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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Zelda | Updated: 01/13/18


Death Mountain


  1. Head into Goron City and talk to the Goron chief.
  2. Open the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern.

Up the Mountain Trail


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs

14 (Normal)
12 (Master Quest)


Head up the path the guard blocked to find a new enemy - Tektites, jumping spider creatures that can be a bit annoying, but also mostly harmless. At the end of the first straightaway is a cave seemingly blocked by rocks. Speak to the Goron nearby to learn some interesting details, including mention of a Gerudo man sealing the entrance. Uh oh...

Continue up the trail to enter Goron City, just beyond the stone ring. You will find that Goron City is built across four floors, connected by stairs and a large, open atrium. Make your way down to the bottom-most level (I don't advise jumping) and to the sealed door, where the chief has locked himself up. Play Zelda's Lullaby to gain his attention.

Speak to him and he will be rather rude. Play Saria's Song to get him to dance along and bring out his friendly side. Doing so causes him to open up about the Goron's Ruby, and he will also give you the Goron Bracelet, an upgrade that allows you to pick up Bomb Flowers!

Use the torches in Darunia's room to light a Deku Stick and use that to light the four torches around the pot in the atrium, causing it to spin around. Head up to the second floor, grab a Bomb Flower, and toss it into the mouth of the pot (it may take you a couple of tries) to grab Piece of Heart #8. While you're on the second floor, ignite the Bomb Flowers next to the boulders to blast open a shortcut back to the Lost Woods, which will come in handy much, much later on in the game. With that done, exit the city and head outside. Toss the Bomb Flower down towards the rock in front of the cave to blast the path into the dungeon open!

Before heading inside, there is one more Piece of Heart we can get. Note that the fence by the Bomb Flower is shorter than the rest. Position yourself between the Bomb Flower and the fence, grab the Bomb Flower that respawns and toss it forward. Have Link face the Goron next to the Bomb Flower, L-Target, move backwards a bit, and backflip. If you do so just right, you should be able to get Piece of Heart #9 way earlier than you should. We will revisit this later on, with the proper way to claim this Piece of Heart, if you don't feel like doing this. Just keep it in mind, okay?

With that said, the path into the next dungeon is open for us.

Dodongo's Cavern


Heart ContainersPieces of HeartGold SkulltulasOcarina Songs
6914 (Normal)
12 (Master Quest)

Are you playing Master Quest? Click here for the Master Quest dungeon walkthrough

Inside, grab a Bomb Flower and lay it next to the rock wall to open the path to the dungeon's central chamber. Begin by crossing the lava moat of sorts towards the central platform. Ignore the Beamos for now (they can be defeated with a bomb toss to the head, but it's safe enough to ignore at the moment) and cross towards the ledge on the west side. Grab a Bomb Flower and drop it next to the cracked rock to open the path. Open the chest for the Dungeon Map. I should note, in the southwest corner, there is a Business Scrub that will sell you a Deku Shield, in case you lose yours to fire.

Cross to the ledge on the opposite side to the east. Grab a Bomb Flower and use it to blow up the southeastern wall. In this corridor, lure one of the Baby Dodongos to the cracked rock in the middle and defeat it there to blow up the wall. Proceed through this door to find a small room containing some Keese and Gold Skulltula #15. Exit and go to the eastern side of this long corridor. Push one of the Armos statues onto the blue pressure switch before grabbing onto the ledge and proceeding through the door.

Mind the Keese in this hallway and proceed to the other door. Here, you will face some Lizalfos enemies. My advice is to take them on one by one, keeping an eye on each with your L-Targeting, and slashing immediately after they attack. Defeating both unlocks the door to the next room; head through. To the north, there is a wall you can bomb to find a Business Scrub who sells Deku Sticks for 15 Rupees. What a ripoff! Ignore him and return to the previous room. Here, there are a bunch of Dodongos, who are only vulnerable in their tail. You can defeat them if you'd like, or dodge them while completing this next objective. Note the torch and light a Deku Stick with it, then run through the room and light the torches near the pillars in the middle to unlock the door at the end. Go through it. You will find yourself on a previously-inaccessible high ledge back in the central chamber. Step on the switch before dropping down and using the newly opened door in the northwest.

