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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Zelda | Updated: 01/13/18

Zelda 101


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has a control system that's versatile and gives you tons of options, but is also fluid and easy to use. The 3DS features a different control layout than the N64, so some actions may be performed by a different button or moved to the touch screent than what you're used to.

Circle PadMove Link around, navigate menus.
A ButtonPerform the displayed action on the bottom-right corner of the top display (see next sub-section).
B ButtonUse your sword. You can press it 3 times to do a special attack, spin the Circle Pad and press it to do a spin attack, L Target and B to chop, L Target, Circle Pad forward and B to stab, R and B to guard and stab, or move sideways and B to slice.
X ButtonUse assigned item.
Y ButtonUse assigned item.
L ButtonCenter the camera, strafe the enemy/object. When strafing, press A to do a jump attack (which deals more damage), L, Circle Pad backwards and A to backwards flip or L, Circle Pad sidewards and A to dodge incoming attacks with a sideward flip.
R ButtonRaise your shield.
Touch screenTouch the icon to perform the related action, e.g. call Navi.
ZL Button (new 3DS)No action.
ZR Button (new 3DS)No action.
D-PadNo action.
C-Stick (new 3DS)No action.

A Button

The A Button is one of the most fundamental and important buttons in the game: you won't get very far beyond the first few minutes if you don't use it. You perform the action that the game displays in the top screen's bottom-right corner, such as "Open" when in front of a door, or "Grab" when in front of a moveable box and etc. Here are the various actions that it performs:

  • Speak: when in front of an NPC, press A to talk to him/her.
  • Roll attack: when moving, press A to do a roll attack that enables you to move forward faster.
  • Check: when in front of signs etc., press A in front of it to check it.
  • Grab, push or pull: For large items such as movable blocks that are larger than you, press and hold A to grab onto it, then tilt the Circle Pad in the direction desired. You may only be able to do so in two directions (forward and backward).
  • Grab and throw: For smaller items, you may be able to grab them, move around, aim and then throw it anywhere you like.
  • Grab and drop: For smaller items, you may be able to grab them and drop them anywhere you like.
  • Climb and descend: When near a ladder, you will grab on to it and you will be able to climb it or descend down it.
  • Open doors: When in front of a door, you may be able to open it by pressing A in front of it, provided it is not locked.
  • Drop down: When grabbing onto a ledge, press A to drop down.
  • Target and speak: When far from an NPC, L Target him/her and press A to speak.