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by KyoraStryker

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Version: 1.11 | Updated: 07/27/2011

Guide Information
Steel Diver FAQ/Walkthrough
Written by John Edwards (KyoraStryker) Contact Information provided below.
Version: 1.11
Original File Date: 25 Jul 2011
Last Updated: 26 Jul 2011


Steel Diver is one of the most unique games I've played thus far on the 3DS console. It's a submarine simulation game that purely utilizes the touch screen on the 3DS to control every aspect of the game, similar to how the initial DS games were designed. In Steel Diver, you are at the controls of three different vessels, each with unique characteristics about them that allow for a variety of tactics.

While there is no concrete storyline, you assume the role of a submarine captain using the sub of your choice and navigate through the seas in support of the missions you select. The realism factor in this game is substantial; piloting these vessels takes a slight degree in control and understanding of the basic laws of physics. Regardless, it's still a very entertaining and very challenging game that will offer you hours of enjoyment and excitement.

This guide (technically being my fourth complete guide submitted) will detail everything you need to know to complete the Campaign mode of the game. In subsequent revisions of the guide, I'll throw in all the supplemental information, such as decals and other modes of play.

Update History

Pre-Upload: 25 Jul 2011 Version 1.0

All Campaign content added and complete; file submitted for upload.

Update: 26 Jul 2011 Version 1.1

Supplementary content added to the guide.

Update: 11 Jul 2012 Version 1.11

Minor content changes.

The Vessels

There are only three vessels that can be selected in the game. Each vessel is unique and has its own strengths and weaknesses. All the information you need to know about each of them is provided below.

Technical Specifications
Sub Class: Compact
Length: 19 meters
Beam: 2.7 meters
Engine: 1,800 Horsepower
Crew size: 11
Captain: Luc Fisher

Description: A highly maneuverable sub that can fire missiles vertically.

Analysis: This sub was designed for quick movement. It has one vertical missile launcher and one forward torpedo launcher. You must use the depth slider and speed slider to control your pitch.

Technical Specifications
Sub Class: Midsize
Length: 28 meters
Beam: 3.4 meters
Engine: 2,900 Horsepower
Crew size: 24
Captain: Ben Triton

Description: A balanced, all-around sub.

Analysis: This sub is your average vessel. It doesn't have vertical strike capabilities, but it does have a second forward torpedo launcher. The pitch of the sub can be controlled in two ways.

Pitch Control: Use the slider in the middle of the control console to control the pitch. Use the stylus to grab one of the handles on the side and turn clockwise to pitch down; turn counter-clockwise to pitch up. Alternatively, you can set your pitch to a few different angles and tap the center button (in between the two handles) once to add one degree of angle in the opposite direction. In simple terms, if you angle the sub two clicks down and want to raise the angle by one click, tap the center button once. Repeated taps of the center button will auto-level your sub.
Depth Control: Use the depth and speed sliders to control the angle of your pitch.
Technical Specifications
Sub Class: Large
Length: 38 meters
Beam: 4.9 meters
Engine: 4,000 Horsepower
Crew size: 40
Captain: Dante Cruz

Description: A powerful sub with limited maneuverability.

Analysis: This sub is your heavy-hitter. At the cost of its speed, you have four forward torpedo launchers. Similar to the BlueShark, you can control the pitch of the sub in two ways.

Pitch Wheel: Drag the wheel in the center of the control console to control pitch. Drag the wheel in clockwise circles to pitch down; counter-clocwise circles to pitch up. If you lose track of how many rotations you made on the wheel (which you most likely will), don't panic. Tap the center button to auto-level your sub to the position you desire. Alternatively, you can return to level by tapping and holding the center button.
Depth Control: Standard to all three subs, use the depth and speed sliders to control your pitch.


Decals are emblems that can be placed on the side of your sub that offer a form of support if you collect the required number of decals to use it. There are 31 decals that can be acquired, each with a unique effect. Below is a table that lists each decal, its effect, and the number of identical decals required to activate the effect. Typically, the decals that offer the best effects require the most quantity of said decal.

