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by BGuerrie

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FAQ/Walkthrough by BGuerrie

Version: 2.5 | Updated: 03/08/13


Complete, 100 percent walkthrough by Brandon Guerrie. © 2012/2013

Contact Info

E-mail: brandonguerrie@gmail.com

Twitter: @RatedB2G


This document belongs to its author, Brandon Guerrie. GameFAQS is the only site I'm allowing this guide to be posted on, since work tends to get lost/shifted/whatever. Thank you, and I hope you find the guide useful!

All rights reserved. © 2012/2013

Version 2.5

3/8/2013: Update! A new section added, which references tips from other gamers!

Version 2.0

2/6/2013: All of the Gold Skulltulas are discovered in the Master Quest. Check the Gold Skulltula section for all of their locations. I've also added the following sections:

  • Boss Challenge Mode
  • Gauntlet Mode
  • Item List

Version 1.95

2/3/2013: The Master Quest is now complete. Feel free to use this guide for both versions of Ocarina of Time! I've also added a Boss Chart section to the guide for a quick reference. Why not, right?

Version 1.90

2/1/2013: Updated! Continued the Master Quest. The following was completed:

  • Bottom of the Well
  • Shadow Temple
  • Gerudo Training Ground

Version 1.85

1/30/2013: Updated! The first three temples on the Master Quest are complete (Forest Temple, Fire Temple, and Water Temple). Also, the Ice Cavern is a walk in the park!

Version 1.80

1/25/13: Updated! The first three dungeons of the Master Quest are completed (sorry, Adult Link fans). For a side note, I did find most of the Gold Skulltulas in these dungeons, but I will be exclusively adding a section for them in the near future. Thanks, and shoot me an E-Mail if you have any questions or tips!

Version 1.75

1/22/2013: Updated! All Side Quests/Miscellaneous are complete. Revamped the guide with Gold Skulltulas -- check the Gold Skulltulas section for ALL their locations. A checklist is added to each dungeon, so add another tab exclusively for the section if you're looking for all of them!

Version 1.65

1/21/2013: The following was completed:

  • Biggoron's Sword
  • Song List
  • Magic Beans
  • Edited guide

Version 1.55

1/19/2013: Continued Side Quests/Miscellaneous.

Version 1.45

1/18/2013: Continued Side Quests/Miscellaneous

Version 1.10

1/17/2013: Added the Heart Container section (those darn frogs in Zora's River -- ugh).

Version .60

1/12/2013: Continued the walkthrough. The following was completed:

  • Ganon's Castle
  • Main Quest

Version .56

1/11/2013: Continued the walkthrough. The following was completed:

  • Spirit Temple (Adult)

Version .52

1/10/2013: Continued the walkthrough. The following was completed:

  • Spirit Temple (Young)

Version .50

1/9/2013: Continued the walkthrough. Completed the following:

  • Gerudo Valley
  • Gerudo Fortress
  • Thieves' Hideout
  • Gerudo Training Ground
  • Haunted Wasteland
  • Desert Colossus
  • Spirit Temple

Version .30

1/8/2013: Continued the walkthrough. Completed the following:

  • Water Temple
  • Return to Kakariko Village
  • Bottom of the Well
  • Shadow Temple

Version .15

1/7/2013: Continued the walkthrough. Completed the following:

  • Forest Temple
  • Death Mountain Trail (Adult)
  • Goron City (Adult)
  • Death Mountain Crater (Adult)
  • Fire Temple
  • Zora's River (Adult)
  • Zora's Domain (Adult)
  • Zora's Fountain (Adult)
  • Ice Cavern
  • Lake Hylia (Adult)

Version .10

1/6/2013: Continued the walkthrough. Completed the following:

  • Goron City (Young)
  • Dodongo's Cavern
  • Mountain Summit
  • Zora's River
  • Zora's Domain (Young)
  • Lake Hylia
  • Zora's Fountain (Young)
  • Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly
  • Temple of Time
  • Kakariko Village (Adult)
  • Graveyard (Adult)
  • Dampé's Grave
  • Lon Lon Ranch (Adult)
  • Sacred Forest Meadow (Adult)

Version .05

1/5/2013: Began this guide. Completed Controls section, General Tactics & Tips, and started the walkthrough. The following was completed:

  • Kokiri Forest
  • Inside the Deku Tree
  • Hyrule Field
  • Hyrule Market
  • Hyrule Castle
  • Castle Courtyard (Guards)
  • Castle Courtyard (Zelda)
  • Lon Lon Ranch (Young)
  • Lost Woods
  • Sacred Forest Meadow (Young)
  • Kakariko Village
  • Graveyard (Young)
  • Royal Family's Tomb
  • Death Mountain Trail (Young)

General Controls

The controls are a little different from the Nintendo 64 and GameCube versions, but not by a whole lot.

BSwing your sword
YSecondary weapon/item slot
XSecondary weapon slot
ARoll, put away sword, summon Navi, jump backward, action button
LChange camera view, lock on objects/enemies, navigate left in menus
RUse shield, crouch, and navigate right in touch screen menu
ISecondary weapon slot
IISecondary weapon slot
StartAccess the Save and Quit menu, pause the game
SelectAccess the Save and Quit menu, pause the game
JoystickMove Link left, right, forward, backward, diagonally

Touchscreen Controls

The bottom screen enables you to use the touch screen for the numerous menus below.

Eye IconView in first-person view, access Navi
Ocarina IconEquip the Ocarina
GearAccess your gear and equipment
MapAccess the map
ItemsAccess items

Motion Controls

By moving the 3DS, you can tilt the system to direct your view and your aim.

New Features

Besides the graphics (and controls), not much has changed from the original Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64. But here are some new stuff:

  • The Stone of Agony (using the Rumble Pak) has been replaced by the Shard of Agony -- it will make a sound when a secret is present
  • Luckily, the Master Quest has returned from the GameCube version (and the world is reversed)
  • A giant Gossip Stone is located in the Temple of Time (and Kokiri Forest) that Link can crawl into -- this provides puzzle solutions
  • A new Boss Attack Mode has been added

Hey, listen to Navi!

