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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Zelda | Updated: 01/13/18


Fire Medallion


  1. OPTIONAL: Collect all 10 Big Poes.
  2. Return to the Temple of Time.
  3. Get all ten Big Poes.
  4. Head to Death Mountain in search of the next Medallion.
  5. Enter the Fire Temple in the mountain's crater.
  6. OPTIONAL: Obtain some optional collectibles with your new item.

Temple Revisit


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs
122052 (Normal)
54 (Master Quest)

Having completed our previous objective, return to the Castle Town Market. By the entrance, there is the ghost shop where the pot room used to be. Inside, talk to the Ghost Shop owner and he will task you with collecting the 10 Big Poes scattered around the field. To catch them, ride through the designated spots as listed below with Epona, and then shoot two arrows to defeat them. Bottle them up and return them to the owner.

  1. Right in front of Hyrule Castle. Pass the sign to reveal.
  2. On the north side of Lon Lon Ranch. Pass between the tree and the rock wall.
  3. Corner of the V-shaped wall not far from the ranch.
  4. Cliff over the river near Kakariko Entrance.
  5. In Hyrule Field, there is a Y-shaped path south of Lon Lon Ranch. Stand on the inside of the Y to reveal.
  6. North of Kokiri Forest, there is a collection of trees more densely packed. Run through the bushes in the area.
  7. Ride past the rock in this area to reveal yet another one.
  8. Northwest corner of the field, there is some shruberry. Ride through them.
  9. Ride past the lone tree west of the ranch, near the Gerudo Valley Entrance.
  10. Next to the Gerudo Valley Entrance. Ride Epona down the dirt path towards the south.

Collecting all 10 Big Poes nets you Bottle #4. Now head north to Ganon's Castle and there is a nearby pillar with Gold Skulltula #53 on it. Now return to the Temple of Time, and Sheik will let you place the sword back in its pedestal to return back to the past. She will also teach you the Prelude of Light, the song that allows you to warp back to the Temple at anytime, which is one of the most convenient warp points in the whole game.

Awesome! Return to the past and plant any Magic Bean spots you may have missed so far, and head to Lake Hylia to make up the Scarecrow's Song if you haven't yet. If you have, head to Lake Hylia as an adult, speak to Bonooru again. He will remember your Ocarina, and will now pop up in special places when you sing the song.

When to summon him? There are certain spots in the game when Navi will suddenly fly somewhere and turn green. Play either the Scarecrow's Song to spawn a Hookshot target, or the Song of Time to make blocks appear. Alright! With that done, head on over to Kakariko as an adult.

Ignore the Gorons


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs
122052 (Normal)
54 (Master Quest)

On your way to Death Mountain, stop by the House of Skulltula to pick up your reward for 50 tokens: Piece of Heart #21. You can actually stop now, as the prize for 100 tokens is honestly pretty unimportant: unlimited money! Yeah, there's not really much you can do in the Zelda universe with money. Also, stop by the Town Shooting Minigame, which is in the building that was being built seven years ago. Inside, play the minigame, and playing a perfect game will net you the Big Quiver.

Make your way up the trail. On the way, you can finally grab Piece of Heart #9 using the leaf here without the early cheat we used, if you didn't want to grab it that way. Also, for normal game players (not Master Quest), make a quick stop in Dodongo's Cavern to pick up two Gold Skulltulas.

For Normal Game Players

Head into the room in the southeast to find yourself in the corridor with the Baby Dodongos. In the center of the room where Navi turns green, play the Scarecrow's Song so you can grapple onto the high ledge and grab Gold Skulltula #54.

Now head up to the second floor and make your way backwards through the dungeon towards the room with the giant stone steps. You'll notice that entering from the top floor, the steps haven't been blown up yet. Use them to reach the ledge on the north side of the room to get Gold Skulltula #55. You technically could have grabbed this in the past after getting the Boomerang, but since we needed the Hookshot for the previous one, I figured we might as well wait for the sake of streamlining.

Son of the Chief


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

With that done, or if you're playing Master Quest, head to Goron City. Inside, you will find only two Gorons remaining, and one of them is rolling around the city like before. Before heading there though, walk the tightrope towards the center platform, and on the opposite side of the pedestal is Gold Skulltula #56. Use your Hookshot to reach it.