Decal NameEffectNumber Required
AnchorHalves damage taken from collisions with the environment3
OctopusHalves damage taken from enemy torpedoes3
Skull and CrossbonesHalves the damage taken from enemy depth charges3
Arrow through HeartHalves damage taken from collisions with enemy vessels5
Swords and ShieldHalves damage taken from mines5
Wooden ShipQuadruples recovery speed at the water's surface5
BomberHalves damage taken from enemy air-to-sea bombs3
SnailReduces damage taken from all sources7
OrcaHalves air consumption rate of the masker3
LobsterPrevents submarine hull leaks5
BullIncreases torpedo damage7
Golden FalconIncreases maximum forward/reverse speed10
Sea SerpentIncreases maximum dive/surface speed10
EyeReveals enemy positions on the sea chart5
TridentsIncreases torpedo reload speed7
LightningIncreases torpedo travel speed5
Crescent MoonExtends the mission time limit by 60 seconds5
Scope OrbExtends post-mission Periscope Strike by 10 seconds7
CherriesExtends post-mission Periscope Strike by 20 seconds10
SunIncreases torpedo speed in post-mission Periscope Strike10
PantherDecreases enemy speed in post-mission Periscope Strike10
CrownLowers the health of enemy bosses10
ScorpionNegates the effect of water currents5
SquidIncreases the effect of water currents3
Sea HorseHalves the effect of water currents3
PenguinHalves the impact of shock waves7
WaveGrants a one-time health boost when reduced to zero health10
FrogNot Obtained Yet?
FireIncreases the amount of bubbles created by your torpedoes3
MarioNot Obtained Yet?
WhaleNot Obtained Yet?

Campaign Mode

Complete the mission objectives to progress through the game. In campaign mode, there are seven missions for you to complete. You can select missions one through five from the start, but it is required to complete each of these five missions with all three subs to unlock the last two missions.

Start off by playing the Training mission and use all three subs to get an understanding of how each vessel operates, taking note that the features of one sub will not be the same as the others. This applies to all three vessels.

There are a couple things I do wish to address prior to detailing strategies for completing each of the missions in Campaign Mode, however.

  1. Damage Control: There may be instances throughout your play where your vessel takes damage. Sometimes you'll just take a little bit of damage, other times you'll spring a hull breach. If you're unfortunate enough to take the latter, your immediate focus should be repairing the area where the breach is located. Look at the lower screen of your system for an area that is spraying water. Once located, draw small circles around the area to patch the breach. Once the patch is complete, your point of focus should be on the bearing that your vessel is on. If your sub is headed directly for a part of the environment, mines, or any other object that can impose more damage, use evasive tactics to prevent striking such objects and potentially springing another breach. You'll know your hull is breached if your controls are unresponsive and you hear a voice say, "Hull is breached!"
  2. Periscope Strike: Upon the completion of each mission (with each vessel as well), you'll enter Periscope Strike Mode. This is a feature separate to the actual Periscope Strike Mode that can be selected at the main menu. While the concept and objective of both types are inherently the same, the Periscope Mode that results after each mission allows you to obtain decals that you can apply to your vessel and activate a unique ability (such as decreasing the damage taken from enemy torpedoes, or increasing the speed of your own torpedoes, to name a few). For more information on the Periscope Mode outside of Campaign Mode, or a list of all the decals and their effects, see the Periscope Mode and Decals sections, respectively.
  3. Sea Chart: This is easily the most critical aspect of the game! You should be constantly shifting your focus between the top screen and your sea chart to assess the actions of your sub and determine what needs to be done next. I can't stress enough how important this item is, so use it frequently.

Training Mission

Here you'll learn the basics of piloting submarines. Each submarine has different controls. Pilot them all to familiarize yourself with them. You have a time limit of ten minutes.

ND-01 Manatee

The training mission is exactly what you would expect from it: a place to get a feel for how things operate. Start off by pushing your speed slider all the way to the right (this position known as full forward in nautical terms, but that's beside the point) to get your sub moving forward. Play around with the depth slider too, as this is the only way you're able to steer this sub. Also, take note that you cannot turn your sub around; you'll have to move the speed slider to Reverse in order to move backward.

Once you've taken some time to get acquainted with the controls, let's move on with the training mission. Because it is indeed a training mission, there's nothing you really need to fear. Start moving your sub forward, and take notice of the tutorial tips that get displayed as you play.

One of the most critical features of the bottom screen display is your sea chart. You can tap the sea chart to zoom in; tap it again to zoom out. But the best part about it is that if you look closely, you'll see that the entire map is gridded. So what does this mean? Each grid square represents ten square meters when zoomed in (for those of you that haven't taken Geometry yet or those that haven't had a Geo class in years like myself, that's 10 meters long and 10 meters wide) and is exponentially helpful to assist you in your piloting techniques. Get into the habit of referencing it a lot!

