

Pull the block in the corner for a shortcut back to the first room with the spinning blades. Use the block to reach the ladder on the opposite ledge. Before boarding the boat, play the Scarecrow's Song where Navi prompts you to summon Piere; Hookshot across to him and get Gold Skulltula #85. Board the boat and play Zelda's Lullaby, causing it to start moving and Stalfos will come in to hijack the ship. You can fight them if you want, or just keep your shield up. Leap off at the end.

Enter the door immedately to the left. Equip the lens to see a quasi-maze also filled with otherwise invisible Floormasters. Defeat the enemies and enter the chamber with the three spinning skulls to find a Small Key. Now exit back to the maze and enter the west door. Here, look to the left of the spinning statue for Gold Skulltula #86, then exit. The Boss Key is located next to this room. In here, two walls of spikes will try to squish and impale Link, but note that they are made out of wood. Cast Din’s Fire as the walls get close to burn through them, allowing you to safely get the Boss Key out from the treasure chest.

Return to where we disembarked the boat. Look across the pit and shoot the Bomb Flowers to make a bridge. Equip your lens to see the invisible platforms to reach the boss door. Enter to see the terrifying monster running the strings in this temple.

Boss Battle - Bongo Bongo, Phantom Shadow Beast

The monster of the Shadow Temple uses his big, disembodied hands to fight. He's actually pretty tough, but he was one of my favorite bosses to fight in Boss Rush, so I've gotten pretty good at dealing with him. I'm no longer as good with him as I was back then, when my record was 48 seconds, but I still know how to deal a good punch to Bongo Bongo. Equip the Biggoron's Sword, as you won't use your shield in this fight, as well as the Hover Boots, because they help stabilize against the movements of the drumbeats.

Anyway, begin by using L-Target on his hands before they can attack, in one of many ways, including a sweep across the arena, a punch, or an attempt to flatten you. Stun both hands with arrows to turn them blue, and Bongo Bongo will make two fists and fly across the arena. As he charges up this attack, equip your Lens of Truth and charge up a spin attack, releasing it as he gets near to stun him. Now go up to his eye and either use Jump Attacks or just your normal sword slashes. Repeat this until you win.

Upon winning the fight, grab the Heart Container before stepping in the blue light to claim your Shadow Medallion.