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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Zelda | Updated: 01/13/18

Master Quest Dungeons

Fire Temple Master Quest


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

NOTE: For the Master Quest version of this dungeon, I strongly recommend you go out and get a Green Potion before starting, because we are going to be using Din's Fire. A lot. It's not a requirement, but it will make your life way easier.

Drop down the ladder and head into the lobby area, where there is a large set of stairs that will be blocked by fire when you approach. So first, head into the door on the lower-right, which closes behind you. Defeat the Like-Like and open the chest that appears after its death to get a Blue Rupee if you emerged from the Like-Like fight unscathed; otherwise it will contain the equipment eaten. On the other side of the gate, you'll see a captured Goron, terrified and shaking for its life. Exit and climb onto the railing on the side of the stairs to get past the wall of flames. Stand in the middle of the stairs and cast Din's Fire to light the two torches, before proceeding forward and standing by the statues on the north well, casting Din's Fire again to open the east door.

Up ahead, you'll meet Darunia, and come across the boss door immediately as well. Awesome! And then he just blitzes on ahead, without needing the Boss Key. Huh. Also, we can't reach the boss door. Yet. Even if we had the key. Leap across to the pillars on your left and Hookshot to the northwest ledge. Climb the ledges and destroy the crates to find a hidden torch beneath. Cast Din's Fire on the two torches to light them up, before aiming across the room to light the third and final torch on the opposite ledge, unlocking the side room containing a Small Key.

Return to the lobby and enter the door to the left of the stairs on the lower level. Inside, defeat the two Stalfos to open the lock on the next door. Before you proceed, play the Sun's Song near the sun symbol in the middle of the room if you need to heal, as that spawns a fairy. Go through the newly unlocked door.

Step forward just a bit and shield yourself from all of the tiles coming at you before addressing the elephant in the room. That, good sir or madam, is an Iron Knuckle, and it is BRUTAL. In the main game alone, it drains four hearts of damage per hit, and you don't deal with it until very late in the game. so in Master Quest, a single hit deals EIGHT hearts. That's enough to kill you in TWO HITS. So you want to approach this fight very carefully. The Iron Knuckle swings its hammer quite slowly, and it sticks there for quite a while, so keep an L-Target on it and immediately after its hammer lands, go in for a Jump Attack. Repeat this pattern. It will gradually lose its armor and become more agile, so do be wary. If you need health, there are three Fairies scattered in the jars around the arena. Proceed through the east door.

And yet another miniboss. This is the Flame Dancer. While it's dancing, toss a Bomb at it to stun it, then either use your arrows or sword to hit it. Keep doing it until it dies, and it will cause a chest to appear. Open it for the dungeon item: the Megaton Hammer. Continue through the south door and pound the rusted switch with your shiny new Hammer to release the Goron inside. Open the chest inside the cell he was in to get the Dungeon Map, then exit out the south back towards the lobby area. Climb up to the higher level and proceed to the northwest door. Smack the stone blocks blocking it with your Hammer to access the door.

This is the Fire Temple's central room, a glowing-red-hot chamber that's really huge. Go halfway down the bridge and look left (to the south side from the map's perspective). Hookshot to the torch and cast Din's Fire to light it, raising multiple targets throughout the room. Now bomb the wall behind the torch (I'm surprised the bomb doesn't just spontaneously combust in these hot temperatures, ala Bomb Arrows in Breath of the Wild) and enter. Cast Din's Fire again to light the torches and free the Goron inside. Open the chest here for a Small Key. Now, return to the central room and cross to the room's north side. Pound the switch to free the Goron here, as well as reach Gold Skulltula #58.

Exit and Hookshot to the target above the door we just entered. Inside, use your shield to guard against the tiles, then Hookshot over to the chest and open it for the Boss Key. Exit and head to the end of the bridge, opening the locked door with our key. In here, slide down the plank to cross into the caged area. Climb the grate and leap onto the pillars in the center. When the block comes down from the fire geyser, leap atop to be taken one floor up. Exit the door here. Climb the ledges until you come across a large, unlit brazier. Cast Din's Fire again to light it, then Hookshot across the pit, climb up towards the grates and defeat the Lizalfos that drops down. Go up.

In this maze, turn right as you enter follow the left wall until you come across a fake wall (which produces a more hollow sound when hit), under the overhang where you can hear a Skulltula behind. Pound the switch with your Hammer to make Hookshot targets appear all over. Hookshot up onto the pillars and look for a cracked floor up here. Use your bomb to fall through, then roll into the crates to find a rusted switch at the end of the corridor. Hit it to access the chest with the Compass.