Ah yes, the good ol' fairy that sticks to your side until the end. Although annoying, it never hurts (only sometimes) to hear what she has to say; she always has hints in case you get stuck. Tap her icon on the lower screen. There will also be times where she will fly and turn green -- take note that this is a sign of a secret. Try playing a song or make use of Bombs.


The most essential technique that helps you in combat, you can lock onto most enemies in proper proximity. Use this for better accuracy. Objects and structures can also be targeted with proper range. Hold L to lock-on, and release it to lock off it (you can change this feature in the options menu).

Spin Attack

Introduced in A Link to the Past, Link can spin his sword and hit multiple enemies at once. Hold the B button, and then release it. Once you acquire the Magic Meter, you can charge your sword with a stellar beam of light!

Backflip & Sliding

While you hold the L button, press down on the Joystick and press A to jump backward. Press right or left on the Joystick and then A to do a side jump. These are great defensive maneuvers of staying clear when an enemy strikes.

Jumping Thrust

Again, while you hold the L button, press A to do a forward-jumping thrust. This generally deals greater damage to most foes -- and it looks cool.


To use your shield, press the R button. This will cause Link to crouch, but he cannot move. To move and block, hold the L button and the R button. You can even continue blocking after a backflip!

Gold Skulltulas

These golden spiders are hidden throughout the land (and dungeons) of Hyrule. You will run across a great amount of them on your venture. When you are close, you can hear them scratching the wall. For every ten you collect, you will be rewarded helpful prizes. In Kakariko Village, you can find the House of Skulltulas on the east side of town (near the Graveyard). Check out the Gold Skulltula section of this guide for their locations!

The Ocarina

The Ocarina is the most valuable item in the game. As you progress, you will learn new songs that manipulate the environment or objects. Whenever you see a Triforce symbol, play Zeldas Lullaby.

Blue Blocks

Any time you see a blue block, Navi will mention that it has the same symbol as the Door of Time. Play the Song of Time when these blocks are blocking the way; or when it seems to be no path in a gap.

Cracked Surfaces

Some walls (and floors) seem as if they are not holding up and are cracked. Navi will turn green and fly near it in most case scenarios. Take out a Bomb and blow it up. You can also tell if the surface is thin by slashing it with your sword (it will make a unique sound).

Magic Beans

Magic Beans are sold from the man in the Zora River area. They can be planted into a certain crop soil scattered in Hyrule. As Young Link, plant them in the soil and come back as an adult. They will be full-grown, and Link can use them to travel to new areas where he could not reach before. Check the Magic Bean section of the guide for their locations.


An empty Bottle is actually one of the most useful items in the game. You can store a ton of items in here, such as fish, milk, fairies, and even bugs. There are four total in the game. Check the Bottles section on how and where to find them!

Time Traveling

You will begin Ocarina of Time as Link when he is a child. When you collect all three of the Spiritual Stones, you can claim a legendary blade known as the Master Sword, found inside the Temple of Time. Seven years will have passed, and Link will be grown into an adult. Some items that you acquired as a kid will not be accessible when you are an adult -- and vice-versa. After completing the Forest Temple, you can return the Master Sword to its pedestal and travel back and forth as a child or an adult. The sword is the key to time traveling.

Gossip Stones

These unorthodox statues are located in various areas, and can provide Link with helpful information. Play the Song of Time or Zeldas Lullaby in front of them -- you never know what they have to say.


Rupees are dough -- cash you earn or find everywhere in the game. You can buy items with these, as well as participate in games such as the Shooting Gallery in Hyrule Market. There are many different colors, so here is a quick reference guide:


Main Quest

Note: Since you always have a map on the lower screen and the corner of the top screen (in most areas), keep an eye on it. It serves as the directions in the guide (unless noted otherwise).

Get A Sword & Shield

As Link awakens from his nightmare, exit the tree house. Talk to Saria, and then head west (left).

You will find a hill to your next left; walk up it. Continue south from here, and run or hop around some fences. At the wall (behind the fences), you will see a small hole you can crawl into. Enter it.

A simple maze, make sure to watch for the giant boulder around the corner. Skip through the flowers and make it to the southeast corner. Open the chest to get the Kokiri Sword.

Your goal now is to earn up to 40 rupees so you can purchase the Deku Shield at the Kokiri Shop (located northeast of town). Slash any bushes or walk through any grass you see -- there are always Green Rupees scattered in them. For a quicker gain, check the tree house (labeled Mido on the post sign) to the northwest part of the map and find some chests that contain some cash. There is another Blue Rupee (x5) behind his house outside as well.

Tip: You can hop across the water platforms (without falling) for a Blue Rupee. You can also work your way from the bridge above to locate another one'''.

A Talking Tree

Head to the shop and buy the Deku Shield. Equip your sword and shield from your inventory and then head to the east end to talk to the great dork, Mido. After his gibberish, he will let you through.

Here, you will battle your first enemy: the Deku Baba. These are easy to take down -- when they stand straight, slash them with one hit and you will obtain a Deku Stick that it drops.

Take on the rest of the plant monsters to stock up on sticks. After you are finished, continue east to finally meet the King of the Forest, the Deku Tree. You will be introduced to a cinema. Agree to help out and head inside the tree for your first dungeon.

Inside the Deku Tree

Gold Skulltula Checklist
Gold Skulltula #1
Gold Skulltula #2
Gold Skulltula #3
Gold Skulltula #4 (obtained later)

Starting Out

As you enter, climb the ladder to the left. Make your way around the slope and hop across the path to the second floor.

Snatch the Dungeon Map in the large chest, then proceed further down the walkway. At the end, there is a door you can enter.