When you start moving your sub below the island-like mass, take note that there's a giant boulder that blocks your path; make sure you take this out to avoid damaging your sub. You'll get a friendly reminder from the tutorial that you need to take it out though, so you shouldn't worry about it too much.

As you continue your progression through the training course, you'll get a message informing you about your sub's ability to launch a vertical missile toward the surface. Immediately thereafter, you'll see a ship on the surface that you can take out using your vertical missiles if you wish, though the ship poses no threat. Continue foward and start diving once you see the rectangular mass on your sea chart. Below this mass are three breakable sections of wall that you can take out using a torpedo. Select the section you wish to destroy and launch a torpedo at it, then pass through the opening you made. When you pass through the opening, push your depth slider all the way up to surface and complete the mission.

ND-03 BlueShark

This sub is a slight bit of a difference that the sub you piloted before. Instead of having a vertical missile launcher, you how have a pitch control wheel that you can use to fine-tune your piloting. In addition, you now have a second forward torpedo launcher, thus allowing you to fire twice as fast as the Manatee.

There are no significant differences between playing this level with the Manatee and playing this level with the BlueShark. You'll navigate through the same exact course and receive the same messages, with the exception of a few that are required to elaborate on the differences in this sub. The pitch wheel is mainly used for small adjustments in your depth while moving forward, and as such, you should still predominantly rely on using your depth slider to control the majority of your depth.

Just like before, progress through the course as you get familiar with this sub's features. Destroy the boulder that's under the island mass and pass through the following passageway. When you reach the surface ship, you have one of two options of destroying it, if you so choose. You can either fully surface your own sub and use your torpedoes to fire directly at it, or you can use the pitch wheel to angle your sub in the direction of the surface ship and hit the ship from below. Alternatively, you can just bypass the sub altogether, as it poses no threat. Finally, destroy the weak sections of the underwater wall that you desire, but keep in mind that this sub is a little bigger than the previous vessel, so it's recommended that you take out two of the weak sections to ensure your sub will pass through without taking damage. Once you begin passing the wall, move your depth slider all the way up to surface and angle the pitch of your sub all the way up (turn the pitch wheel as far to the left as possible).

ND-05 Serpent

This sub is a beast! It's big, has four forward-launching torpedoes, and you can fine-tune your bearing to a much higher degree than the BlueShark using the pitch wheel. The only drawback is that it takes a considerably higher degree of skill to pilot the vessel than it does the other two. Also, do bear in mind that, while this sub is essentially faster than the other two, it does accelerate much slower. Take that into consideration for future missions!

You should have no problems navigating through the training mission for the final time. I've found myself heavily relying on the pitch control to adjust my depth while moving, and I highly recommend you do the same. If you need major corrections in a short time, that is an ideal time to utilize the depth slider. For every other instance, you shouldn't have problems getting to the bearing you desire using only the pitch wheel.

Progress through the course as you have the last two times and take a bit of time to get used to how the big sub operates. Take particular note that much more precise handling is required to navigate this vessel proficiently than the other two vessels.

Destroy the boulder under the island mass as you normally would and make small corrections in your pitch to angle yourself upward to clear the passageway under the island.

As with the BlueShark, you can either use the pitch wheel to angle your sub into a position to sink the ship on the surface or bypass it completely. Finally, navigate to the underwater wall, destroy two sections to ease your passage, then progress through, setting your depth to full Surface and pitching your sub all the way up.

Mission One: Frontline Base

Aerial recon has located an enemy base. Capturing it will give us a foothold in the area. Your mission is to find a way into the base so we can deploy our troops. You have a time limit of ten minutes.

The best part about this mission is the fact that the map is the exact same as the training mission! Use this to your advantage and use similar tactics as you did in the training mission. Do bear in mind though, there are enemy threats in this level! The good thing about it (and for pretty much all the missions within this game) is that you can still bypass the enemies without engaging them or even taking damage. There will be times where using the masker is required to evade, but I'll be sure to mention such instances as they arise.

ND-01 Manatee

Since we already know that this mission has the same exact map as the training mission, you should have an advantage from the get-go. However, due to the fact that there are now enemy threats present, some caution must be exercised. Be watchful of the ship on the surface dropping depth charges and make sure to zoom past them at your earliest convenience. When you're passing underneath the island mass, there are two underwater mines. Use your torpedoes to destroy them before you run into them. At the end of the passageway is an enemy sub that will launch homing torpedoes at you. Use your masker to deflect the incoming torpedoes and either evade the enemy sub or destroy it. Past the enemy sub lies another enemy vessel that will once again shoot homing torpedoes at you. Use the same tactics to either destroy it or evade. Past these two enemy vessels are areas of the waters that are laced with underwater mines. Simply use your torpedoes to take any mines that are in your path out, slowing down if necessary. As you pass the ship on the surface deploying depth charges, fire off two vertical missiles to destroy it. Once more, plunge down below, take out as many weak sections of wall you feel necessary, pass through and surface your vessel to complete the mission.

