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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Zelda | Updated: 01/13/18


Ice Cavern and Biggoron's Sword


  1. Re-visit Zora's Domain and head to the Ice Cavern.
  2. Clear the cavern and get some blue flames.
  3. Melt the red ice trapping the Zora King.
  4. OPTIONAL: Complete the Biggoron Trading Sequence.

Zora Ice Age


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

With Death Mountain completed, head out to Hyrule Field and enter Zora's River. There are two Gold Skulltulas we can get here; if you're not interested, go to Zora's Domain and I'll meet you there, a couple paragraphs down.

Optional Collection

Where the Magic Bean seller was, if you planted a Magic Bean here, there should be a plant waiting for you. Ride it towards a high ledge with a circle of rocks. Hop off and make it nighttime, then leap across to the ledge by the wall and look for Gold Skulltula #65 on the wall. Claim it with your Hookshot.

Proceed down the valley towards the domain. After you cross the bridge and turn the corner into the area with the criss-crossing platforms, hop atop the railing and look high above for Gold Skulltula #66 near the corner wall.

Enter Zora's Domain and head up to the diving platform where we got the Silver Scale as a kid. There should be Gold Skulltula #67 if it's nighttime, on the wall facing the atrium.

Inside Zora's Domain, everything's frozen! Head up towards King Zora's Chamber, and you'll find out he's frozen too, with a mysterious red ice we can only melt with special flames. Anyway, enter Zora's Fountain behind him (thank god he was still sitting to the side after all these years).

Here, leap across the new ice platforms. You'll notice a fork in the road. Take right first and grab Piece of Heart #23 sitting out in the open, before U-turning and taking the other path at the fork, into the Ice Cavern.

Ice Cavern


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

Playing Master Quest? Click here for the Master Quest dungeon walkthrough

Head down the corridor in the first room and avoid the falling icicles. Kill the Freezards in this room with a nice Spin Attack, then head further down the corridor. The Ice Cavern is a mini-dungeon with a single mega-room with tinier rooms not connected by doors and loading screens, but simple pathways all like this one. In this room, avoid the blender blade in the center and collect the Silver Rupees. Also, while you're here, keep an eye out for Gold Skulltula #68 sitting high on the wall directly above one of the Silver Rupees. You'll need to jump to collect the last Silver Rupee; upon doing so, the gates on the high ledge blocking the path to the next room will open.

Proceed past the icicles, Freezard and Bladetraps all vying for Link's blood. In this room, there is a pedestal burning blue flames, which is exactly the thing we need to melt the red ice on King Zora. But that isn't the main point of this dungeon, so don't go rushing out thinking you're done here. Bottle up as many bottles as you can, then melt the red ice trapping the chest in the corner for the Dungeon Map.

Return to the previous room and melt the red ice blocking the southeast passageway. Clear the icicles left of the pedestal to find more red ice; melt it to uncover Piece of Heart #24. Immediately after, turn around and look on the ice pillar facing the spot where the Piece of Heart was for Gold Skulltula #69. Now melt the red ice trapping the chest for the dungeon's Compass, then bottle up more blue flame before heading back to the previous room.

Melt the ice blocking the west passage to find yourself in a large room. Oh boy... I can hear your groans already. But guess what's less fun than a block puzzle on ice where you have to collect Silver Rupees? Writing a guide for a block puzzle on ice where you have to collect Silver Rupees. The block here cannot be pushed one space by one space; it's all the way in a straight line until it either falls or hits a pillar. If it falls, a new one will drop, so it's a good reset button. Also, if you don't have any blue flames, push the block and grab some first, before resetting.

Anyway, the first Silver Rupee can be easily collected on a short platform nearby. Start by pushing the block west towards the first high pillar with the second Silver Rupee. Push it north to reach the high ledge and melt the red ice trapping the third, before dropping down and pushing the block into the abyss. Now push the block south and grab the fourth piece here, before pushing it west towards the final pillar with the fifth Silver Rupee. Here, you can also play the Song of Time to get some extra Rupees (the normal kind), but at this point you should already be swimming in Rupees, and I can't imagine any use for the Rupees, really. Before leaving, be sure to grab Gold Skulltula #70 on one of the corner walls. Head south through the newly opened passageway and you will enter an arena.

There is a sort-of dungeon sort-of boss here - White Wolfos. You shouldn't have much trouble, and doing so spawns a chest containing the Iron Boots. Sheik will then proceed to interrupt once more and teach you the Serenade of Water, which warps you straight to Lake Hylia! Don't quite do that yet. Step into the water puddle and sink with your new boots, only to find out that Link can't breathe too long underwater! Let's fix that. Exit the dungeon, grabbing a blue flame refill if you don't have any left.

Complements of the King


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

Return to Zora's Domain and melt the red ice entrapping King Zora. Doing so gets you the Zora Tunic, which lets Link breathe underwater. Great! You can also buy this in the shop, but it's 300 Rupees, and since this is so easy to get this way anyway, you might as well spare the money.

With that done, return to the fountain, equip your shiny new boots and tunic, and sink to the bottom of the lake. Here, get Piece of Heart #25!

Biggoron's Sword Trading Sequence


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

Alright, before we begin, I should note this sub-chapter is completely optional. The prize for completing it is the game's most powerful sword, which deals twice the damage of the Master Sword, and it makes a lot of fights a lot easier. With that said, I should note two drawbacks: one, the sword is two-handed, so Link cannot use his shield when the sword is drawn, and two, this trading sequence is the single longest sidequest Ocarina has to offer. It is long, tedious, obnoxious and the only thing worse that I can imagine is the Anju and Kafei quest in Majora's Mask, which is shorter and has a more satisfying ending, but needs to be done TWICE.

Guide coming soon.