In this room, use your shield to ricochet the nut that the Deku Scrub spits at you. It will reflect and hit him back. Run up to him to have a quick chat. This will unlock both barred doors. Proceed to the next room.

Sling Thing

Hop onto the platform to make it to the ledge across (do not worry about it falling). Open the chest to obtain the Fairy Slingshot.

Tip: If you are hurting for health, you can climb the vines nearby to find a chest with a Heart in it'''.

To get out of this room, equip your slingshot and shoot the ladder which hangs above the door (where you came from). Head back to where you acquired the map. Use your slingshot manually to take out the Skullwalltulas crawling on the vines (there are three of them). Choose either side and climb up to the third floor.

3F & The Compass

Ignore the Skulltula for now; there is only one door on this level. Head inside.

This room requires you to do a little multi-tasking. First, step on the yellow switch on the ground. This will raise the three platforms. Quickly hop across the two to get to the ledge with the chest. Open it to retrieve the Compass.

There is nothing else here, so head back to the door. To exit, equip a stick and light it with the torch, then light the unlit torch near the switch.

Diving Link 101

Back in the main room, take out the Skulltula (hit its soft tissue when it turns around), and you will see a small wooden walkway extending out. Yup, thats right -- take a huge leap off that down to the first floor. Make sure, though, you land on the webbed-hole in the center of the floor (the web will break). This will cause you to fall down to B1.

B1: Brothers' Secret

Make your way to the northeast ledge to find a switch. Step on the switch to ignite the yellow torch nearby (it will burn the web). Now, whip out a Deku Stick and light it with the torch. With the fire burning, make haste and run across to the southeast ledge (insure you stay in shallow water). In the corner is webbing blocking the door -- burn it with your stick and enter the door.

As you enter, quickly guard yourself with your shield and bounce the Deku Nut back at the Deku Scrub that he spits. Run up to him and he will give you a little hint; you have to take out his brothers in a certain order (2, 3, 1). Keep this in mind.

Once he is gone, take a look above the following door. There is an eye icon. Hit it with your slingshot to release the bars on the door. Head on in.

Hop in the water and find a switch at the bottom in the southeast part of the room. Dive to the bottom to activate it. Quickly climb back to the ledge where you entered, jump on the moving platform when it comes, then hold the R button to duck under the spikes from the wooden pillar.

Once across, slash the Skulltula that hangs and listen to Navi. Push the block all the way down the gravel to the tile. Use the block to climb up, and then enter the door.

Eliminate the Deku Babas, then use a stick and ignite it with the torch. Ignite the two unlit torches to unlock the north door. In this room, you will encounter Gohma Larva -- your first moderately-challenging enemy. Make sure to block when their eye turns red (it is an indication they will jump at you). A couple of sword stabs should do it.

After exterminating the creatures, you are faced with the same concept from the previous rooms. Light a stick and use it to burn the web blocking the east passage.

The other passage is blocked by a cracked wall. You do not have Bombs yet to blow it up, but take note Gold Skulltula #4 is inside.


With the web gone, crawl through the small hole on the wall.

Back in the main room, ignore the Deku Babas (unless you are in need of Deku Sticks) and begin to push the block off the gravel into the water below. A tone will beep. You can now use the block to get across to the torch without falling in the water. Light a Deku Stick from the torch, then cross back using the block. Swing the lit Deku Stick at the web on the floor to burn it away. Now, jump down the passage to B2.

You'll see three Deku Scrubs guarding the next door. Hit them in this order: middle, right, and then left (231). The last one will hop around - run up to him and he'll give away a secret tactic for the upcoming boss. After he leaves, enter the north door leading into the boss chamber.

Tip: Slash the plants nearby. They contain Deku Seeds.

Boss: Queen Gohma
Health: 6 (Kokiri Sword)

Use the First-Person view and look up at the ceiling to initiate the battle. Wait until her eye turns red. When it does, L-target her eye and fire the Fairy Slingshot. When your hit connects, she'll be stunned; go in and slash at least two to three hits on her.

She'll crawl away and climb back to the ceiling. If you keep a lock on her, her eye will eventually turn red again. Hit her eye with your slingshot again and she'll fall back down to the ground. She's defenseless, so close in to finish her off with your sword. If you don't hit her from the ceiling, she will drop eggs to the floor and her babies will hatch out of them. Eliminate them and wait for that eye to turn red again when she drops down.

Pick up the Full Heart Container then walk into the blue portal. You will watch a lengthy cinema about the history of Hyrule. Afterward, the Deku Tree will reward you with the Kokiri's Emerald.

After a sad event, leave the area and talk to Mido again. Once you hear his shenanigans, exit Kokiri Forest via to the west. Here, you'll talk to Saria, and she'll give you the Ocarina; the most crucial item in the game.

A Talking Owl

You will run into a mysterious Owl. He will give you advice throughout the game. Just make sure you pay attention -- or he'll repeat himself...

Overnight Stay

Your goal now is to head to Hyrule Castle due north. It's highly unlikely you'll make it in time before night falls (the bridge closes when the sun is down).

This is the main land of Hyrule; you're free to explore it while you wait until the sun comes back up. You will also encounter infinite amounts of Stalchilds that rise from the ground. Make use of your sword and pick up any items they drop. When it's daylight again, the entrance to Hyrule Castle will be open.

Tip: During the day, walk up the left and right chains of Hyrule Castle's bridge. When you jump off each one, you'll receive a Red Rupee!

Hyrule Market

Enter the first door you see (next to the guard). The guardhouse is filled with numerous pots you can smash. Roll into the crate next to the guard inside and snag Gold Skulltula#51.

Busy Market

Run to the next screen to arrive at Hyrule Market. You can visit multiple shops here if you please. It's not a bad idea to check out the Shooting Gallery. If you nail all the Rupees, you'll get the Big Deku Seed Bullet Bag, increasing your slingshot's capacity to 40 Deku Nuts.

