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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Zelda | Updated: 01/13/18


Ocarina Songs

Zelda's LullabyXAYXAY A song that proves your connection to the royal family. Use it whenever there is a Triforce Symbol on the ground.
Sun's SongYRAYRA A song that changes day to night, and night to day, at will.
Saria's SongRYXRYX Lets you talk to Saria, your old friend, at any time.
Epona's SongAXYAXY Gets milk from cows. And, uh, lets you call Epona at will once you get her. Clearly the first function is more important.
Song of TimeYLRYLR Opens the Door of Time, and summons/poofs out time blocks for puzzles.
Song of StormsLRALRA Summons a storm at will.
Minuet of ForestLAXYXY Warp to the Sacred Forest Meadow at any time.
Prelude of LightAYAYXA Warp to the Temple of Time whenever you want.
Bolero of FireRLRLYRYRWarp to Death Mountain Crater.
Serenade of WaterLRYYX Warp to Lake Hylia.
Nocturne of ShadowXYYLXYR Warp to the Kakariko Graveyard.
Requiem of SpiritLRLRYL Warp to the Desert Colossus.
Scarecrow's SongMake up your own in Lake Hylia as a child.Summon Pierre, the scarecrow, in designated places inside dungeons and the overworld as a Hookshot target.

Overture of Sages

There is a long-running myth within the community that after completing the game, you can blow up every Gossip Stone except for the four in front of the Temple of Time, then play the Song of Time in front of your own house, in front of Malon in the ranch, and then in the Kakariko Windmill. Return to your house to find Dark Link at the table and communicate with him using Saria's Song. He will then supposedly teach you a hidden song called the Overture of Sages, which can be played in front of the Spiritual Stones in front of the Temple of Time to find Link playable in the Sacred Realm. You can then supposedly try and get the Triforce, before Ganon engages you in a battle, and upon defeat, the Triforce in its entirety is finally yours.

This myth originated from a girl called Ariana Almandoz, and it became a famous myth in Zelda lore. However, this trick is confirmed fake from not only Nintendo, but also the girl herself (who probably invented the name). Still, it remains one of the most famous myths associated with Ocarina of Time: collecting the Triforce.