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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Zelda | Updated: 01/13/18


Hyrule Castle


  1. Leave Kokiri Forest and get the Fairy Ocarina.
  2. Break into Hyrule Castle and speak to Princess Zelda.
  3. Learn the Sun's Song in Kakariko Village.
  4. Learn Epona's Song in Lon Lon Ranch.
  5. Get some upgrades and learn Saria's Song back in Kokiri Forest.
  6. OPTIONAL: Collect a whole bunch of Pieces of Heart, Bottles and Gold Skulltulas.

Royal Visit


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

3 (Normal)
1 (Master Quest)


After witnessing a sad scene, exit back towards the village and head towards the opposite end, exiting the village. On the bridge, Saria will give you a final goodbye present: the Fairy Ocarina! Nyaw...

Anyway, welcome to Hyrule Field! Here, Kaepora Gaebora the owl will tell you some quite unimportant things. Be sure to say you understood at the end or he will repeat it. Ugh! Once he flies away, make your way towards the castle, following the path. Keep moving and try to get there before sunset. See, time flows in Ocarina of Time in any area except towns, strangely. So all that time in Kokiri Forest, the time of day did not change. But once outside, time will flow, and it will eventually become nighttime. The reason you don't want it to get to night before reaching Hyrule Castle Town is that, one, the drawbridge to the town is closed at night, and two, there will be Stalchildren enemies at night that spawn whenever you leave the paths. If you do get the misfortune of being locked out at night, stick to the path to avoid having to deal with Stalchildren, and wait in front of the drawbridge for sunrise. It's not that long a wait, I promise.

Inside, enter the first door on your right. Break all the pots here to get some Rupees, then break the crate in the back of the room to find Gold Skulltula #4. Now head into the heart of the Market, probably the region that aged the worst in the original game. Thankfully, it's much improved here. Anyway, head down along the path towards the castle to find... that stupid owl again. Once he leaves, roll into the tree he was on to find Gold Skulltula #5. Head down the path to find a gate the guard will not let you pass. Return to where the owl was and climb the vines. Intentionally get spotted by the guard to be tossed out, and now, by the vines, there will be a redhead named Malon. She says her father went into the castle to deliver some milk, but he probably fell asleep, so the solution? She gives you an Egg. Erm, okay.

Crawl back into the castle using the vines, this time being much more careful about getting spotted. From up here, roll across the top of the gate and climb down the ladder in the hole. Open the door to find yourself on the other side of the gate. Face the two guards on the path, and head up the hill to their left, being careful not to get too near the guard. Now cross the grassy field to the left side of the castle entrance, as the main bridge is being guarded. Climb the wall on the left side and drop down into the moat. Swim along the moat until you can get back onto dry land. Up here is Talon, Malon's father. Wait for the next sunrise so the Egg will hatch into a Cuccoo if it hasn't already, then equip it to an item slot and use it next to Talon to wake him up, which will cause him to dash back to Malon in worry.

Push the nearby crates into the water, stacking one atop the other to give Link the height he needs to enter the hole in the side of the castle. Here, you will need to do some more sneaking around. Be patient and don't try anything stupid and you should make it through just fine. if you do get caught, you won't get tossed all the way back to the front, just to where we found Talon. Once you do make it through, you'll find Princess Zelda at the end, who will proceed to give another plot dump.

She will then give you the Letter, which will allow you to pass the guard at the base of Death Mountain, before asking Impa, her caretaker, who will teach you an Ocarina song, Zelda's Lullaby. Awesome! With that said, there are a few more things we can do before heading up Death Mountain.

The Power of the Sun


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

5 (Normal)
3 (Master Quest)


Head to Kakariko Village as instructed, but we're not there for any meaningful story progression. Instead, head to the town's Graveyard, which you can find in the southeastcorner of the town, past a narrow passageway. The place is dark and gloomy as we expect it to, and if you're visiting at night, Poe ghosts will bug you. Avoid them if you can and head to the back of the graveyard, where there are 3 tombs, two for the Composer Brothers and one with a Triforce symbol in front of it. Reading the signs for the Composer Brothers tell you that they once composed a mystical song that changes the time of day. Now stand atop the Triforce symbol and play Zelda's Lullaby, and lightning will strike the tomb, opening a path into it for Link. Jump inside.