Note: The Bizarre store has the Hylian Shield for sale, but you can wait and come back for a better deal.

When you're done fiddling around, talk to Malon near the center fountain. She will mention her father went to Hyrule Castle to deliver milk, but hasn't returned. With that said, head north (past her) where you see Hyrule Castle in the distance.

Hyrule Castle

Have another chat with the Owl again, and you will soon realize Hyrule Castle is heavily guarded.

Solid Link

You will find a vine nearby that you can climb. Once you're on top of the gate, climb down the ladder and head through the door. Stay in the road until you see two guards. Turn left and walk up the hill beside you (just be aware of all the guards nearby). Follow the small path until you reach two more guards to the north. Head off trail to the northwest to find another vine that you can climb.

From the top of the ledge, leap off straight into the moat of the castle. Let the water carry you to the east side of the castle (you'll collect Green Rupees on the way). To the northeast, climb to land and you will run into a sleeping Mario-look-a-like man. This is Talon (Malon's father). After hearing him snore, there's not much else you can do at the moment. Head back to the entrance of this area (you will get caught, on purpose, of course).

A Girl, An Egg, & A Song Or Two

Once the guards kick you to the curb, you'll find yourself back at the entrance of the Hyrule Castle area. Here, you'll run into Malon again. Talk to her and she'll give you a Weird Egg. Stay in the area overnight. When morning comes, the egg will hatch. Out comes a Cucco.

Return to Talon (sneaking past the guards like before). Equip the Cucco in one of your item slots and use it to wake up Talon. Once he runs off, you'll notice two milk crates nearby. Move the first crate into the water, and then move the second one on top of it, thus creating a bridge. Hop on top of the crates and jump across to the small hole on the side of Hyrule Castle. Crawl through the hole.

Castle Courtyard

You're faced with another sneaky mission. It's relatively easy to navigate through without getting caught, but if you're having trouble, here's a quick guide:

Section 1

Use the bush the center bush to stay clear and wait for the guard to walk to the next corner with his back turned on you.

Section 2

Use the backside of the fountains when they're in the front.

Section 3

Use the stairs to reach the wooden walkway above. Hold the Joystick diagonally to keep yourself straight. If you want to the Rupees below, drop down when it's clear. Just be wary that he moves a lot quicker than the other guards around the wooden post.

Section 4

One walks slower than the other. Wait for the second one to reach the top left-hand corner of the bush, and follow guard as his back is turned.

Section 5

This part is pretty basic and largely similar to the fountain area. Follow the guard and use the left side to reach the garden!

Tip: Shoot the left window with the Fairy Slingshot and a guy will toss a Bomb at you! If you shoot the right window, you'll obtain a Red Rupee.

Princess Of Destiny

Talk to Princess Zelda, who happens to be doing some spying of her own. Tell her yes and agree to help her out. At this point, Link and Zelda will have a long chat and you will be presented with a cinema. After your date, you'll receive Zelda's Letter. Next, talk to Zelda's assistant, Impa. She will teach you your first song: Zelda's Lullaby.

Zelda's Lullaby

Zelda' Lullaby is used in numerous occasions in your adventure. At any point you see a Triforce symbol; this tune is the sure-answer.

After you get your groove on with your Ocarina, Impa will escort you back to Hyrule Field. She will also mention Kakariko Village, which is your next destination to the main quest. Before heading there, however, there are a couple of important tasks you should accomplish at Lon Lon Ranch (located in the center of Hyrule Field).

Cucco Chase

When you arrive, enter the door of the house on the left. Inside you'll find Talon (who's sleeping again). Talk to him to wake him up, and pay him to play his chicken-search game. He throws three Special Cuccos (their locations are random, so keep an eye on to where they land). If you find them all within the time limit, he'll give your first Bottle (and generously gives you some Lon Lon Milk to go with it).

Horsey Ride

Head back outside and find Malon at the ranch north. She will introduce you to her horse, Epona. Keep talking to her until she begins to discuss her song from her mother. Equip your Ocarina and she'll teach you Epona's Song.

Epona's Song

Epona's Song is another important tune that will become useful later in the game. This will (eventually) summon the horse, Epona, and you can ride her for faster traveling around Hyrule. You can also require milk from cows throughout the land.

There's a tower in the southwest corner of the ranch. Inside, check the milk crates and find a gap in between them. You can both push and pull the crates. Eventually, you'll find a small hole you can crawl to. Beyond that room is Piece of Heart#1.

When you're done at the ranch, there's another optional song you can learn. It's time to head back to Kokiri Forest.

Lost Woods

Note:'' There are tons of secrets hidden within the Lost Woods. Check the Side Quests section for reference.

Use Your Ears

You can enter the Lost Woods by climbing the vines to the upper part of Kokiri Forest to the north. You will find a sign and a log tunnel you can enter. Of course, it wouldn't be a Zelda game without a maze. You have to listen and follow the music for the correct path. For a quick reference, here's the correct navigation: Right, left, right, left, straight, left, and then right.

Werewolf Slayer

Link will arrive at the Sacred Forest Meadow, a supposed hideout for Saria. Funny thing is, it's guarded by a Wolfos. Use your shield to block its attack, and then strike it with your sword. It can be stunned with a Deku Nut as well. He should go down in no time.

Another Maze

The gate will open, followed by another maze (this time, a bit more basic since you have a map to guide you). Be wary of the Deku Scrubs that lurk around the corners. Make your way right and then left through the vines. Pick either side afterward to reach the stairs to the north. Avoid or deal with the Deku Scrubs, and you'll find Saria at the north end. After a chat, you'll learn Saria's Song.

Saria's Song

Saria's Song really has only one purpose: to communicate with Saria herself. In a nut shell, she informs you where to go next (on the main quest), and the tune also gives you the option to talk to Navi when in need of wisdom.