ND-03 BlueShark

We're back in the BlueShark, though everything else is unchanged. Be mindful of the mines under the island, as well as the slower response time due to the size of your vessel in the event you need to go evasive. Deal with the two enemy subs past the under-island passage, either taking them out or avoiding them altogether. In addition, evade the mines beyond the enemy subs, and the ship deploying depth charges past the mines. Finish off the level as you have before by destroying the weak sections of wall as necessary, passing through the opening, and pitching your sub all the way up and raising your depth slider to surface.

ND-05 Serpent

Ah yes, the beast of the three subs! By now, you're more than likely tired of playing on this map, and fortunately, completing this map is (in my opinion) the easiest to do in this vessel. Once more, remember that the time required to correct errors in your intended bearing is considerably higher than the previous vessels. In addition, keep in mind that you'll dive faster if you use the pitch wheel in conjunction to the depth slider. As with the previous two times, evade the mines under the island and dispose of the two enemy subs. Pass through the adjacent mines, evade the ship deploying the depth charges and make your way to the underwater wall. Destroy the necessary blocks, pass through, and surface your sub.

Mission Two: Jungle Canal

Your mission is to find a way through this jungle canal. It sounds simple enough, but our enemies are attempting the same thing, so be on your guard. Good luck! You have a time limit of ten minutes.

ND-01 Manatee

Set your speed slider all the way forward, then immediately shift your focus to the timer in the top left corner of the top screen. When your timer reaches three seconds into the level, fire a torpedo forward, then fire another torpedo as soon as it becomes available. This will destroy a large boulder that is in your path, without forcing you to cut your speed. Increase your depth to continue navigating through the map. As you start to increase your depth at the first "U" part of the map, be mindful of another large boulder that blocks your path. You'll need to fire another salvo of two torpedoes to dispose of it, keeping in mind that it may be necessary to cut your speed a little to avoid hitting it. Pass the destroyed boulder, but cut your speed so you don't slam into the incoming wall. When you're in the middle of the underwater platform (where the boulder was) and the wall, stop moving forward and start diving. Try to keep close to the bottom of the sea as you pass the second "U" part, as this will allow you to dodge a couple mines that are in the area. As you progress forward, the map starts getting deeper, so dive at a controlled rate to avoid depth charges from above. When you level out, there will be a small boulder suspended underwater; this can be destroyed using a single torpedo. As you reach the point where you destroyed the boulder, you'll get a message saying to watch out for the fork in the path. At this point, you must make the decision whether or not you want to take the top part of the fork or the bottom part. With this sub, each side yields no major differences, so choose the path you would like.

If you take the top part of the fork, there are no enemies present, but there is a high risk of coming into contact with the environment. Watch out for the water jet that has the potential to push you into the wall! This side of the fork is the best side to use for this sub.

If you take the bottom part of the fork, you'll be faced with an enemy sub that is in the middle of the water between the top island-part of the fork and the bottom of the sea. It's best to avoid this enemy and pass by. With this part of the fork, you have much more room to navigate your sub, but it shouldn't matter too much due to the size of your vessel.

Once you pass the fork part of the map, try to avoid the water jet, as it may throw you into the wall if you're at a bad angle. Pass over the underwater hill and dive below. When you get to the last bend in the path, you'll be met with a single boulder and multiple underwater mines, so take them out as necessary and surface your sub.

ND-03 BlueShark

With this map, there's lots of turns and little room for error for this sub, though you do have a little bit more room to play with using this sub than you will have with the Serpent. Just like before, set your speed all the way forward and take out the large boulder blocking your path. The advantage to this sub is that you can take out the boulder much quicker than the Manatee, as you have two forward torpedo launchers.

Make your way into the bends and turns of the map, manipulating your controls as necessary to avoid collision with the environment. Remember to take out the large boulder after the very first "U" turn, as it will very easily creep up on you. When you get to the fork in the path, it's highly recommended that you take the bottom part of the fork, as you'll have the most room to maneuver through the turns. Be mindful about the enemy sub that waits for you at the beginning of the bottom part of the fork. Use your masker to deflect the incoming torpedoes and use the pitch wheel to angle your sub into a position where you can take the enemy sub out. The best thing to do is just to avoid it altogether, like usual.

