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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Zelda | Updated: 01/13/18


Pieces of Heart

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has 36 Pieces of Heart scattered throughout its world. Every four Pieces grants you an extra life container, and they have been listed here for your convenience, in the numerical order in which they were collected in the guide. There are separators in the table with dungeon names, which gives you an idea of which Pieces of Heart can be collected before or after which dungeon. Note that this does not mean said Pieces of Heart are located inside those dungeons: there are no Pieces of Heart in any of Ocarina's major dungeons, and there is only one in a mini-dungeon, the Ice Cavern.

Piece of Heart #

LocationHow to Get It
0 There are no Pieces of Heart you can collect prior to the Deku Tree.
Inside the Deku Tree dungeon
1Kakariko GraveyardHead to the last row of "normal" graves and pull the fourth grave from the left (if you're facing the entrance) to reveal a hole. Drop down inside, play the Sun's Song to stun the ReDead, and then defeat it. Stand on the platform and play the Sun's song again to spawn a chest containing Piece of Heart #1.
2Hyrule Castle TownHead to Hyrule Castle Town after getting the Sun's Song and play it to make it night. Find the one puppy in town and get it to follow you (just touching it is enough) into the side alleys of the town. Find the only open door and lead the dog inside to find a woman overjoyed to have her puppy back, and she will promptly give you Piece of Heart #2.
3Lon Lon RanchHead to the feed-silo (the tall building by the corner) and push the crates around to allow Link access to the hole in the corner. Crouching through it gets you Piece of Heart #3.
4Lost WoodsAs you enter, turn right, go down the nearby ladder and head to the stump by the corner. Take out your Ocarina to play the Imps' game, in which they will make up a song and you have to play it back without mistakes. Recite the notes in your head as they sing their song, and then play it back for them. Do so three times for Piece of Heart #4.
5Lost WoodsEnter the Lost Woods again and turn left this time. Stand on the stump and play Saria's Song to get Piece of Heart #5 from the Skull Kid.
6Kakariko VillageGrab a Cucco and take it to the construction site. Hop onto the beams overlooking the roof of the Cucco pen and glide on over with the Cucco's superior flying powers. Head into the tiny crouch-hole to find yourself with a cow, and Piece of Heart #6
7Kakariko GraveyardHead to the Graveyard between 18:00 and 21:00 (find out the time from the soldier at the Kakariko Village entrance) to find Dampe the Gravekeeper patroling around. He will dig up any patch of soil you stop him in front of for 10 Rupees, and the top prize is a Piece of Heart. Problem is, it's entirely luck, and the other prizes are Rupees, and nothing at all. Keep digging until you get Piece of Heart #7.
8Goron CityHead up to the second floor of Goron City after meeting Darunia, grab a Bomb Flower, and toss it into the mouth of the pot (it may take you a couple of tries) to grab Piece of Heart #8.
9Death Mountain Trail

From the exit of Goron City, note that the fence by the Bomb Flower is shorter than the rest. Position yourself between the Bomb Flower and the fence, grab the Bomb Flower that respawns and toss it forward. Have Link face the Goron next to the Bomb Flower, L-Target, move backwards a bit, and backflip. If you do so just right, you should be able to get Piece of Heart #9 way earlier than you should.

Otherwise, you will need to plant a Magic Bean in the soft soil spot in front of Dodongo's Cavern and return in the future to grab the Piece of Heart with the plant that has grown there.

Dodongo's Cavern dungeon

10Death Mountain Crater

Enter the crater from the top, run down the path and climb down the climbable wall here. Quickly clamber down towards the alcove in the wall with Piece of Heart #10, before dropping down to fall into the lava and finding yourself back at the top for a quick exit, since the timer will run out if you climb back up.

The other option is to return for this Piece of Heart as Adult Link with the Goron Tunic in the future, which lets you explore the crater at your own free will, without a timer.

11Hyrule Castle TownGo to Hyrule Castle Town. Head to the Market and check in with the Bombchu Bowling minigame. Check the minigames section for more detailed strategies; one of the prizes, which rotates, for winning Bombchu Bowling is Piece of Heart #11.
12Zora's RiverEnter the river from Hyrule Field. Not far up, you will come across a Cucco. Grab it, as we'll need it for the collectibles around here. Not far from the Bean salesman, Link can leap off the ledge to glide towards a high ledge with Piece of Heart #12.
13Zora's RiverHead up along the river towards the waterfall at the end. This is the entrance to Zora's Domain, but don't enter yet. Instead, look around for a narrow ledge Link can glide to with the Cucco to net himself Piece of Heart #13.
14Zora's Domain

Inside the Domain, run to the top of the domain, near the king. Light a Deku Stick and run around the domain lighting the five torches. The five torches are at:

  1. The bottom of the stairs leading up to the throne room.
  2. Near the town shop.
  3. By a circle of rocks in the shallow part of the water.
  4. The final two are behind the waterfall. Be careful to stick to the shallow parts of the water, as swimming puts the sitck out. Also, if at any point your stick is getting shorter, store it and take it out again.

Doing so will spawn a chest behind the waterfall for Piece of Heart #14.