Climb back up and look for a crystal switch behind a gate on the top level. Once you find it, use your bow to hit the switch. Leap over and grab one of the tiny crates, then drop down and look near the north part of the room for another fake wall. This one is lighter colored than the rest. Bomb it to reveal the pressure switch behind before dropping the crate on the switch, allowing Link to go through the door.

Inside, step on the switch to release the Goron. Open the chest for a Small Key, then return to the previous room and Hookshot onto the higher level. Look for a locked door on the north side of the room. But don't open it yet if you want to collect some collectibles.

Optional Collection, Part One

You'll notice, one platform before, that Navi will float to the corner and turn green. Play the Song of Time and use the nearby pillar target to climb onto it. Hookshot up onto the high ledge, and across to the elevator platform. Enter the door and hit the face on the wall to open the lock. Clear the room of the Torch Slugs by hammering one and then slashing it with your sword. Climb up and up towards a large spiral room with a pit in the middle.

Here, head up towards the flaming block and ignore the normal yellow switch on the lower level for now. Near the block, do a spin attack to kill Gold Skulltula #59. Hit the rusted switch to spawn a nearby Hookshot target. Now head back to the switch we ignored, step on it and Hookshot onto the new target. Quickly push the block out of the way and claim your token. Drop down and go back the way you came to the locked door.

Open the locked door. Inside here, proceed through the metal platforms until you spot a crate to the right. Hookshot over and do not destroy the crate. If you do, and you hop down without the crate, you need to go through a separate room with a high risk of falling. Anyway, grab the lower crate, hop down and put it on the pressure switch. Hookshot back up and stand between the two torches. Draw your bow and look up, near the ceiling, to spot an unlit torch. Use your bow and shoot an arrow through the torch here to light the unlit one, opening the door. Use it.

Proceed down the hallway and into the next room. Here, jump across the blocks to the platform with the face tile. Pound it with your hammer to drop it down. At this point, we can now access the boss door if you'd like, but of course, there's still optional collection.

Optional Collection, Part Two

Cross to the east platform in the center part of the C-shaped room. Play the Song of Time to spawn a time block. Hop on it, then get a running start and leap to the corridor where there is a door. There are flame walls between blocking normal access, so you do have to land this jump pretty well. Proceed through the door for Gold Skulltula #60.

Exit and turn right. Play the Song of Time where Navi turns green to spawn a time block at the end of the corridor to help you leap over the flame wall. Head into the door in the middle of the C, on the eastern side, next to where we played the Song of Time. Hookshot across and pound the rusted switch. Return to the previous room and enter either door on the lower level towards the center room. In this lower part, bomb the fake wall in the middle to reveal Gold Skulltula #61.

Return to the C-shaped room and find a switch in the northern part of the room, along the wall. Step on it and make your way towards the northern end of the C where the flame wall is temporarily disabled. Inside, fight the Flame Dancer. Hop onto the center platform, which turns into an elevator. Well, up top, you'll come across a locked door. Guess where the key is? Under the elevator platform. I know, it's very jerkish for them to put it there. So with that knowledge, grab the key before going up. Head up, open the door, climb up to the grates and enter the locked door here.

You'll find yourself in another large, spiral room. Pound the face tile pillar, then hit the crystal switch. Grapple up to land on the platform with the chest. Play the Scarecrow's Song to have Pierre appear, then hop down and look for a yellow switch. Press it, grapple to Pierre, and open the chest for a Small Key.

Drop down into the hole we made earlier, then open the locked door. Kill the Stalfos in this room, then pound the tile jutting out of the recessed section to create makeshift stairs. Drop down, hit the face on the wall, then open the door at the end to find Gold Skulltula #62.

With that done, pound the nearby face tile and drop down to find yourself back in the C-shaped room, next to the boss tile. Awesome!

Drop down into the hole the pillar left behind. Hop across to the boss door and open it to face the terrifying dragon Darunia mentioned.

Boss Battle - Volvagia, Subterranean Lava Dragon

Volvagia has three attacks. One is flying up against the ceiling to brush and knock down the lava rocks, the second is to breathe fire on the surface level and the third is to stick its head out of one of the lava pools, momentarily pausing before attacking. This is your chance. Leap over with the Megaton Hammer and deal a good whack to his head, before coming in with sword slashes.

As you progress, he will spawn fakes in the lava holes. However, he does so in a very predictable pattern: the first two are fake, and the third is always real. Keep hitting him as before and he should go down quick enough.

Take the Heart Container, stand in the blue light and get the Fire Medallion in the cutscene that ensues. Click here to return to the main walkthrough