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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Zelda | Updated: 01/13/18

Master Quest Dungeons

Gerudo Training Grounds Master Quest


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

Open the chests next to the entrance to find Bombchu and Arrows. Light the unlit torches with your Fire Arrows to open the eastern door, then turn around and shoot the eye switch high above the doorway to open the western door. Enter the east door first, and you will be tossed your first challenge: defeat all the enemies within sixty seconds. Go ahead and use the Biggoron's Sword if you have that to make this Iron Knuckle battle a bit easier, then open the chest it drops to find a Blue Rupee. Enter the north door.

Head forward and grapple onto the target above the ledge before dropping down to collect the first Silver Rupee. Next, head up the incline on the left and turn right at the fork to find a second Silver Rupee trapped behind some ice. Head down the opposite way and hang off the ledge for the third Rupee. Turn left to see a flame wall: Hookshot up to the target to both get across it and claim the fourth piece. And finally, return to the entrance and turn right at the first fork, then right again. Kill the Freezard to obtain the fifth Rupee, before heading through the newly unlocked door.

There is another enemy gauntlet. Beware of the Skulltula that drops as you enter then kill the two Stalfos before clearing the final two Skulltulas in the room. Open the chest for Arrows. Note the blue flame, as well as there being a spot where Navi turns green, and keep it in mind for later. Push the large block and enter the room here to find some enemies; defeating them nets you a Purple Rupee. Now return to the previous room, grab a blue flame bottle and play the Song of Time where Navi prompts you to to spawn a time block. Hop up, then proceed to walk into the fake wall and melt the red ice here. Enter the door.

Here, hop down and hit the eyes of the statue in the center with your arrows to get a Bombchu. Hookshot onto the statue's head, then look below for a crystal switch engulfed in flames. Activate it to open the doorway on the second floor; head through it. Inside is a preview of what's to come, but there's nothing else we can do for now. Keep it in mind for later though. Return to the previous room and head through the doorway on the lower level.

Inside, use the Hammer to clear the Torch Slugs before engaging the Iron Knuckle. Open the chest that spawns for Arrows, then shoot the Gerudo symbol above the left doorway to spawn a chest in the ring of fire. Hit the switch in the corner to extinguish the flames and get your Small Key, then enter the new door.

Hit the rusted switch to spawn a Hookshot target across the pit. Grapple over and enter the doorway here to find a chest with a Blue Rupee, as well as more previews of what's next. Head back out and look for an unlit torch by the doorway on the opposite side. Shoot it with a Fire Arrow to light it, then use your Hover Boots to leap across the pits and collect the five Silver Rupees. Enter the door next to the torch. Kill the Jellyfish enemies here, then use Din's Fire to burn the webbing above the water. Use the Iron Boots to sink to the bottom and collect the five Silver Rupees here, then re-surface and collect the Small Key from the chest that appears. Return to the previous room and Hookshot across to the torch by the stairway, head up and through the door.

Clear the Dinolfos, Dodongos and Armos statues by the center to get yet another Small Key. Head through the next door to find yourself back in the lobby chamber. Proceed through the center door this time and head through the locked doors, using your Small Keys (there are a couple of chests in this area with Green and Blue Rupees, and one hidden above a fake wall with a Purple Rupee, but by this point in the game, you should already be swimming in Rupees) to head to the center of the room. Here, pound the rusted switch and return to the room with the purple flames, back by the statue room, that I told you to keep in mind for later. Head back there and open the chest for the Ice Arrows, which are really cool, but don't have a real purpose. Anyways, that's all there is to do in here.