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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Zelda | Updated: 01/13/18

Master Quest Dungeons

Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly Master Quest


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs
81526 (Normal)
24 (Master Quest)

Oh boy. One of my least favorite dungeons, in the whole series. Yes, I hate this dungeon more than the Water Temple. More than Majora's Mask's Great Bay Temple (which I find a bit long but not actually that bad). Maybe second only to Sky Keep in Skyward Sword (and those who know me know how much I hate that dungeon). Not just because of how bad it looks, not because of how disturbing it is, but you'll see why.

Inside the dungeon, begin first by tossing a bomb at the rock in the middle and stepping on the switch beneath to spawn the chest containing the Dungeon Map. Man, that was fast! Next, shoot the two cow heads in the room (that's really disturbing). One spawns a chest containing a Blue Rupee, and the other opens the path to the next room.

Take the elevator platform down to the lower level and look for a cow's head inside the water (or erm, saliva, but I don't really want to think about it). Shoot it with the slingshot to spawn a chest that contains the Compass. Now step on the nearby switch to remove a membrane blocking the door from earlier; take the elevator back up. Head into the door we just opened.

And here's the ultimate reason why I don't like this dungeon: it's an escort mission! More so with the original version of the dungeon, but the Master Quest version makes up for being slightly less annoying but putting those damn, disturbing cows everywhere. Chase after Ruto into the whole she fell into. Not all Zora princesses are great! Down here, keep talking to her until she sits down and lets you carry her. You can carry her and put her on switches, and she stays put.

Step on the yellow switch below to activate a water geyser. Hop towards the ledge with the blue switch and set Ruto down on it. Use the water geyser to head to the door the switch opens, and head through, leaving Ruto behind (Actually, before leaving, there is a chest in this room containing Bombchus if you don't have them. Grab it as we'll need it in just a short while). Beware of the Lizalfos in the corridor, and in the next room, open the chest for some Deku Nuts. Begin by dropping bombs into the mouth of the Like Like in the water below, because otherwise, you will get your shield eaten. Now defeat the Stingers in the water in order to spawn a chest, but it's protected by a water geyser. Step on the switch to raise the water level and also drop the geyser, which allows you to reach the chest, inside of which is the Boomerang. Before leaving, do note that we will need to come back to this room at a later time for the Gold Skulltula you can probably hear.

Exit the room through the south door to find yourself back in the central elevator room. Head up the elevator and through the north door again, where we met Ruto. Look to your left to spot some rocks up along the ceiling. Use a Bombchu if you have that, or, if you don't have it, well, you better prepare to toss a Bomb at EXACTLY the right time to get rid of those rocks. Once you do, shoot the cow head to disable the membrane behind the wriggling block. Now shoot the wriggling block with your Boomerang to momentarily stun it and slip past to the newly opened door.

Take the left path, and then the right one. Inside, shoot the two switches here, but don't immediately grab the goodies they make. Wait for the two Like Likes to fall and deal with them one by one. After defeating both, open the chest for a Deku Stick, and make note of the fact that the torch is now lit. Take the stick, light it and exit, using it to burn the cobwebs blocking the left path. Enter and use your Boomerang to hit the vulnerable part of the tentacle hanging from the ceiling when it comes down. Repeat a few more times to defeat it, clearing the path in the other forks.

Head back to the start of the fork and go in the middle path this time. Defeat the Lizalfos in the passage before bombing the rocks at the end. Note that this is a blue pressure switch. Head down the right fork to grab a crate and put it on top of the switch so Link can go through the door. Inside is another tentacle like the blue one before, except it's red.

Go down the right fork this time and take the left at the second branch. Inside, clear the room of the Tailpasaran enemies and bomb the rock in the corner for a Skulltula. Once you defeat all other enemies, step on the middle switch to activate a water geyser beneath. Carefully time your throw towards the rock on the ceiling to reveal Gold Skulltula #27. Kill it, then collect the token with your Boomerang.

Exit and head down the final door we have not examined to find a green tentacle, identical to the other two. Kill it again. Head back to the previous room with the holes in the floor and drop down. Ignore Ruto for now, despite what Navi says, and head to the southeast room. Here, the enemies are invisible, and you're technically supposed to come back at a later time. I saw, screw that! Head into the water and use L-Target on the enemies to find out where they are, before quickly clambering up and aiming your shot in the general area they landed in. Repeat this a few times, and upon defeating all of the enemies, the game will spawn a ledge for you to reach Gold Skulltula #28 on the other side. Step on the switch in the water to exit. Return to the previous room, pick up Ruto and use the water geyser to reach the eastern door. Mission complete? Not quite.

Make note of the direction where Bigocto miniboss is going and head in the opposite direction. Use your Boomerang to stun him, then do a jump attack on the glowing green spot on his butt to damage him. Rinse and repeat until he dies. Easy? Well that's not the dungeon boss. Take the elevator platform up, hit the cow switch and head through the door. Here, hit the cow switch again, stun the blocks with the Boomerang, grab the box and head on over to the blue switch. Set the box down and head through the door. Leap across to the platform in the corner to find yourself back in the central elevator room. Head through the door.

Here, I advise clearing the room of Like Likes first. After, climb the wall and hit the two cow's heads. If you had your shield eaten by a Like Like, the first cow's head will spawn a chest containing a Deku Shield. Otherwise, it has hearts. The second, you need to keep hitting with your slingshot as it moves up, and eventually, the boss door will open. Before going through, throw Boomerang shots around the crystal barrier to defeat Gold Skulltula #29 (just aim it to its right or left), then L-Target its token to grab it. Now go through the last door to face your fate.

Boss Battle - Barinade, Bio-electric Anemone

Start the battle by shooting at Barinade's tentacles around the ceiling, using L-Target to do it effortlessly. He will then spawn some jellyfish, which you can easily defeat with Deku Nuts. This leaves his body vulnerable: stun it with the Boomerang, then come it for a few jump attacks.

He will now spawn more jellyfish and spin them at high velocity around his body. Wait until he releases the jellyfish (no more electrical connection to him), then stun Barinade with a Boomerang, defeat the jellyfish and come it for a few jump slashes. For his final attack, Barinade will fire electrical beams at you. Run around the room, keeping an eye on him for when his body surfaces; Boomerang it to stun, and jump attack. Repeat this until Barinade dies.

Grab the Heart Container, before stepping in the blue light to finish the dungeon. Click here to return to the main walkthrough