After you ditch Saria for the second time, you want to make your way back to Hyrule Field. For an easy exit, you can climb the ladder to elevate to higher ground (above the maze). Take note there's a secret hole in one of the openings on the ground you can enter. Inside that is a Fairy Fountain to heal your wounds (and you can store one in a Bottle, if needed). When you return to the Lost Woods, exit from the opposite tunnel back to Kokiri Forest.

Tip: The village is located in the north east part of Hyrule Field (you'll have to cross a bridge to get there). There's a sign and stairs leading to it.

Cucco Lady

Your first row of business is to talk to the Cucco Lady on the southeast part of town. She's a little depressed because she lost all of her Cuccos. Be a good citizen (or hero) and help her out. In order to "return" them, you have to pick them up and throw them in the pen. All of her Cuccos are located in this area, so here's a quick list of their locations:

  1. It's next to the Cucco Lady.
  2. At the entrance of the village.
  3. Inside a crate next to the Carpenters' House -- roll into the crate to break it.
  4. In front of the shops in the north section.
  5. On the ledge across the under-construction building; use another Cucco to reach it.
  6. Use a Cucco to glide over the fence in the northeast part of the village; there's another one in this area (throw them both back over the fence).
  7. Beyond the fence to the northeast, climb the ladder and walk around behind the windmill; it's at the other side.

With all the Cuccos returned to her pen, the Cucco Lady will give you another Bottle. With that out of the way, enter the passage to the east nearby to arrive at the Graveyard.

Creepy Grave

Run your way up top to the hill at the east end of the Graveyard. You'll notice it'll start to rain. Stand on the Triforce symbol and play Zelda's Lullaby in front of the grave. Here you'll witness a short cinema where lightning strikes the grave, causing it to explode. It will also reveal a hidden passage you can jump down. Go ahead, if you dare.

The Bats

Head down the stairs and enter the door. In the next room, use the Fairy Slingshot to shoot the Keese hanging on the walls. When you dispose of all four, the following door will open. Climb up and enter it.


You will be introduced to a new patch of enemies called ReDead. These zombies are capable of freezing you temporarily from their screams and chewing on your flesh. Let's just say you don't have the proper "spell" yet to dismiss these fellows with ease. Stick to the left wall and avoid falling into the green pits; the sewage isn't good for your health. Ignore the ReDead you run into and make it to the next room. Examine the writing on the tomb to acquire the Sun's Song.

Sun's Song

In Ocarina of Time, the world of Hyrule will change in the course of the day. The sun will set, and night time will flourish. For the Sun's Song, you're capable of manipulating the flow of both day and night -- you now don't have to wait lengthy times until the sun or moon comes out. Another excellent aspect of this tune is that it freezes those pesky ReDead zombies; multiple at once, in fact!

Zelda's Autograph

Make your way out of the tomb and back to Kakariko Village (and also try out the Sun's Song on the ReDead to shut 'em up). It'll be night time when you return, so tune out to the Sun's Song and make the sun come up rather quickly. Proceed to the north gate beyond the stairs and show the guard Zelda's Letter. After some convincing, he'll unlock the gate for you leading to the Death Mountain Trail.

Note: The guard will also give you a discount from the Bizarre Store in Hyrule Market. It's essential to head back there and buy the Hylian Shield (for 72 Rupees) for the upcoming dangers that lie up ahead. Also, he will mention the Happy Mask Shop, also located in Hyrule Market. Check the Happy Mask Shop Section of the guide.


Get comfortable into battling the Red Tektites; you'll encounter numerous of them among the mountain. There's a cracked wall nearby, but you don't have any Bombs yet. Continue to the northwest to find the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern is blocked by large boulders. You will be returning here soon. *Continue up the mountain trail and you'll run into a Goron. The path to Death Mountain Crater is also blocked, so head for Goron City beyond the red flag to the north.


Immediately drop yourself down to the first floor of the city. You'll find a mat in front of a door on the north wall. Play Zelda's Lullaby in front of the door to open it. Head in and talk to Darunia -- the leader of the Gorons. Talk to him (he's not really in a good mood). Stand on the mat in front of him and play Saria's Song (he'll love it). Once he stops breaking-it-down, he'll give you the Goron Bracelet and mention Dodongo's Cavern is the Goron's food source but a wicked man sealed the entrance.

Bombing The Entrance

Leave Goron City (the same way you came in) and head west of the entrance. There's a Goron here as well as the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern below. Pick up one of the Bomb Flowers nearby and drop one down the cliff -- the boulders blocking Dodongo's Cavern will be cleared. Hop down and enter the cavern to your second dungeon.

Dodongo's Cavern

Gold Skulltula Checklist
Gold Skulltula #5 (acquired later)
Gold Skulltula #6
Gold Skulltula #7

Working Towards The Map

Pick up one of the Bomb Flowers and blow up the wall straight ahead. Head on in the main hall of Dodongo's Cavern. Hop on the pillar ahead (they move, so wait until it rises) to the center platform of the room. Watch out for the Beamos and its beam - stay a good distance to avoid it.

Make it across the left side of the room using the other moving pillar. Here, pick up a Bomb Flower and use it to blow up the cracked wall. Inside is a chest containing the Dungeon Map.

Bombs Away

Skip to the right side of the main hall to find another cracked wall. Again, use a Bomb Flower nearby to clear the path. Continue down the east path. You'll encounter Baby Dodongos here -- they're tricky, but you can use a hit-and-run technique because they'll explode when they flip on their backside.

Statue Remover

At the end of the hallway are Armos statues that you can move. Drag one of them onto the blue switch to unlock the door. Head in for a miniboss.

Miniboss: Lizalfos

Stay on ground away from the lava. Use your shield to block their attacks, and then retaliate with a sword thrust. They will switch accordingly after three hits in.

Baby Godzilla

After the fight, make your way across the platforms to the new door that unlocks. In the following room, equip your Hylian Shield and battle the Dodongos. There's two ways to defeat them; either attack their tail or feed them the Bomb Flowers nearby (just back off when they breathe out fire).