Because your vessel is a little larger than the Manatee, it'll take a little longer to get up to speed. Take advantage of the water jets on the lower part of the fork to propel yourself forward and reduce your completion time by a couple seconds.

As you get to the last underwater hill, remember that there is a small boulder on the other side, as well as a few mines lying in wait to explode as you surface your sub at the end of the course.

ND-05 Serpent

Because of all the tight turns in this course, playing this map without taking damage is pretty tricky. The very first thing I would suggest is that you refrain from keeping your sliders at either of their extremes for an extended period of time. In simple language, keep from going to a full-dive/surface or even a full-forward/reverse to correct your vessel's bearing. Iin fact, the only times I was at 100% forward power was at the beginning of the map and when I started to negotiate the fork. But we'll discuss that in just a bit.

Like the previous two times, push your sub forward, wait for three to four seconds, then release a volley of two torpedoes to destroy the large boulder. Once you get to this point, go ballistic with your control manipulation and make sure to reduce the speed significantly. If you thought you had little room for error with the BlueShark, you have even less with this sub. Navigating through each of the bends will require use of both the pitch wheel and the depth slider.

When you get to the fork, always take the lower part. I've tried taking the upper portion of the fork numerous times, and each time I took it resulted in both a slower completion time and tons of unnecessary damage taken. Therefore, take the lower part. As usual, watch out for the enemy sub that waits for you at the beginning of the fork and nullify the threat. Your sub is large, so bypassing the enemy is much harder than before. Take it out if you can't squeeze around it.

You'll definitely want to hit all of the water jets in the lower part of the fork, but be very mindful that the effect on this vessel is exponentially multiplied than the effect on the other two subs. That being said, if you're going to use the water jets, do your best to angle your sub in the direction the jetstream is being propelled. When you get into the jet itself, it's advised to drop your speed to zero, or even reverse in some cases. Also, keep an eye on what your depth slider is at prior to entering the jet, as this will have negative impacts if it is set too extreme.

Finally, negotiate the last underwater hill, then take out the small boulder and any mines that get in your way as you ascend to complete the mission.

Mission Three: Undersea Cave

Reports Indicate that hostile subs have infiltrated this undersea cave! They'll cut our supply lines if we don't put a stop to them. Make your way through the cave and find the other entrance!. You have a time limit of ten minutes.

ND-01 Manatee

With this sub, this level shouldn't give you too many challenges. There are however, several things that youshould keep your eyes out for, which will be discussed in this sub-section.

The first thing you want to be mindful of is your speed. The previous mission's bends and turns don't have anything on this one's. You have ten minutes, and the course is generally easy to get though, if you take your time and be wary of your actions.

Second, there are multiple enemies in this mission, with the first two being in a position in which you cannot attack back. Fortunately, this is the only enemy that is in the background; the rest of the enemies can be engaged, and it's advisable to do so, since all of them will block your path.

When you get to the point on the map where there is a water jet shooting at roughly a 45-degree angle towards you (meaning it's placed in a position that is intended to hamper your forward progress), go above the steam and take out the mines that lie directly behind it. If going over and around the stream is not feasible, set your depth to full dive and your speed to stop so the jet has less impact on your vessel.

When you get to the straightest, most open part of the map, don't think it gets easy. This part is the most frustrating of all: there's an undersea volcano that is erupting and will almost always send a boulder right at your sub. A message will pop up saying to pass through quickly, though I feel that you should take such advice with a grain of salt. Don't be afraid to slow your speed down as you make your way past the volcano to avoid collision with the boulders.

To make matters worse, there is an enemy sub waiting for you at the end of the volcano area, and there's no way to get around him. Fortunately, you're out of range for the volcanic boulders to hit you, but the placement of this enemy is in such a position that will force you to move evasive quite a bit. Dispose of the threat while evading the incoming torpedos and progress, taking out the mines that litter the area right before completing the mission.

ND-03 BlueShark

Let me start off by saying this: This level is a pain in the ass with this sub! I don't know how many times I had to play this level over and over just so I could complete it!

First, be particularly mindful of your speed. Because this map has much sharper curves than the last map, your mistakes in piloting will be highlighted. Second, use a combination of the pitch wheel and depth slider to obtain the bearing you desire. Using only one of these methods to obtain a certain depth is insufficient and will almost always lead to a collision.

