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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Zelda | Updated: 01/13/18


Forest Medallion


  1. Return to Kokiri Forest and head to the Secret Meadow.
  2. Complete the Forest Temple.

Back Again


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs
112044 (Normal)
46 (Master Quest)

In Kokiri Forest, you'll notice that monsters are everywhere, and no one will know you anymore. Oh well. Make it night and head to the Twins' House. On the house's backside is Gold Skulltula #45.

Head to the Lost Woods entrance and make your way towards the Sacred Meadow. Mido will once again be a pain in the rear end. Play Saria's Song to get him to go away. After meeting Mido, you can turn left and ride the beanstalk towards a high ledge with Gold Skulltula #46. Return to the previous screen and head to the Sacred Meadow.

In here, you'll find Moblins patrolling the area. Stay out of their way if you don't feel like putting up a fight, but they aren't too bad. Near the end, just before the last pool on the right, make sure it's night and look for Gold Skulltula #47 on the wall. At the end of the path, there is a Club Moblin. Zigzag to avoid his attacks and get close, then slash away at him. Upon dying, he will leave behind tons of Rupees. After that, head up the steps towards the meadow.

Here, Sheik will appear and teach you a new song that allows you to warp here anytime you like, the Minuet of Forest. And with that done, use your Hookshot on the high tree branch above to land on the steps that lead into our next dungeon.

The Forest Temple Proper


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs
112047 (Normal)
49 (Master Quest)

Playing Master Quest? Click here for the Master Quest dungeon walkthrough

As you enter, clear the room of the Wolfos and climb the nearby vine. Land solidly atop the tree trunk and look around for Gold Skulltula #48 on the vines. Use your Hookshot to grab it, then Hookshot across to the small chest on the oppposite trunk to get your Small Key. Drop down and enter the colorful door into the passage. There is all but a single Skulltula for you to take care of before heading into the dungeon's central chamber.

A cutscene will play, introducing you to the dungeon's main gimmick: restoring the flames back to their torches. Proceed to the northern stairway and look to the right for Gold Skulltula #49. Enter the door and defeat the Blue Bubble here before proceeding further north. The door locks behind you and two Stalfos will come out for an ambush. Deal with them patiently, one by one, dodging their attacks and countering immediately after they open their defenses. Open the small chest that appears upon their defeat to get a Small Key.

Return to the central chamber and head to the northwest alcove. Here, play the Song of Time to remove the time block and allow you to enter the door into the west garden. Defeat the Big Deku Baba before heading to the eastern wall. Clear the vines of the Skulltula before climbing up onto the ledge and into the door on the higher floor. Kill the Blue Bubble here, then open the chest it spawns upon death to get the Dungeon Map.

Exit the opposite door into the east garden. Grapple onto the target above the opposite balcony and step on the red switch to drain the well. Hop down onto the ground level, then look to the middle island in the water. Hookshot onto the small chest and open it for a Recovery Heart before killing the nearby Gold Skulltula #50. Hop back down and head into the well. Head to the opposite end and open the chest for a Small Key. Climb back up into the west garden and return to the central chamber. Enter the western door this time.

Defeat the lone Skulltula and proceed down the corridor. Kill the Blue Bubble as you enter. Next, head forth and climb up the ladders. Turn left twice to find some arrows on the ground Navi will point out to you. By the corner, there is a blue block you can pull. Pull and push it along the path denoted by the arrows into its recessed slot at the end. There's nothing we can do up there yet, so head down the corridor and turn left to find a ladder. Clamber up and on the higher level, U-turn to find a red block. Push it until you hear the sound that it is in the right spot, before heading up the block we pulled earlier to find that same red block, which can now be pushed along the path towards its recess at the end. Use it to reach the highest level. Ignore the eye switch above the door for now and use your key to enter the twisted corridor. Towards the end, Navi will warn you about shadows coming from the ceiling. They are Wallmasters, and they are pains in the rear end on a whole new scale. If you get caught by one, you will be taken all the way back to the dungeon entrance. Try not to let that happen, okay? Hop across to the locked door and use your second key.

Ignore the laughing paintings for now and head down the stairs towards another door. Inside here, you will face a fight against a group of Stalfos, with a hole in the middle of the arena. Try your best not to fall and defeat them all to nab the Fairy Bow, the dungeon item. Proceed to the door with the blue carpet.