Now drop down and stop the rolling Goron in his tracks by blowing up a well-timed bomb again, and after a nasty introduction, you'll find out he's the son of the chief, Darunia, the chief! Listen to his stories, and at the end, he will give you a free Goron Tunic. Yay! He will also re-open the shop, as well as Darunia's room. Also, he will tell you about a secret path into the crater; pull back the statue in Darunia's room, and enter to find yourself in the Death Mountain Crater.

Inside, equip the tunic and head to the broken bridge in the lower area. Cross the pit with your Hookshot and before long, Sheik will interrupt to teach you the Bolero of Fire. At this point, we can go ahead and enter the dungeon, but there is of course, a little bit of collection we can do before entering. Stick around if you'd like.

Warp to the Temple of Time, return to the past, make sure you have bugs, and play the Bolero of Fire to find yourself deep inside the crater as a kid. Find the nearby soft soil spot and plant some bugs in it to spawn Gold Skulltula #57, then plant some Magic Beans before returning to adult form and re-warping to the crater. Ride your new plant towards a high ledge with Piece of Heart #22.

And that's all for now. It's time to enter the Fire Temple.

Fire Temple Proper


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

Playing Master Quest? Click here for the Master Quest dungeon walkthrough

Drop down the ladder and head into the lobby area of the Fire Temple. Head up the stairs, and open the door on the left. You'll meet Darunia, and come across the boss door immediately as well. Awesome! And then he just blitzes on ahead, without needing the Boss Key. Huh. And also, we can't actually reach the boss door. Aw shucks. Anyway, cross the pillars to your left towards the northwest ledge, and step on the switch to release a jailed Goron. Open the chest behind him for a Small Key. Talk to him, and he'll tell you something about a pillar in the ceiling.

Return to the lobby and enter the locked door across the hall with your key. This is the Fire Temple's central room, a glowing-red-hot chamber that's really huge. Hop across the rocks to the doorway on the south side. Bomb the strange blocks covering the doorway and enter, where there is another jail cell. Release the Goron yet again and grab the Small Key. Exit back towards the previous room and hop across to the north side. Head into the lower door and release the Goron with the switch before grabbing the Small Key behind him. Return to the previous room once more and note the time block above. Play the Song of Time beneath it to relocate the block to the lower level, allowing you to access the high doorway. Inside, use your shield to defend against the floor tiles. Defeat the Like-Like, then grab Gold Skulltula #58. Return to the previous room and use one of your keys on the eastern doorway.

In here, slide down the plank to cross into the caged area. Climb the grate and leap onto the pillars in the center. Push the face tile block onto the lava geyser in the center to turn it into an elevator, before hopping atop it to be taken one floor up and find another locked door. Use your key to proceed.

There is a jailed Goron in here you can't quite do anything about, so ignore them for now and climb the ledges with the Torch Slugs. Kill them and keep climbing until you come across a crystal switch that that momentarily disables some fire farther up. Ignore it for now and find a nearby block to push. Push the block down into its slot on the ground level, then clamber up onto the grate near the flames. Use a bomb toss to hit the switch from here, then quickly climb the grates, away from the flames.

In this maze (I significantly prefer the Master Quest version of this maze, which doesn't have these damn boulders everywher), turn right as you enter follow the left wall until you come across a switch that releases the nearby Goron. You know what to do by now: grab the Small Key behind him. Keep following the outer wall towards a door into a jail cell room with yet another Small Key. Continue to the north side of the maze and enter the door in the alcove towards another jail cell with a Goron and a Small Key. Return to the maze and follow the outer wall where you can hear a Gold Skulltula. Slash the wall and it makes an abnormal sound. Bomb it to reveal it was just a fake wall and claim the Gold Skulltula #59 token.

With 3 small keys in hand, find a locked door along the inner wall that leads into a square shaped room with a long fall below. Shoot the eye switch to open the door, then proceed through it. Open the chest for the Dungeon Map. Return to the previous room with the narrow walkways and enter the locked door to find yourself on the opposite side of the gate. There is a flame wall here that will chase you down (not really, it's very slow). Keep a mental note of the locked door on the left ledge, but proceed to the end of the semicircle onto a door on a high ledge that leads back into the maze, but on the higher floor.