In here, blow up the southern wall and enter the door. Inside, toss a Bomb Flower at the group of Armos statues and the first one will come to life. Keep tossing Bombs at it to defeat it, then open the chest for the Compass. Return to the previous room, grab a Bomb and place it in the middle of the chain of Bombs to lower the stair-like structure. Climb up onto the second floor and loop around to the south side. Kill both the normal Skulltula and Gold Skulltula #16 on the vine wall and climb it to claim the token. Go through the door.

Here, I advise clearing the room of the Fire Keese first, using your Slingshot. After doing so, push the Armos Statue near the ladder of the central platform to access said ladder and step on the switch. Continue through the newly-unlocked door. Cross the skywalk over to the eastern side and drop down the ledge in the new room. Inside, be wary of the Bladetraps that patrol the narrow walkways. Head to the southeastern side and use the slightly-recessed block to climb the ladder. Leap over to the top of the nearby pillar and open the chest for a Red Rupee (worth 20). Now grab the Bomb Flower and toss the Bomb Flower onto the ledge to blow up the wall. Proceed to the next room, where there is a pillar of flames in the middle. Shoot the eye-switch by the ceiling on the opposite side to extinguish it and cross safely to the other side.

In the next room, you will be facing another set of Lizalfos. Use the same strategy as before to kill them, then exit to the newly-unlocked door. Extinguish the flames here yet again (hit the first eye switch above, cross to the first platform, and look to your left for the second eye switch) and cross back to find yourself on the north side of the large room we were in before. Don't fall and open the chest to the right of the next doorway to find the Bomb Bag.

If you drop down here, there is a rock wall you can bomb to find a room with two Business Scrubs inside, who will sell you Deku Nuts and Seeds. If you do decide to drop down, you will have to loop all the way around once again, through the Lizalfos room, so don't do so unless you absolutely have to. Exit through the northwest door. Step on the switch to extend the range of the elevator platforms below, so you have easy access back here if you need it. Read the plaque up ahead to be given a hint about "giant dead Dodongo" seeing red. Head to the skywalk on the north side, which runs over the giant Dodongo skull. In the holes, drop bombs into its eyes to make it see red, opening its mouth and revealing a hidden door to the back side of the dungeon. (Also on the northwest side of the skywalk there is a chest with a Blue Rupee if you want it)

Drop down and head through the now-accessible door. In here, hop onto the ledge to the right and into the next room. Here, clear the Fire Keese and make your way north. Ignore the blocks for now; bomb the north wall and enter the door to find yourself in a small room. Take care of the Armos statue before claiming Gold Skulltula #17 on the wall behind it. Return to the previous room and head just a bit south back to where the blocks were. Pull the first block here directly south of the second one on the ledge above, then clamber atop and push this block off the ledge. Push it to the end, where there is another ledge blocked by a block. With the previous block directly underneath it, Link can now push it, and into the center room. Keep pushing it until it lands securely in its recess in the middle. Proceed through the west door. Here, open the chest for some Bombs, before bombing the floor and dropping down to enter the boss arena.

Boss Battle - King Dodongo, Infernal Dinosaur

Here, grab a Bomb Flower from the corner, or use your own Bombs, and toss them into King Dodongo's mouth as he opens to inhale. As the bomb explodes inside him, it will momentarily stun him and leave you an opportunity to attack. Spam him with jump attacks.

He will now roll around the arena. Stand in the corner and arm your Hylian Shield to dodge this, and before long, he will be back to his previous attack of inhaling. Repeat this process a couple of times to finish him off.

Defeating the boss nets you a Heart Container. Step into the blue light to exit.