When you get to the water jet that hinders your movement, use the same tactics to go around it by going above and over the jet. Just like before, set your depth to Dive and stop your speed in the event that bypassing it is not possible.

The absolute biggest challenge of this map is the underwater volcano. Because you don't have a vertical missile launcher like the Manatee does, you'll have to rely on pretty much pure luck. Don't hesitate to shoot at any boulders that you think you might hit though.

Lastly, take out the sub that blocks your exit. This enemy should be a little easier to manage since you have two forward torpedo launchers. Pass the mines and ascend to complete the mission.

ND-05 Serpent

In my opion, I found this map to be easier with the Serpent than I did with the BlueShark. Of course, this is nothing more than personal opinion, but you might feel the same way.

Everything you need to do in this course is identical to what you should do with the BlueShark, just be mindful that you've got very, very little room for error. Be very sparing with your actions to navigate your sub, as extreme changes can produce some undesired results. The only difference between the two would be the water jet that's at the beginning of the underwater volcano area. It was optional to hit it in the other two subs, it's highly recommended that you hit it in this one.

Just like before, take out the threat at the end of the volcano area, though it should be much easier to do so, since you have four forward torpedo launchers. Move past the mines just beyond the final area, ascend, and complete the level.

Mission Four: The Depths

Our deep-sea-research vessel was attacked by an unidentified sea creature! This sea-lane is important to us, so you've got to stop whatever it was that attacked our ship. You have a time limit of fifteen minutes.

ND-01 Manatee

As the name of the mission implies, most of your progression in this level is descending. Therefore, there aren't really too many times where you need to push your speed to full forward. As you progress, you'll see a few head-like statues resting on top of a platform supported by breakable pillars. Shoot the pillars underneath the head, causing the head to fall and opening a new part of the map.

Past the first head, keep an eye out for the underwater mines. There's a multitude of them, but you should still be able to dodge them with no problems. Further down the path is an enemy sub that shoots line-of-sight torpedoes, similar to your own. The problem with these is that using the masker will not deflect them. Be mindful about the position of the enemy sub when it fires a torpedo and counter-attack when you can. Two torpedoes will destroy the enemy sub.

Just past the enemy sub is a two-platform, two-pillar object. A head statue lies on the top-most platform, so destroy the set of pillars immediately below where the head lies. Once the head falls onto the lower platform, destroy the pillars below it to open the path. Be watchful of the two mines that could potentially get in your way and shoot them with a torpedo if necessary.

Once the path is opened up, continue your descent. In this section, there are a few larger mines that are actually proximity charges. Keep a good distance between you and these explosives, as their splash damage area is much larger than the standard mines. Below these proxy bombs is another head/pillar setup, as well as an enemy sub that will launch more line-of-sight torpedoes. Ignore the enemy sub and quickly take out the pillars supporting the head statue. As the head statue falls, it will fall on top of the enemy sub, thus effectively neutralizing it. Convenient, eh?

Continue your descent toward where the head statue fell, but keep in mind that because you cannot turn your sub, you must progress in reverse! Set your speed to a comfortable position in reverse and use the depth slider as necessary to control the depth in which you descend. Fortunately for you, the movement in reverse is very short-lived.

As you begin descending again, watch out for the mines that are in a very tight cluster. Use torpedoes to take them out if necessary. Finally, set your speed to full forward and make your way to the end of the mission... or is it?

There's a boss that you must defeat prior to completing this mission. The boss is a giant snail-like creature and is pretty easy to defeat. When the boss is facing you, shoot torpedoes into the shell opening (which I'm going to refer to as its mouth) to cause damage. When the boss turns his shell toward you, go on the defensive and get out of its way. Don't try shooting the shell, as torpedoes will have no effect on the shell. Once the boss is defeated, you'll complete the mission.

ND-03 BlueShark

Because there is not as much forward movement as the last few levels, this map should be generally easy with the BlueShark. Remember not to keep your depth at its extremes for an extended period of time, as this could potentially cause you to sustain undesired damage.

Just like before, make your way down the tunnel and take out the first pillar under the head statue. Dodge the following mines and the enemy sub, then take out the two-part pillar just like before: take out the top pillars to make the head statue fall on the lower platform, then shoot the lower pillar to make a hole in the floor to progress.

Drop below the second hole and dodge the proximity bombs. It's a little trickier to evade if you get to close, due to the added weight of this vessel. Continue your descent and take out the final enemy sub using the head stautue, just like before.