Tip: If you happen to lose your Deku Shield from fire, there's a cracked wall in the corridor you can bomb. Fight the Deku Scrub and he'll sell you a Deku Shield.

Once the fire-breathing beasts are gone, you'll see three unlit torches scattered in this room. Light a Deku Stick from the ignited torch in the corner and use it to light the other ones. The following door will unlock.

At the end point, stand on the gold switch (this will unlock the door next to where you got the Dungeon Map in the main hall). Proceed to that room. First, use a Bomb Flower to blow up the cracked wall to reveal a door. In this room, use any Bomb Flowers to dismiss the Armos statue. Open the chest that appears for the Compass.

Bomb The Tower

Return to the previous room. There's a tall pillar that is surrounded by Bomb Flowers at its base. Pick up the Bomb Flower that stands alone (away from the pillar) and place it into the middle of the rest of them. All of them will explode, causing the pillar to collapse and creating a structure you can climb. Walk up the wooden planks and enter the door to the top.

Shoot the Keese flying around this area with the Fairy Slingshot, then head over to the Armos statues. Push the one blocking the ladder, then climb up and step on the switch to unlock the following door. Enter it.

Second Floor

You're now on the upper part (the second floor) of the main hall. Cross the bridge (jump over the gap on the way) and find a room on the southeast side. Hop down the ledge. Beware of the Blade Traps that move around the corners. At the southeast part of the area, you'll find a block and a ladder. Climb the ladder and you'll discover a cracked wall. By timing it correctly, throw the Bomb Flower at the cracked wall to blow it up (it'll explode in midair). (Note: I did get lucky, so to speak, one time as the Bomb Flower landed just on the thin ledge in front of the cracked wall!)

In the next room, a circle of fire blocks your path. Equip the Fairy Slingshot and shoot the eye switch that hangs above the passage ahead to temporarily disable the fire. Skip across to the hallway beyond this point and zip past the Baby Dodongos. Enter the door at the end for a rematch with the Lizalfos.

Use the same concept as before -- block and stab when given the opportunity. The only difference this time around is that it's more crowded and the platforms are narrow.

The Bomb Bag

As the Lizalfos fall to defeat, head over to the next room. Hit the eye switch with your slingshot to cease the ring of fire on the first platform. Hop onto it and look to your left for a second eye switch. Shoot it to disable the second ring of fire. Quickly make your way through and you'll arrive at a familiar room (but on higher ground). Make it across the gap to the chest. Open it to...ahem, finally obtain the Bomb Bag.

The Eyes Of The Statue

Afterward, work your way west to find a switch. Step on it. This will raise the east pillar in the main hall from the first floor. Check out the stone and its encryption for an interesting hint, then proceed to the bridge north (past the rising pillar). Here you'll notice a large face statue below you. Equip your Bombs and throw them into the two gaps in the bridges. They'll land in the eyes of the statue and turn red -- and also reveal a passage in its mouth. Jump down to the first floor and enter the new area.

The Last Chambers

Make sure to have your Hylian Shield equipped; there are Fire Keese flying around which can burn your Deku Shield. Jump down the ledge and take a look at the center of the floor. There's a pattern of tiles here and a switch in the middle. You don't have the block yet, so climb up the eastern ledge leading to a hallway.

After walking down the hallway, stick to the left and jump down. Up ahead, you'll see two blocks. Line up the upper one (by pulling it) with the other block so you can push it off the ledge.

More Blocks

Grab the block and push it to the west wall so it's aligned with the third block. Climb it and push the third block out of the way. Run through the hallway to find a fourth block you can push off the ledge (you're back in the room with the floor tiles). Now, push the fourth block onto the center of the tiles (into the hole), which unlocks the west door. Head inside and open the chest for some Bombs. Use a bomb to blow up the cracked floor. Jump down to battle the boss of the dungeon.

Boss: King Dodongo
Health: 4-5 (Kokiri Sword)

As you learned in Dodongo's Cavern, Dodongos are not big fans of smoke. The only thing you have to worry about is when the beast crawls into a ball. He'll roll around the room -- make sure to stay in the corners (where the Bomb Flowers are) to steer clear. When he opens his mouth, toss a Bomb (or Bomb Flower) into his mouth. After he swallows it, it'll explode in his stomach and he'll fall to the ground. This is your chance to go in and slash two to three hits in with your sword. Repeat this process a couple times and King Dodongo will perish into the pool of lava.

Grab the Full Hear Container and head through the portal. A cinema will ensue, and Darunia will be rather glad for your efforts. In return, he'll give you the Goron's Ruby. He will also mention you should visit the Great Fairy on top of Death Mountain. With Bombs in your possession, the Mountain Summit is accessible (where the red flag is just before Goron City).

Fire From The Sky

In order to enter the Mountain Summit, you need to use your newly-acquired Bombs to blow the boulders blocking the path. Once you made it there, be alert -- this area will have lava rocks falling from the sky periodically. Your Hylian Shield can block them, so make use of it and watch the shadows of the rocks.

Mountain Climber

When you reach the north end of the Mountain Summit, you'll find a cliff you can climb. Before doing so, however, dispose of the Skullwalltulas that hang on the walls with the Fairy Slingshot (you'll need to shoot the third spider from the upper platform). When you reach the top, listen to the Owl's advice (he'll offer you a ride back to Kakariko Village when you're done here). Next, bomb the cracked wall left of the Death Mountain Crater entrance to discover the first Great Fairy Fountain.

Great Fairy #1

Play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol in front of the fountain to summon the Great Fairy of Power. She will reward you with the Spinning Sword Technique and the Magic Meter. Though you already could perform the spinning move, you can now charge up your sword with a magic attack; expanding its radius. The Magic Meter is another crucial element - it'll be used for various spells and items in your journey. Also take note that she'll mention "her friend" hangs around Hyrule Castle.


