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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Zelda | Updated: 01/13/18

Master Quest Dungeons

Dodongo's Cavern Master Quest


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs
6914 (Normal)
12 (Master Quest)

As you enter, chuck a bomb at the rock blocking the inner wall to open the true entrance to the dungeon. Inside, head to the center platform by way of the elevator platforms on the moat of lava. Around the room's perimeter, there are rocks you can blow up, and behind them are goodies of varying usefulness, which include a Gossip Stone, Business Scrubs that sell Deku Sticks and Nuts, and mose useful of all, in the northwest corner of the room, a chest that contains the Dungeon Map. Grab the Bomb Flower from the middle of the room and quickly cross the moat using the elevator platform. Toss the Bomb Flower at the rock in the corner to gain access to the chest. Return to the center platform, grab the Bomb Flower and look to the corners of the lower level. There should be two boulders, one of which contains nothing, while the other hides a switch. Hop down and trigger the switch to allow quick access to the dungeon's second floor.

Ascend to the second floor and read the stone plaque to be given a cryptic hint about "Giant dead Dodongo" and "sees red", a "new way will open". Take note of that, then move around the perimeter of the upper floor counterclockwise, towards the bridge that crosses over the top of the giant Dodongo skull, across and step on the switch on the other side. This will open the door directly beneath. Make your way down (jump if you have enough health) and enter the newly opened door.

Inside, grab one of the Bomb Flowers and toss it at the Beamos enemy to defeat him. Go around to the other side and clear the Beamos here too. There are two Silver Rupees in here, one for defeating the latter Beamos, and the second in a crate near said Beamos. Get them, then grab another Bomb Flower and toss it towards the cracked rock. Slash the Withered Deku Baba to get a Deku Stick, then set it on fire with the nearby torch. Graze said torch on the Bomb Flower growing on the wall to cause it to drop, before quickly storing your stick, grabbing the Bomb, and tossing it at the empty spot between the two rows of Bomb Flowers to set them all off and drop the staircase in the middle. If you try to proceed down the door here, you will be greeted by some mysterious blocks. Keep that in mind for much later on in the game. (If you do exit the room, be sure to recollect the Silver Rupees)

Head up the new staircase and roll into the crate on the right to reveal the third Silver Rupee. Head up the incline and take care of the two Skulltulas here. Climb the nearby vine for the fourth Silver Rupee, before rolling into the crate at the nearest corner for the fifth and final Silver Rupee. Collecting all five opens the path into the next room.

It's a Dodongo ambush! Defeat them by sneaking around their back and slashing their vulnerable tails. Once you clear the room, the chest containing the Compass will spawn. Grab that, then exit out of the next door. Cross the skybridge that stretches across the center cavern and enter the room on the other side. Drop down and find the three boxes in the path down here; pull them so that they are just under the torches. Climb back up the ladder, light a Deku Stick and set fire to the torches to open the door to the next room. Head in there.

Clear the room of the five Gohma eggs on the ceiling, then break the crates around the room to find Gold Skulltula #15. Return to the previous room and on the wall to your right, you will find a moveable block under a ladder. Pull it out before clambering atop it to reach the ladder. At the top, leap across the gap to the torch and set a Deku Stick on fire, then leap back across the gap and light both the unlit torch, and the cobwebs. Defeat the Skulltula, then light the next torch here.

Drop down and pull the block to the right over to the other side. Clambering atop it will give Link just enough height to reach the tall platform on the other side. Clear the corridor of enemies, then light a stick and graze past the Bomb Flower on the wall to drop it. Toss it at the cracked rock at the end of the passage to open the path to the next room, where we have the dungeon miniboss - Lizalfos! Use Deku Nuts to stun them, then use Jump Attacks to quickly dispose of them. Take care of one Lizalfos at a time, and you should be fine. Once you take care of them, make a mental note of the bombable rocks in the room, before proceeding to the next room.

Shoot the crystal switch in the corner to temporarily put out the flames on the first platform, then quickly hop on it and use it to reach the ledge on the right with the bomb flower. Grab the Bomb Flower and toss it at the rock in the top-left corner, revealing a switch. Wait for the timing on the crystal switch to run out before activating both switches together. Quickly clamber back up with the ledge in the bottom-left and cross the two platforms towards the next room. Here, you will notice the room below is the three torches room. Don't fall down; open the chest on the ledge to the right if you'd like for a Blue Rupee. At the end of the corridor, blow up the rocks to return to the plaque we saw earlier about "giant dead Dodongo".

Grab the Bomb Flower, look to the ledge on the right and jump off. Toss it at the rock wall here to blast the path to the next room open. Inside, there's another rock wall with a Business Scrub inside, which we can ignore if you don't need anything (he sells Red Potions). Blow the rock right next to the door that leads next to the scrub to reveal another Bomb Flower, then grab that and toss it over the ledge up ahead, towards the Bomb Flowers that line the wall to set off a chain reaction. This will reveal an eye switch; shoot it to open the door.

Down the next corridor, there is yet another Lizalfos fight. Clear them both and head into the next room. Here, you can set off the first chain of bombs to open the grated door right next to where we came in, but there's nothing there that we can do yet. Head to the opposite end of the room and defeat the Poes if you'd like, before bombing the next chain of bombs to open the top-left door. This will lead you back into the main room, but on a ledge with a chest you can't otherwise reach. Open it to get the dungeon item at last: a Bomb Bag.

With that done, return to the room where we fought the Lizalfos the first time. Use your new Bomb Bag to blow up the rocks by the lower side of the room. Jump through to find Gold Skulltula #16. Return to the main room and head to the skybridge that runs above the giant Dodongo skull. Know what you have to do? Drop bombs in his eyes to make him see red, as the plaque hinted at, and his mouth will open, revealing the path forward.

Head inside and turn left at the intersection. In the next room, jump down and take care of the Lizalfos by the three gravestones. Pull the grave by the burning wall towards it, then stand on the stone and toss a bomb over the wall, and onto the crystal switch on the other side. Climb the ledge and head into this room if you'd like, but there's really not much in there except for a Poe you need to defeat to get 5 Rupees. Toss a Bomb at the top-left corner of the Armos statue group here to set off the switch and reveal a crystal stairway. Step on the tallest step of the stairs and make an autojump to just barely grab on to the ledge on Link's right that serves as a wall. Run along to the end to find Gold Skulltula #17. Now return to the steps, head up, and in the pot to your right, there is a Fairy. Head down the next corridor, pull the gravestone and step on the switch to open the path into the boss.

Boss Battle - King Dodongo, Infernal Dinosaur

Bomb the floor to find yourself in the arena. Here, grab a Bomb Flower from the corner, or use your own Bombs, and toss them into King Dodongo's mouth as he opens to inhale. As the bomb explodes inside him, it will momentarily stun him and leave you an opportunity to attack. Spam him with jump attacks.

He will now roll around the arena. Stand in the corner and arm your Hylian Shield to dodge this, and before long, he will be back to his previous attack of inhaling. Repeat this process a couple of times to finish him off.

Defeating the boss nets you a Heart Container. Step into the blue light to exit. Click here to return to the main walkthrough