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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Zelda | Updated: 01/13/18

Master Quest Dungeons

Upon defeating Ganon in the main game, you will unlock Master Quest, a version of Ocarina of Time first released in 2003 as a pre-order bonus for Wind Waker. Master Quest features:

  • A mirrored overworld. What's left is now right, and what's right is now left. Of course, north and south remain the same.
  • Remixed dungeons. The order in which you go through the rooms, which switches are where and do what, the locations of the Gold Skulltulas, and the number and position of the Small Keys are different. The general design of the dungeon and its rooms, as well as its layout remains identical, however.
  • Tougher enemies that do twice the damage.

For Master Quest players, you should be fairly comfortable in the overworld already, so I did not write a separate guide for the Master Quest overworld. You can largely use the same guide, but you do need to remember that left is right and right is left. The dungeons however, are all covered, and these guides are completely rewritten from scratch (yes that means I wrote guides for over 20 dungeons!) to best assist you in your journey (except for the Shadow Temple. Large parts of the dungeon are very similar to the normal version, so I copy-pasted the appropriate sections to the new guide). In these dungeon guides, you do not need to mirror the instructions. Also, there are points in the game when the number of Gold Skulltulas available to you on your first run can vary; don't worry, as I will revisit them in the main game. With that done, let's begin, shall we?