Proceed down the steps and into the next room. Clear the room of its Keese to open the locks, then proceed up the big steps to the door that leads into the next room. Here, you will encounter ReDeads, undead enemies NO ONE likes. If you so much as get spotted by them, Link will momentarily freeze and you can hear an awful scream. Ughhh. Try to make your way to the opposite end of the room, into the doorway, without getting your brains eaten.

Here, read the stone plaque to be taught a new song, the Sun's Song. This song lets you manipulate the time of day between daytime and nighttime at any time, including inside towns, which will make some of the collection we do in this chapter a bit easier. Awesome! Return the way you came, using the Sun's Song to stun the ReDeads if you need to. Head to the last row of "normal" graves and pull the fourth grave from the left (if you're facing the entrance) to reveal a hole. Drop down inside, play the Sun's Song to stun the ReDead, and then defeat it. Stand on the platform and play the Sun's song again to spawn a chest containing Piece of Heart #1. Exit the way you came, and look for the grave with the 3 flowers in the second last row. Pull that gravestone and drop inside to find a chest with the Hylian Shield.

With the Sun's Song now in our inventory, head back to Hyrule Castle Town and play the Sun's Song to make it night. Find the one puppy in town and get it to follow you (just touching it is enough) into the side alleys of the town. Find the only open door and lead the dog inside to find a woman overjoyed to have her puppy back, and she will promptly give you Piece of Heart #2.

Make it daytime again and enter the Shooting Gallery. Get a high score (read more about it in the Minigames section) to receive the Big Deku Seed Bullet Bag, which lets you carry 40 seeds.

Planting the Horse Seed


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

5 (Normal)
3 (Master Quest)


Exit Hyrule Castle, the town and back into the field. Head to the ranch in the middle of the field, Lon Lon Ranch, which happens to be run by Malon and Talon. Enter the first door on your right, and begin tossing all of the Cuccos behind the counter Talon is near. Now speak to him and pay 10 Rupees to play Super Cucco, a minigame where he tosses the 3 special Cuccos (they look exactly the same as the rest), and your task is to find them. Now, you could do this game the fair way, but tossing all of the other chickens behind the counter means only the special ones will be there for you to pick up. Doing so gets you Bottle #1, filled with Lon Lon Milk. Exit the building and head down to the pen. Along the way, turn left and roll into the first tree you come across to get Gold Skulltula #6.

Inside the pen, talk to Malon and show her your Ocarina (take it out in front of her), and she will teach you a song her mother composed, Epona's Song. It doesn't do much for now, but it will be very useful later on in the game. Trust me. With that acquired, play the Sun's Song and head to the back of the shed in the pen to find Gold Skulltula #7. Now head to the feed-silo (the tall building by the corner) and push the crates around to allow Link access to the hole in the corner. Crouching through it gets you Piece of Heart #3. Awesome! That's all we can do in Lon Lon Ranch for now, so exit and return to Kokiri Forest.

Back Already?


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

7 (Normal)
5 (Master Quest)


Inside Kokiri Forest, play the Sun's Song to make it nighttime if it isn't already, and head to the Forest Training Center. Examine the backside of the only house on this elevated area to find Gold Skulltula #8. Make it daytime again and head into the hollowed log behind Mido's house to enter the Lost Woods. The entire place is a maze, and taking a wrong turn kicks you out and back to the beginning (or god forbid, Termina. Just kidding). Turn right and head straight through. Aim your slingshot at the target to play the Scrub's minigame, target practice. Shoot the middle of the target 3 times to receive the Biggest Deku Seet Bullet Bag, which expands your slingshot ammo capacity. Yay!

Next, head down the nearby ladder and to the stump by the corner. Take out your Ocarina to play the Imps' game, in which they will make up a song and you have to play it back without mistakes. Recite the notes in your head as they sing their song, and then play it back for them. Do so three times for Piece of Heart #4. Climb back up and proceed forward, right, left, forward, forward, left, right to enter the Sacred Meadow. You could do this the old-fashioned way, by listening for on which path the song plays the loudest on, but that's much more difficult than just following the guide above, right?