Head back outside and talk to the Owl. Grab ahold of his wing and he'll glide you back to Kakariko Village.

Piece Of Heart

As you land on the roof of the Impa's house, find a wooden platform you can drop down to (above the Cuccos pen). Head in the passage and Piece of Heart#9 will be inside the cow cage.

Great Fairy #2

It's not a bad idea to head back to the outskirts of Hyrule Castle. Bomb the boulders to the east (beyond the sign that reads "Dead End") to reveal a secret passage. Inside (like you did before), play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol and the Great Fairy will grant you the magic spell, Din's Fire. With it, you can cast fire and hit multiple enemies at once. You WILL need this spell to enter the Shadow Temple later on, so why not get it now?

When it's all said and done, your next trip is Zora's River, located east of Hyrule Field (beyond the river).

Bomb The Boulders

Try your new spin attack on the pack of bushes for some goodies. When you're done, have a talk with the Owl about the entrance of Zora's Domain. When he leaves, blow up the boulders blocking the gate with some Bombs.

Magic Beans

Talk to the man near the fence. He's selling rare Magic Beans for 10 Rupees. Once you buy one, he'll increase the price by 10 Rupees each time. These can be planted in special soil that's located across the world of Hyrule. As you plant one as a child, it'll grow into a giant leaf when you return as an adult. Link can ride this for transportation and reach new heights that were not accessible before. Try planting one next to the man and come back later in the game.

Piece Of Heart

There are four Pieces of Heart in Zora's River, but for now, you can only access two of them:

  • In the first section, use the Cucco to reach the upper ledges -- Piece of Heart#21 is on the center platform. Use the Cucco to reach it.
  • At the last section of Zora's River (where the waterfall is located), make it there with the Cucco and reach the upper edge nearby. On the ledge is Piece of Heart#22.

Cucco Glider

Pick up the Cucco and use it cross the river to the other side. Work your way to the upper trail -- it's easier to navigate. Dispose of the Tektites that roam the area and climb the ledge to the northeast. Continue uphill without falling in the water and cross the bridge. At the top of the walkway is a waterfall. Stand on the Triforce symbol in front of it and play Zelda's Lullaby to open it up. Inside is Zora's Domain.

The Silver Scale

Head straight and you'll find a sign next to the Zora Shop that reads: "King Zora's Chamber." Make your way up the hill and ascend the set of stairs to meet King Zora. Speak to him from the stand that rests in front of him -- he's worried about his daughter, Princess Ruto. After that, head left and talk to the Zora at the end of the tunnel. Play his Rupee-collecting game for 20 Rupees. Dive down the waterfall and collect the five Rupees that he drops into the water under the time limit. When you do, return to him to claim your prize: the Silver Scale. This allows you to dive deeper underwater.

Warp Point

Once you have the Silver Scale in your possession, jump off the waterfall back into the water (where you played the game). You'll find a small hole against the wall underwater; dive and swim into it to warp to Lake Hylia.

The Third Bottle

When you surface, talk to the Zora nearby. When he gives you a hint, dive underwater and you'll find the third Bottle close from here. There's a letter inside.

Scarecrow Song

Before you return to Zora's Domain, swim to land on the southwest part of Lake Hylia. A talking Scarecrow named Bonooru will be standing in the field of soil. Show him the Ocarina and he'll want you to play a song. This is the one and only song you create yourself, so write it down after you compose it. This tune will become useful in the latter days.

Afterward, return to Zora's Domain using the warp hole.

Gone Fishing

Before you return to King Zora, head to the pool of water on the right side of the Zora Shop. Snatch a Fish swimming around with an empty Bottle. Once you acquire one, go back to King Zora and show him the Letter in the Bottle. He'll ask you to rescue Ruto and open the path leading to Zora's Fountain.

Great Fairy #3

The giant fish filling the sea is Lord Jabu-Jabu. Swim to the left side of him and make your way to the southeast piece of land. Bomb the gray boulder against the wall to blow up the tunnel behind it. Inside, you know the drill -- play Zelda's Lullaby on the Triforce symbol. The Great Fairy will give you Farore's Wind, a magic spell that allows you to create a warp point inside dungeons. This is an excellent spell which will make upcoming dungeons and temples a hell of a lot easier, especially the Water Temple later on.

Hungry Whale

Stand in front of Lord Jabu Jabu and use the Fish in the Bottle. He's a bit hungry, and will gulp you into his mouth for your third dungeon.

Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly

Gold Skulltula Checklist
Gold Skulltula #8
Gold Skulltula #9
Gold Skulltula #10
Gold Skulltula #11

Uvula Switch

Shaboms, the bubbles, float inside the belly of the beast. Stab them with your sword to dispose of them. You'll also encounter Octoroks; they're largely similar to Deku Scrubs. Use your shield or slingshot to take them out. Once you cleared the room, you'll see a white uvula hanging on the ceiling -- shoot it with the Fairy Slingshot to unlock the door.


The jellyfish foes (known as Biri) in the next room will electrocute you if you stabbed them with your sword. Use Deku Nuts to "deactivate" their electric shield, then use a sword thrust to pin them down. On the left wall are two small crates; ignore them for now (you'll come back to this room) and head through the door straight ahead.

A Princess Falls

Here, you'll meet Princess Ruto. After she falls down one of the tissue pits, chase down after her.


Talk to Ruto twice and you'll have to carry her throughout the dungeon. With her in your grasps, turn around and enter the door behind you, which leads east. Proceed through the hallway and skip past the Shaboms floating around. When you reach a pool of shallow water with a white switch in the center, hop down and throw Ruto over the ledge across from you before you step on the switch. With her flung to safety, hit the switch to raise the water, giving you enough elevation to swim and climb to the ledge where you threw Ruto.