Move in reverse at a comfortable pace and definitely use your pitch wheel to assist you in this process. Avoid the cluster of mines and shoot down any that you may need to, then progress toward the boss.

Because you have a second torpedo launcher, you should be able to defeat the boss a slight bit quicker than with the Manatee. However, don't fire one torpedo immediately after another, as this will have no effect. Time your second torpedo launch to fire right as the boss stops flashing red. Evade any of the bosses attack if necessary, and defeat him to complete the mission.

ND-05 Serpent

Back in the beastly sub, your first piece of advice is to refrain from ever setting your depth to any extremes. Yes, you read correctly. Don't set your depth slider to full dive or full surface! Doing this will prevent you from having to make major corrections in your bearing where using the extreme end of the slider to reverse a mistake is necessary.

What this word trash is saying is that if you progress through the level without setting your depth slider (or speed slider for that matter) to either end fully, this will greatly increase your chances of reaching the boss unscathed.

With that being said, you should already know what needs to be done, so let's get to it.

Descend down the path and take out the first pillar to make the head statue fall. Drop down the hole and dodge the mines and enemy sub. Take out the top pillar to make the head fall down a platform, then shoot the bottom pillar to make the head statue create another hole to pass through. Descend down this hole and dodge the proxy bombs, remembering that if you drift too close to one of them, you'll have to make major adjustments to prevent getting hit by the splash damage. Take out the last pillar to make the final head statue destroy the enemy sub and allow you to progress. Pilot your sub in reverse, relying heavily on your pitch wheel to get you through the narrow passage. Finally, navigate through the tight cluster of mines and work your way toward the boss.

Just like before, time your torpedo launches to fire just as the boss is finished flashing red. You should be able to defeat the boss in the same amount of time as you did with the BlueShark. Defeat the boss to complete the mission.

Mission Five: Preemptive Strike

Enemy forces are preparing to launch an attack! An advanced enemy battleship is leading the hostile fleet. Your mission: find the enemy's flagship and send her to the bottom! You have a time limit of fifteen minutes.

ND-01 Manatee

There is a ridiculous degree in difficulty increase between the previous mission and this one. There's a bombardment of depth charges that will be deployed to prevent you from progressing, and if you try and skim the surface, enemy aircraft will drop air strikes near your position to send you to the bottom. That being said, you're going to have to steel your nerves to complete this mission, so grab a soda (or a beer if you're of legal age to drink) and get ready for the hardest mission yet.

When you first get into the mission, you'll notice a mine just to your right. Be prepared to take that out when the time comes. Also, if you're paying attention to your sea chart (which you should be doing), you'll notice that most of the map is shallow, with only a small portion of it getting deep (another island-like mass towards the end). Therefore, there should be very limited diving to be done in this level.

Start pushing forward and take out any mines that are in your path. Slow down if necessary to avoid hitting any depth charges or air-to-surface bombs launched by enemy aircraft. As you pass by ships that are deploying the depth charges, take them out using the vertical missile launcher if you so choose. Continue pressing forward shooting anything in your path until you come up to the island, then start your dive. Be very mindful of the enemy subs below the island. Not only are they capable of shooting line-of-sight torpedoes from the front of their vessel, they can shoot 45-degree angled torpedoes both above and below. A few hits with your own torpedoes will destroy them, but it's best to avoid them altogether.

As you start ascending on the other side of the island, it's best that you fully surface to repair any damage you sustained up to this point, because you're about to fight the boss of this mission!

This boss is a huge battleship capable of rapidly deploying depth charges, as well as homing torpedoes. While it is possible to destroy this boss by being completely surfaced, you'll do very little damage. The best way to take this boss out is to launch vertical missiles into the battleship's ordnance bay when it's open. You'll be able to tell if it's open by a large portion of the bottomside of the ship being exposed.

Be mindful that after this boss sustains enough damage, he'll start to sweep the area by deploying numerous depth charges. The safest place to be when this occurs is under the little underwater island (I don't really know how else to explain it)

ND-03 BlueShark

Things are a little different with this vessel. Because you are incapable of launching missiles above your sub, you're vulnerable to almost everything in this level! Progress through the level as you normally would, blowing up any mines that you come across. Ignore the ships deploying depth charges and try to pass through these areas when there's a lull in charges.

Right before the island is a boulder in front of a tight cluster of mines. If you destroy the boulder, you'll expose a water jet that you can use to push you past the mines without taking damage. Sweet deal!