As you enter the Meadow, you will come across a Wolfos. Keep your defense up and practice taking him down, then head down the newly-opened path. Use your map to make it to the opposite end of the rather basic maze, dodging the Mad Scrub along the way, and proceed up the steps to find Saria (erm, how did she manage to bypass the enemies, ugh, I don't know). She will then proceed to teach you Saria's Song, which allows you to talk to her at anytime!

Return back down the long steps and climb the ladder here. There is a hole up here that leads to a Fairy Fountain, which is a great place to bottle up fairies... once you have more bottles. For now, we only have one, and we'll need it in a short while, so don't stock up yet. Instead, save it in your memory and skip across the tops of the walls back towards the Lost Woods. The owl will come back and teach you to take out your Ocarina if you're ever stuck, and if a musical staff appears, that means you're supposed to sing something. Keep that in mind for later, and purposely get lost to be whipped back to the village. Enter the Lost Woods again and turn left this time. Stand on the stump and play Saria's Song to get Piece of Heart #5 from the Skull Kid!

Turn left and drop down the ledge. At the end, there is a Business Scrub. Hit back his pellets, then go up and talk to him, and he will sell you an upgrade that allows you to carry more Deku Sticks! With that done, exit the forest and head to Kakariko Village once more.

Kakariko Village, Round Two


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

8 (Normal)
6 (Master Quest)


Return to Kakariko Village and speak to the lady near the Cucco pen who asks you to get her missing chickens back. Before grabbing the chickens for real, grab one and take it to the construction site. Hop onto the beams overlooking the roof of the Cucco pen and glide on over with the Cucco's superior flying powers. Head into the tiny crouch-hole to find yourself with a cow, and Piece of Heart #6. You can find them at:

  1. At the village entrance.
  2. Near the Graveyard entrance.
  3. In the box next to the large staircase.
  4. Before tossing the previous chicken into the pen, bring it to the construction site and use it to glide to the ledge the next Cucco is on.
  5. Near the guard on the way up to Death Mountain.
  6. Grab the Cucco from the previous one and take it to the steps in front of the windmill. Look to the left of the windmill to see a high fence. Leap off the ledge and glide on over with your Cucco, and you should just barely make it. Toss the Cucco back into the open, then drop down, grab the Cucco in here (be careful of the hole), head up the nearby steps and toss the Cucco out of the fence and into the main village area.
  7. Climb the ladder in this fenced area to the side of the windmill where you will find the last Cucco.

Gathering all seven Cuccos into their pen will net you Bottle #2! Now head to the Graveyard and lift the rocks by the entrance to reveal some bugs. Quickly bottle them up, then head into the graveyard proper and head to the back-left of the graveyard, where there is a row of five graves. There will be a soft patch of soil you can drop the bugs into to reveal Gold Skulltula #9. Now exit the village and wait until just after sunset, then re-enter the village and speak to the guard to check if the time is between 18:00 and 21:00. It is? Good. Head back to the Graveyard to find Dampe the Gravekeeper patroling around. He will dig up any patch of soil you stop him in front of for 10 Rupees, and the top prize is a Piece of Heart. Problem is, it's entirely luck, and the other prizes are Rupees, and nothing at all. Keep digging until you get Piece of Heart #7.

Return to the village and make it nighttime if it isn't already, where there will be five Gold Skulltulas to collect. Gold Skulltula #10 is in the construction site area, while Gold Skulltula #11 is on the side of the tall tower (shoot it with your slingshot from below). After those, head to the entrance of Death Mountain, then look back towards the village. On the side of the nearest building will be Gold Skulltula #12. Return to the village entrance and roll into the tree to collect Gold Skulltula #13, and for the final one, find the House of Skulltula, which is the house with the boarded up windows near the village entrance. On its side will be Gold Skulltula #14.

Head into the House of Skulltula and talk to the only human to be told that this was once a family that was cursed, and the way of breaking the curse is by collecting the Gold Tokens! For freeing the first member of the family, you get an Adult's Wallet, which lets you carry 200 Rupees! You will get further rewards for returning at every increment of 10 until 50, and then for collecting all one hundred tokens in the game (which is quite useless).

With that said, exit and make it daytime again, then head to the Death Mountain Entrance and speak to the guard, showing him your letter in order to be allowed through. There is one more thing we can technically do, or at the very least, get a head start on, but I figure it would be easier to do that all in one go later on. Death Mountain first it is. Shall we?