Carry The Princess

Make your way down the hallway with Ruto and eliminate the Shaboms bouncing around. Drop Ruto for a second and take out the Fairy Slingshot. Shoot the white uvula that hangs above to unlock the door at the end. Pick Ruto back up and head through. Fire your slingshot at the Octorok and wait for a platform to come down. Hop onto it with Ruto and you'll arrive back to the first floor of the dungeon.

Back On 1F

Head back north to the room where Ruto fell. Avoid the tissue pits and enter the door at the other end. Turn right down the hallway to find a white switch on the floor. Jump on the switch (with Ruto) and the door leading to the east room will unlock.

The Boomerang

Three Stingers guard this room and swim underneath the ground. Use Bombs to clear them out and make a chest appear. Open it for the Boomerang. Pick Ruto back up and return to the previous hallway. New foes, known as Tailpasaran, will emerge from the floor here. Use your new Boomerang to quickly take care of them.

Dungeon Map

The two north paths are blocked by large tentacles. We'll take care of them shortly. Go to the opposite end of the hallway to find another switch you can step on. This time, however, you'll need to place Ruto onto it to keep the nearby door unlocked (don't worry, she won't go anywhere). Enter the room and be faced with a Parasitic Tentacle that hangs from the ceiling. Unleash three hits with the Boomerang (you'll have to stay relatively close to it so it will expand itself out of the ceiling -- just watch when it swings itself at you). Once it's vanquished, a chest appears. Open it for the Dungeon Map.


Return to Ruto (she'll be a little upset that you left her behind). Pick her back up and take your first left (the tentacle blocking the way will be gone). Enter the room and rid of all the Shaboms in the cavity under the time limit using the Boomerang. As the room clears, a chest containing the Compass will appear.

More Tentacles

Back in the hallway, run for the northeast room (zipping past the Tailpasaran). Take out the second Parasitic Tentacle with the Boomerang in the room. This opens up the center path to the north of the hallway. Make your way there. Destroy the Biri and then the final Parasitic Tentacle. Now, return to the room with the tissue pits (south of the hallway) and drop down the west-most pit.

Falling Down To B1, Again

Back on B1, you'll land on the upper ledge (northwest) of the room. Continue northwest and enter the door at the end of the hallway. The Blue Emerald rests on the platform -- throw Ruto to it and she'll grab it. Approach her to initiate a short cinema, and you'll be faced with a miniboss.

Miniboss: Bigocto

Run in the opposite direction of the squid. Rolling will help you catch up to the creature. Once you get close enough to him (from behind), L-target his tail and hit it with the Boomerang. This will stun him -- go in and slash him with your sword. Repeat this process. Eventually, he will begin to switch directions and you'll have to switch up your chase. Make sure to watch for the spikes on the center platform; stay clear and use the outer edges.

Rubber Pillars

After the battle, ride up the platform back to the first floor. Smash the pots and get a Fairy if you need it, then head through the south door.

These flimsy rubber-like pillars can be temporarily stabilized with the Boomerang. Use it and quickly cross pillars to reach the door.

You'll notice a ledge against the wall across the gap -- hop on it and it will take you back to the second room of the dungeon (where the two small crates are). Pick up one of the crates and place it on the switch to the east to unlock the nearby door.

The Final Room

In the next room, dismiss the Biri and find a wall you can climb up to the southeast. From the top of the ledge, lock on the uvula from the ceiling with the Boomerang beyond the wall (you'll have to get descent distance so the Boomerang wraps around the left or right side of the wall, hitting the switch). This will unlock the chamber leading to the boss.

Boss: Barinade
Health: 9-10 (Kokiri Sword)

Your first task is to L-target each of its tentacles that are attached to the ceiling. Dispose of each one with the Boomerang. Once it begins to spin around the room with its barrier of jellyfish, eliminate each of them using the Boomerang. Keep moving left or right to avoid any electric beams it shoots at you. With the barrier gun, concentrate on the round center body part (stun it with the Boomerang, and then use your sword). Repeat this process until you are the victor.

Once the parasitic monster is put to the rest, pick up the Full Heart Container and then talk to Princess Ruto at the blue portal. With much dare and convincing, she'll give you the Zora's Sapphire Spiritual Stone.

All Spiritual Stones Are Gathered

You now have all three Spiritual Stones. Go to Hyrule Castle's bridge gate and witness an interesting cinema. If you watched closely, Zelda threw an item in the moat beside the bridge gate. Dive in the water and grab the Ocarina of Time. You will also learn the Song of Time once you possess it. Zelda will inform you to play this song at the Temple of Time, which is your next stop.

Song of Time

The Song of Time can remove (or spawn) blue blocks that have the Door of Time symbol on them. If there happens to be one present (or when Navi turns green), try this melody.

A Gateway To The Future

Head to Hyrule Market and you'll find the entrance of the Temple of Time to the right of the Happy Mask Shop. Upon entering the temple, dig the tunes. Now, stand in front of the altar and play the Song of Time. After the Spiritual Stones are set in place, the Door of Time will open. Inside will be the legendary Master Sword. Pull it out of its pedestal and watch a lengthy cinema.

Rauru, the ancient Sage of Light, will give you the Light Medallion. Following that, you'll also meet Sheik, a mysterious fellow who tells you an important item lies hidden in Kakariko Village.

Tip: Now that Link has grown into an adult, many of the items you acquired as a child (such as the Boomerang and the Fairy Slingshot) are not accessible. Also, within the seven years, environments, characters, and areas will be different (the big one being Hyrule Castle and Hyrule Market). With all that said, every area is still in the same location.

Back To Kakariko Village

Leave the Temple of Time, zip past the ReDead (you don't freeze now), and head for Kakariko Village from Hyrule Field.

Note: New shops are available in the village (especially the Shooting Gallery). You don't have the Fairy's Bow yet, but take note it won't to hurt to check things out around the town.

To The Grave

The laughing-twins at the entrance of the village will mention the ghost of the undertaker at the graveyard, Dampé. Spook yourself and head to the Graveyard to the east.