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by ABXInferno

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FAQ/Walkthrough by ABXInferno

Version: Zelda | Updated: 01/13/18


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Often considered one of the greatest video games of all time, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is a once-in-a-generation masterpiece that thrusts, Link, an innocent young boy, into the midst of a dangerous adventure to save the land of Hyrule. A dark and mysterious figure, Donald Trump, erm, I mean, Ganondorf, is conjuring up an evil plot to control the land of Hyrule.

The adventure is told across two timelines, one from the child timeline, and one in the adult timeline, seven years later. Watch, as Link traverses the lands of Hyrule, raids dungeons and defeats enemies far bigger and more imposing than he himself. In creating this game, Nintendo has managed to build one of the most timeless and endearing versions of Hyrule yet.

Ocarina of Time was the first Zelda game I ever played, and completed, and I credit its quality as being the main reason I love the Zelda series today. While Majora's Mask remains my favorite, Ocarina will always have a special place in my heart. With that said, seeing how well-received my Majora's Mask guide was, I decided to make one for Ocarina 3D (a couple years late, but oh well). This guide will cover both the normal dungeons, as well as their Master Quest variants, all of the game's 36 Heart Pieces, 100 Gold Skulltulas, and many more collectibles, as well as the many sidequests that Link encounters throughout his journey. Basically, it's all you need to 100% the game. In either version.

Version History

  • Version 0.15 "Saria" (12/17/2017) - Got started with the guide! Finished up all the way to the end of the second dungeon in Master Quest.
  • Version 0.3 "Ruto" (12/18/2017) - Finished up all of the guide for Child Link's journey, as well as his dungeons in Master Quest.
  • Version 0.6 "Goron" (12/19/2017) - All dungeons up until the Water Temple in Master Quest are now complete. Started work on the normal quest dungeons, completing all of the child dungeons, plus the Forest and Water Temple. 3 major dungeons left in Master Quest, 5 to go in normal quest. Added in a "What's new on 3DS?" section, as well as Ocarina songs. Fixed erronous numbering for status boxes.
  • Version 0.8 "Link" (12/20/2017) - Completed the Shadow Temple for both versions, and Fire Temple and Ice Cavern in normal quest. Only the Bottom of the Well and Spirit Temple (both versions), some collection, and Ganon's Tower to go.
  • Version 0.9 "Ganon" (12/21/2017) - Zora's Domain (Adult), Bottom of the Well, Gerudo Training Grounds and Spirit Temple for both versions completed. Piece of Heart list complete. Next update will add Ganon's Castle and final collection.
  • Version 1.0 "Zelda" (1/13/2018) - Sorry for the delay all! Been enjoying my holiday break. Ganon's Castle is now complete. Next update will add some final things missing from appendices and all, but the main walkthrough is done!