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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Zelda | Updated: 01/13/18

Master Quest Dungeons

Ice Cavern Master Quest


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

At the start, head down the path while dodging the large boulders by sticking to the sides. In the central room, defeat the enemies before hitting the crystal switch (a really well-camouflaged crystal switch!) in the northwest corner of the room to open the path. Proceed down the hall and avoid the boulders yet again as you make your way towards a large, central room. I advise you clear the room of enemies yet again, before chopping the icicles blocking our only open path at this point. Inside here, defeat the Wolfos. By the corner of the room, there is a crystal switch near a wall with a Skulltula. Hit it to spawn a chest. Now head to the blue flame and bottle up as many as you can. Release the first on the red ice by the chest we spawned to get the Dungeon Map. Now go and refill the bottle with more blue flame.

Head back to the central room and melt the red ice on the high ledge to the north. Proceed down the path, avoiding the boulders that come your way. in this room, defeat all the enemies to get yourself some peace and quiet. Near the middle of the room, look for a tiny inconsistency in the ice sheet, which is actually a crystal switch. Use your bomb to trigger it, allowing you access to Piece of Heart #24. Now head up the walkways and refill blue flames if you need to. As you pass the red ice crystal, Navi will turn green; play the Song of Time twice to spawn blocks next to the crystal, allowing you to melt it and grab Gold Skulltula #68. Now open the nearby chest for the Compass. Grab some more blue flame on your way out.

Return to the central room and melt the red ice blocking the eastern path. Head down the corridor, avoiding the boulders once more. As you enter, look to your right for a crystal switch. Hit it, then hop down onto the ice. On the left side, there is a high ledge you can reach with the Scarecrow's Song to get Gold Skulltula #69. Run to the right side of the room and under the ice we just melted with the switch is Gold Skulltula #70. Great! Now head to the end of the room and play the Song of Time to reach the blue flame if you need a refill. At this point, the switch timer should have expired. Clamber onto the ice block and melt the red crystals before heading down the corridor towards the door at the end.

There is a sort-of dungeon sort-of boss here - a lone Stalfos. Defeat it as you normally would, and doing so spawns a chest containing the Iron Boots. Sheik will then proceed to interrupt once more and teach you the Serenade of Water, which warps you straight to Lake Hylia! Don't quite do that yet. Step into the water puddle and sink with your new boots, only to find out that Link can't breathe too long underwater! Exit the dungeon, grabbing a blue flame refill if you don't have any left. Click here to return to the main walkthrough