Here, shoot the portrait of the ghost in the frame with your bow. Doing so causes the first ghost, Beth, to come out of hiding and attack you. Defeating the Poe Sisters is easy: hold them in a corner and shoot at them. Upon defeating her, you get the Compass. Return to the room where we fought the Stalfos and enter the door with the red carpet instead. Repeat the fight with Joelle, the second sister, who is red but otherwise exactly the same as her sister. Defeating her nets you the chest with a Small Key. Head back towards the room with the eye switch we ignored earlier. With our bow, we can now shoot it and untwist the corridor. Head down the corridor again and drop down at the end towards the ornate chest containing the Boss Key.

Drop down into the nearby hole and clear the Blue Bubbles to unlock the door towards a balcony overlooking the west garden. Defeat the Big Deku Baba, then hop across to the ruined pillars and turn the corner at the end to find Gold Skulltula #51. Hop back to the balcony ledge and enter the boring door at the end (not the colorful one). Defeat the Floormaster here (also try to not let it grab you) to spawn another chest containing a Small Key. Exit and head into the colorful door this time.

Hop down and climb up onto the second level with the blue block. Head in the direction of the red block (if you turn left just in front of it and around the corner, you will find an eye switch that will spawn a chest containing Arrows) and climb up. Shoot the now-closed eye switch to re-twist the corridor, then proceed back towards Joelle, the red Poe sister,'s room and open the locked door at the top. There are more Wallmasters here, so quickly run over to the corridor in the south and open the next locked door here.

Leap across to one of the rotating platforms and wait for you, the torch, and the frozen eye switch to be in one line and exactly in that order. Shoot an arrow through the torch, into the ice to unfreeze and activate the switch simultaneously. This will twist the eastern corridor. Head back there and drop down into the hole on the floor.

As you fall, immediately turn right and exit to find yourself on a balcony. Sing the Scarecrow's Song to create a shortcut back up here from the east garden in case you need it later, such as if one of those pesky Wallmasters kidnaps you. Return to the previous room with the falling ceiling and cautiously continue forward, taking note of which spaces are safe, which have Skulltulas, and which will crush you. Step on the yellow switch to remove the locks at the end. The chest in the middle only has arrows, so you can ignore it if you want. Exit to the newly-unlocked door.

Shoot the painting to begin the third fight. Amy, the third Poe Sister, has her own unique trick. Inside her room, you need to solve the little block puzzle and make a portrait of her. Should be a fairly easy task. After she appears, you can deal with her as you did with Joelle and Beth. Once you defeat her, head through the newly unlocked door back into the central room.

Walk towards the center to summon the final Poe sister. She will spawn clones of herself to try and confuse you, but there is an easy way to tell. The real Meg spins an extra turn after all the other clones have spun, so shoot that one with your bow and deal with her. Upon defeating her, the fourth and final flame is returned to its brazier, and you can step into the elevator to access the temple's basement floor. The door to the boss room is our final obstacle. Simply keep pushing the room's outer wall in one direction and step on the switches that appear. Inside one of the alcoves, there is a Skulltula, a chest with some arrows, and if you look to the upper wall to its right, Gold Skulltula #52. Anyway, keep stepping on the switches; doing so gains you access to the boss door, which you can unlock with the key we found earlier.

Boss Battle - Phantom Ganondorf, Evil Spirit From Beyond

Phantom Ganondorf will spawn clones much like Meg, and you once again have to pick the real one (at least, as real as a phantom gets). He and his clones will rush out of the paintings simulatenously. Watch closely, as one will retreat while the other heads to the center of the room. Quickly take out your bow and shoot the real one before he can deal damage towards you. Stay in the corner, as even if you do miss, his attack never touches the corners. Repeat the process two more times to initiate the second phase of the battle.

Here, Phanton Ganondorf will spawn energy balls and release them towards you. L-Target him and return his volleys with your sword. You're now going to play the infamous Energy Tennis: survive longer than he can until he misses, then quickly run up to him and slash at his body. Repeat the process until he falls in defeat.

On your way out, grab the Heart Container. You will also get the Forest Medallion for completing the dungeon. Awesome!