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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Zelda | Updated: 01/13/18

Master Quest Dungeons

Inside the Deku Tree Master Quest


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

As you enter, you will come across the regular Deku Babas immediately, which actually do try to attack you instead of simply doing touch damage. Take care of them (you might get some Deku Nuts along the way), then begin by climbing the first ladder to your right. Head along the path, crossing the gaps along the way with Link's autojump, and reaching the first chest. Take care of the Gohma egg next to the chest, then open said chest to get the Dungeon Map.

Be careful of the Gohma egg that drops next to the chest; take care of it if you have to. Roll into the crate next to the chest to break it, revealing Gold Skulltula #1. Killing it will net you a token, which we can use later on in the game. Climb the vines behind the chest and head counterclockwise around the perimeter. Step on the yellow switch that you come across to light the nearby torch and burn the cobwebs, opening the path forward. Proceed through the door.

Equip a Deku Stick and light it on fire with the nearby torch (quickly store it afterwards to preserve it). Hop down towards the lower level and light the torch here to spawn a small chest. Take care of all of the enemies here to simulatenously spawn a big chest as well as reopening the entrance, then climb the vines back to the entrance ledge and step on the switch to raise the platforms. Hop across them to reach the chests one by one. The small chest contains a Blue Rupee, while the big chest nets you the dungeon item, the Fairy Slingshot.

Exit and drop back down one floor, to where the dungeon map chest was. The torch nearby has been lit since you stepped on the switch above; light a Deku Stick and hop across the gap towards the cobwebs by the door. Burn the web to gain acess to the door. Inside, there are two Gohma eggs you should probably take care of, before addressing the elephant in the room, or rather, the elephant-sized Deku Baba. Use your slingshot to stun it, then go in for the kill. Now aim your slingshot at the eye above the door to open the path forward.

From the start of the room, look around and deal with the Gohma eggs and Skulltulas, including the one hanging from the ceiling, with your slingshot. Hop across the gap and open the chest to grab the Compass. There are some rocks around here hiding a Golden Skulltula, but it needs equipment we don't quite have yet, and thus, we'll come back at a later time. Now look back towards the entrance and shoot the ladder above it to drop it down, allowing you to go back the way you came.

Drop down to the ground floor, light a Deku Stick with the nearby torch, and then crouch to set fire to the web, dropping you down into the basement. Climb up the floor to the left and step on the switch to light the torch on the opposite side. Head on there and use the torch to clear the cobwebs by the switch, revealing a chest containing a Blue Rupee. Now shoot the eye above the doorway to open the door to the next room.

Inside, L-Target the Gohma eggs as the Mad Scrub shoots at you to defeat them without even using ammo (this uses your shield to deflect the Mad Scrub's bullets at the eggs), then L-Target the Mad Scrub himself to return his own fire onto him. Use your slingshot to get the kill on the scrub before looking at the ceiling to find another Gohma egg. Clearing that will open the door back the previous room. Head back and light a Deku Stick, then return to this room and light the two torches here to open the door to the next room.

Open the chest next to the door for a recovery heart. Look to the ceiling for a Gohma egg you can kill before becoming a threat. Step on the switch to light the torch, then set fire to a Deku Sitck and hop onto the moving platform. Crouch under the spiky pole, then hop off at the end and light the two torches to open the gate to the next room. Take care of the Skulltula, allowing you to climb the ledge with the door.

Repeat the step we used earlier to defeat the four Gohma eggs and Mad Scrub, before looking to the ceiling to find a few more enemies we can deal with using our slingshot. Beware of the four Keese by the braziers in the next room as you step on the switch to light the torches. The room to the top-right can only be dealt with at a much later time, so ignore it for now. Instead, light your Deku Stick and burn the cobwebs to the left. Enter the crouch hole and beware of the Scrub Salesman on the left as you exit. Kill the Big Deku Baba before pushing the nearby block down towards the water, which grants us easy access back up here. Drop down to the lower level and light a Deku Stick. Use the block we just dropped to climb back up, then set fire to the cobweb to allow us access to the lowest level.

As you fall into the water, swim to dry land and kill the Scrubs in the order of first, third and then second. Talk to one of them to be revealed the secret of Queen Gohma. Take note of it as he opens the path to the final room, the boss room. Enter.

Boss Battle - Gohma, Parasitic Armored Arachnid

As the battle begins, toss a Deku Nut at Gohma to stun her, then equip your Deku Stick and do a jump attack on her. As she climbs to the ceiling, prepare your slingshot and attack her eye quickly, before she gets a chance to spawn her eggs, which spawn annoying Larva as we've seen throughout the dungeon. Her other attack occurs when she is on the ground: she will try to crush you under her own weight. If you're really good, keep spamming Jump Attacks using the Deku Stick or even the sword, and Gohma will be down in under a minute.

Collect Heart Container #1, then exit using the blue light. The Great Deku Tree will now proceed to dump tons of story details on you, setting the tone for the rest of the adventure. It's now that our adventure truly begins! Click here to return back to the main walkthrough