As soon as you exit, sing the Scarecrow's Song to summon Pierre. Grapple up onto an elevator platform that leads into a new room. Here, climb the grates to the top, grabbing Gold Skulltula #60 along the way, into a large spiral room with a pit in the middle. Step on the switch and quickly roll to the chest no longer engulfed by flames to get a Huge Rupee, worth 200 Rupees, then look for Gold Skulltula #61 on the wall. Grab its token with your Hookshot, then return to the maze room's higher floor.

Leap across the platform towards where the Torch Slug is. Bomb the cracked floor and drop down. Hit the switch to free the Goron from way back I said we couldn't help just yet, and grab the Small Key behind him before climbing back up. Head to the center of the crescent-shaped room to find another switch, which frees the Goron way in the corner. Head over there and get the Small Key. Now return to the flame wall room and open the locked door on the ledge. Proceed down the corridor into the largest, and most frustrating room, of the temple, which is a maze guarded by boulders, as well as flames.

Hop down and find a way towards the door on the northeast side. Open the chest to finally receive the Compass! Return to the previous room and make your way to the locked door in the 7 o'clock position on the inner wall. Play the Song of Time to summon a time block, then exit back to the previous room. Head to the north side and along the outer wall of the maze, you should find a switch that temporarily disables the flames. Head through the door at the end of the crescent.

This is the Flame Dancer. While it's dancing, toss a Bomb at it to stun it, then either use your arrows or sword to hit it. Keep doing it until it dies. At this point, hop atop the platform that once had flames on it to ascend to a higher floor. Climb up first towards where the flames are in this room, then use a Bomb to hit the crystal switch and allow safe passage up, into a spiral room with a pit in the middle. Hit the switch in the center, then race along the inner wall of the pit towards the chest containing the Megaton Hammer, the dungeon item! Hop down and pound the nearby face tile. Down here, hit the pillars blocking the door to proceed.

In this new room, pound the the tile jutting out of the recessed section to create makeshift stairs. Grab one of the nearby crates and drop it on the pressure switch to unlock the door. Go through. Pound the nearby face tile to drop back down into the flame wall maze room. Climb up onto the platform and hit the rusted switch to unlock another door. Inside, hop across to the other side with the time block we spawned earlier and hit the rusted switch to free the Goron below. Open the chest for a Small Key.

Exit and pound the face tile surrounded by the pillar structure. This is the ceiling pillar we saw earlier in the room we first met Darunia. We can now access the boss door... but we don't have the key. Exit and return to the lobby area at the start of the temple. Hop down onto the lower level and pound the pillars blocking the lower-right door. Enter with our last key into a Torch Slug gauntlet. Defeat all the enemies in this room to proceed.

Here, defend against the flying tiles and kill the Like-Like. Grab Golden Skulltula #62 tioken on the back wall, then proceed to the next room to find another Flame Dancer. Kill it as you did the previous one. Upon its death, it will cause a chest to appear, which contains Bombs. Exit to the south and free the final Goron to find the chest a bit larger than the others, containing the Boss Key inside! Return to the room where we met Darunia and leap across to the boss door. Head on inside.

Boss Battle - Volvagia, Subterranean Lava Dragon

Volvagia has three attacks. One is flying up against the ceiling to brush and knock down the lava rocks, the second is to breathe fire on the surface level and the third is to stick its head out of one of the lava pools, momentarily pausing before attacking. This is your chance. Leap over with the Megaton Hammer and deal a good whack to his head, before coming in with sword slashes.

As you progress, he will spawn fakes in the lava holes. However, he does so in a very predictable pattern: the first two are fake, and the third is always real. Keep hitting him as before and he should go down quick enough.

Take the Heart Container, stand in the blue light and get the Fire Medallion in the cutscene that ensues

It's Hammer Time!


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

NOTE: This entire chapter is optional collection.

With Volvagia taken care of, and hammer in hand, cross the broken bridge back across the lava pit. Head as far left as you can go, and eventually, you will come across three red boulders. Use your hammer to smash, then enter the opening to find another Great Fairy. This one will give you the double magic meter. Awesome! Exit to the Death Mountain Trail.

Make it night and head to the part of the trail where it rained molten rocks. With Volvagia dead, you no longer have to deal with that. Destroy the red boulders in the area with your hammer. Before long, you should find Gold Skulltula #63. Next, go to the entrance of Goron City. Remember the Bomb Flower overlooking Dodongo's Cavern. There's a rock there now; smash it with your hammer to net Gold Skulltula #64.

That's all! With that done, let's proceed to the Ice Cavern!