15Lake Hylia Fishing PondHead to the Fishing Pond and pay to play. Catch any fish over 10 pounds to get Piece of Heart #15. Check out the minigames section for more detail.
Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly dungeon
16Hyrule FieldIn Hyrule Field, head to the entrance of Lake Hylia. There is a stupid fence here in the shape of a box. Climb in and place a bomb squarely (pun entirely intended) in the middle to find a hole. Inside, there is a Business Scrub who sells Piece of Heart #16 for 10 Rupees.
17Gerudo ValleyLook towards the waterfall in the canyon. Glide down with the Cucco, then swim down towards the base of the waterfall. Behind it, you should find a ladder that leads to an alcove with Piece of Heart #17.
18Gerudo ValleyTo the left of the bridge, there is a high ledge with a lone crate. Roll into it to get Piece of Heart #18.
Temple of Time: obtain the Master Sword
19Kakariko Graveyard (Adult)Head to Kakariko Village and head to the Graveyard. If you planted a Magic Bean, ride the plant it has grown into to get Piece of Heart #19.
20Kakariko VillageUse the Hookshot to grapple onto the high platform in the windmill, or reach it from Dampe's Amazing Grave Race exit and use the rotating platform to reach Piece of Heart #20.
Forest Temple dungeon
21House of SkulltulaCollect 50 Gold Skulltula tokens.
22Death Mountain Crater (Adult)After learning the Bolero of Fire, return to the Death Mountain Crater as Child Link with the song. Find the nearby soft soil spot and plant some Magic Beans before returning to adult form and re-warping to the crater. Ride your new plant towards a high ledge with Piece of Heart #22.
Fire Temple dungeon
23Zora's Fountain (Adult)Leap across the new ice platforms until the fork in the road. Take right first and grab Piece of Heart #23 sitting out in the open.
24Ice Cavern (Adult)Inside one of the rooms in the Ice Cavern. Check the guide either here for normal quest, or here for Master Quest, for more details.
25Zora's Fountain (Adult)After getting both the Iron Boots and Zora Tunic, return to the fountain, equip your shiny new boots and tunic, and sink to the bottom of the lake. Here, get Piece of Heart #25.
Water Temple dungeon
26Lakeside Laboratory (Adult)Get the Golden Scale by fishing a fish greater than thirteen pounds. Return to the Lakeside Laboratory. Inside, use your new scale to dive from top to bottom (not with your boots) and touch the bottom to get Piece of Heart #26.
27Lake Hylia (Adult)Use Scarecrow's Song outside the Lakeside Laboratory to reach the roof of the lab and get Piece of Heart #27.
28Kakariko Graveyard (Adult)After getting the Longshot, play Dampe's Amazing Grave Race again. The path and strategy remains the same as before, except this time, now that you have the Longshot, you can use it in the final room just before the finish to grapple to the high ledge and reach the finish before Dampe. Doing so gets you Piece of Heart #28.
29Kakariko Village (Adult)From the windmill, exit and Longshot onto the roof of the blue house. Talk to the man, who will be amazed you got here and gift you with Piece of Heart #29.
30Hyrule Field (Adult)After getting the Iron Boots, head to the map's northwest corner and near Lon Lon Ranch, bomb the lone tree to find a hole next to it. Drop down and defeat the enemy. Use your Iron Boots to sink down to the bottom and grab Piece of Heart #30.
31Zora's River (Adult)Head to Zora's River and near the middle, there are some logs sticking out of the water, and on one of them, taking out your Ocarina gets the attention of the frog band. Play the Song of Storms to make them grow, and doing so gets you Piece of Heart #31.
32Zora's River (Adult)Get the previous Piece of Heart. Since they're all big now, play another game with them, this time following the notes that each one signs, and doing so perfectly will get you Piece of Heart #32.
Shadow Temple dungeon
33Gerudo's Fortress (Adult)At the Gerudo's Fortress, play the Scarecrow's Song to summon Pierre. Grapple onto him and grab Piece of Heart #33 at the top of the fortress.
34Gerudo Valley (Adult)Up the valley, there is a tent with a Gerudo woman attending it. Speak to her and pay up 20 Rupees to begin the Gerudo Archery challenge. You no longer need to control Epona; instead your whole focus is hitting the targets. On your first pass, take out the jars, then aim at the center of the target at the end and hit its as fast as you can to rack up the points, before aiming for the targets on the side wall behind where the jars used to be as you go back. If you score 1000 points, you get Piece of Heart #34.
35Hyrule Castle Town (Child)You could have technically gotten this much earlier, but it would have been a game of luck. For the 100% chance, try this after getting the Lens of Truth. In the Market, enter the Treasure Chest game shop and agree to play. Use the lens to see the contents of the chest and get the right one every time, and for doing so, you'll earn Piece of Heart #35.
36Desert ColossusAfter learning the Requiem of Spirit, teleport to the Colossus as a child. Find the soft soil spot by the area. Plant a Magic Bean in it, then return as Adult Link and ride the plant to Piece of Heart #36.
Spirit Temple dungeon
0 There are no Pieces of Heart that can only be collected after completing the Spirit Temple.