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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Zelda | Updated: 01/13/18


Kokiri Forest


  1. Wake up.
  2. Get the Kokiri Sword and Shield to leave the forest.
  3. Talk to the Great Deku Tree and enter to defeat the curse within.

Humble Beginnings


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

As you start the game, a cutscene will play before Link gets woken up. Exit your house to find Saria outside to greet you. She seems pretty excited about you getting your own fairy (trust me, I'm not). Get used to the controls, touring the village if you want to, then head to the opposite end of the village, where there is Mido. He blocks the path to the Great Deku Tree until you get a Sword and Shield. A**.

To the left of Link's house, there is the Forest Training Center. Here, head to the back to find a narrow crouch-hole you can just barely sneak under. Press A to crouch in and head to the very end to enter a sort-of obstacle course. Navigate your way around the rolling rocks and head to the back of the place, where there is the chest containing the Kokiri Sword. Head to the Gear screen to equip it.

Our next order of business is getting the shield, which you can buy in the local shop for 40 Rupees. There are several places around town where we can easily get Rupees:

  • In the Forest Training Center, next to the hole, there are two rocks. Select a target and backflip twice to get 6 Rupees.
  • Slash the bushes in the Training Center for a few easy Green Rupees (worth 1 each).
  • Head to Mido's house. There are 5 Rupees behind it, and 12 in the chests inside.
  • Toss the rocks in front of Mido's house.
  • Head up the spiral walkway around Saria's house and cross to the end of the walkways that stretch above the village to find another Blue Rupee (worth 5).
  • Hop across the stones serving as steps near the store without falling to get 5 more Rupees.

At this point, you should have more than enough to purchase the Deku Shield in the shop. Equip that too; with both in hand, return to Mido and he will begrudgingly let you pass. You will encounter Deku Babas for the first time, or at least, the withered kind that don't really attack. Slash at them to gain a Deku Stick, which actually deals more damage than your sword, for now. Keep that in your inventory for later. At the end of the path, the Deku Tree will explain what's going on, and ask you to break the curse that's been placed on him. Say yes, and then enter through his mouth, into your first dungeon.

Inside the Deku Tree


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

Are you playing Master Quest? Click here for the Master Quest dungeon walkthrough

Alright! Welcome to your first dungeon. Navi will remark that the vine-like surfaces look climbable, so do approach and hop up towards the ledge above. Go clockwise towards the chest to get the Dungeon Map, then go through the southwestern door. Inside, if you try to slash the Deku Scrub, it will retreat, so stand by the door, L-Target the Deku Scrub and hold your shield up to deflect its shot back at it. Do so and go up to it to get a tip about not taking damage when falling, most of the time at least. Go through the newly opened door ahead.

In this room, climb up the vine wall towards the chest on the ledge for the Fairy Slingshot. Look above the doorway to see a ladder; shoot it to drop the ladder and allow you to return the way you came. Head all the way back to the chest with the Dungeon Map and look above the vine wall to see some Skulltulas on the wall. Pelt them with your seed bullets to kill them to make it safe to clamber up onto the higher level.

Go to the west door. Inside, light a Deku Stick with the nearby torch and use it to light the nearby, unlit one to open the door back. Now step on the switch and cross to the ledge on the left. Avoid the Skulltula by leaping to its left side. Kill Gold Skulltula #1 on the wall before opening the chest for a Recovery Heart. Kill the Skulltula and return to where the switch was; step on it again and this time, cross to the ledge directly opposite and open the chest for the Compass. Exit and defeat one of the Skulltulas to get an open shot down below; leap over the edge and into the webbing to break it, allowing you to access the basement rooms of the dungeon.

Down in the central basement room, look to the vines and kill Gold Skulltula #2, before examining the grates in the water for Gold Skulltula #3. Grab both tokens before using the shallow water (Link can walk on the shallow part) to climb onto the slightly higher ledge. Step on the switch to light the torch and burn the cobwebs covering the chest, which contains another Recovery Heart. Light a Deku Stick from the nearby brazier and use the shallow water to safely take it to the southeast corner, where there are cobwebs blocking a door. Burn the webs and go through the door.

Defeat the Deku Scrub here, who will tell you a clue about beating his brothers. Keep that in mind. Shoot the eye switch with your Slingshot above the door to unlock it and go through. In the next room, leap into the water and on the left side, under the rotating spikes, you will find a switch. Swim down and dive to trigger the switch. This will momentarily lower the water level, allowing Link to safely pass under the rotating spikes with the platform in the center. Defeat the Skulltula on the other end and pull the block into its slot to reach the ledge with the door.

Light the torches in the room with a Deku Stick and proceed through the newly-opened door. In this large room, notice the rocks in the northwest corner. We will be coming back for this later as there is nothing we can do here for now. Light a Deku Stick and burn the web to the east. This allows you access to a crouch-hole that takes you back to the central basement room. Push the nearby block down into the water, allowing easy access back up. Hop down below, light a Deku Stick with the torch, then cross the shallow water, clamber onto the block and ledge, and roll over the webbing to set it on fire, allowing you access to the dungeon's basement.

For the final puzzle, defeat the three Deku Scrubs in the order that one of the traitors told you earlier: 2, 3 and 1. Do so to unlock the boss door, where you will face your first boss.

Boss Battle - Gohma, Parasitic Armored Arachnid

As the battle begins, toss a Deku Nut at Gohma to stun her, then equip your Deku Stick and do a jump attack on her. As she climbs to the ceiling, prepare your slingshot and attack her eye quickly, before she gets a chance to spawn her eggs, which spawn annoying Larva as we've seen throughout the dungeon. Her other attack occurs when she is on the ground: she will try to crush you under her own weight. If you're really good, keep spamming Jump Attacks using the Deku Stick or even the sword, and Gohma will be down in under a minute.

Collect Heart Container #1, then exit using the blue light. The Great Deku Tree will now proceed to dump a ton of story info and history lessons on you. Your adventure begins here, now.