When you get to the island and dive, be cautious with the two enemy subs that are below. Due to their increased torpedo capabilities, you'll need to ensure you remain evasive to avoid the incoming torpedoes. Either destroy them or avoid them, and continue on toward the boss. Like before, surface your sub when you get on the other side of the island to repair any damage that you received. When you're healed up, continue on toward the boss.

In this vessel, it's much, much harder to defeat the boss. You have no vertical launching capability, so you must rely on your pitch wheel to angle torpedoes upward to strike the bottom-side of the enemy battleship. Watch out for the two cannons on the underside of the ship, as they'll launch torpedoes at you without any kind of notice, and it's extremely difficult to evade them if you're focused on the ordnance door opening on the ship. Defeat the boss in the same manner as you did before and you'll complete the mission.

ND-05 Serpent

Your thoughts on the completion of this mission with the Serpent should already point toward you having a very difficult time. And truth be told, if such thoughts ripple through you're mind, you're right.

Do everything you did with the BlueShark with this vessel before the boss, and you won't have too many problems. Because you can position this sub in a wide variety of angles using the pitch wheel, take your time as you progress through the level to ensure that everything in your path is destroyed to minimize damage.

Dive below the island as you normally would and attempt to take out the enemy subs. Because you have four forward torpedo launchers, you can use one to destroy any incoming torpedoes, and the rest to fire at the enemy sub. Defeat these two subs and surface on the other side of the island to repair your ship before the boss.

Just like the BlueShark, you'll need to angle your sub using the pitch wheel toward the belly of the battleship and launch a volley of torpedoes at the ordnance bay when it opens. Because you have twice as many torpedo launchers than the previous vessel, you should be able to take the boss out a little easier than before. Just bear in mind that it's even more difficult to evade than prior encounters, so be prepared to do so if the instance arises. Defeat the boss for the last time and get ready to move on to the first unlockable mission!

Mission Six: The Arctic Circle

Our polar base has reported hostile destroyers in its vicinity. Enemy airships are patrolling for surface ships, so we haven't been able to get supplies to the base. Now it's your turn to try. You have a time limit of fifteen minutes.

ND-01 Manatee

Even in this sub, you're going to have to have sharp reflexes to safely navigate this course. When you first start out avoid the plethora of mines that litter the area, as well as the two enemy subs that are firing torpedoes at you. These subs are the annoying ones that can launch multiple torpedoes simultaneously, two of which can shoot 45-degrees above and below.

Past these two enemies is a section of the map that initially looks possible to progress, but is actually barricaded with ice pillars. Shoot a torpedo to break these pillars and continue on. A very steep incline is next, followed by a similarly steep decline. Adjust your speed and depth to pass through this part without sustaining damage. Watch out for the proxy bomb on the far side of the incline. You should be able to shoot it from a distance without taking damage though. Pass through the subsequent turns and evade the mines; eventually you'll open up to the vast majority of open water this map has to offer. However, it's not safe to peg the throttle forward and gun it to the finish...

As you pass through this large, open area, you'll notice the tide rise and fall. You'll have to time your movements to pass through these waters as the glaciers and seafloor rise and fall with the tide. When it seems like you've passed the last glacier and you think you're home free, think again. There's another glacier that blocks your path; shoot forward torpedoes at it to push the glacier forward and open a hole for you to dive into, allowing you to continue. Dodge the mines that are once again floating in the wake of a water jet, and evade the two enemy subs that are past this area, as well as the large blue whale (I think that's what it is; correct me if I'm wrong), then ascend and complete your mission.

ND-03 BlueShark

Surprisingly enough, this mission is a little easier to pull off in the larger subs than it is in the Manatee, for the simple reason that you have pitch control in the larger subs, whereas the Manatee does not.

Everything you did with the previous sub should be repeated with this one. Dive down at the beginning and bypass the two enemy subs. There's a chance you'll get hit with a torpedo, but you should be able to take the damage. Destroy the ice pillars as you make your way down the corridor, then ascend and descend the steep underwater hill, making sure to take out the proxy bomb on the other side. Blow up the mines that are floating around so that you can pass without taking any damage. Just like before, time your movements past the rising and falling glaciers and sea floor. Force the floating glacier away from you using torpedoes; it should move a bit faster since you have two torpedo launchers. Dive down and continue, avoiding the mines and enemy subs you encounter, then make your ascent to complete the mission.

ND-05 Serpent

Just like the BlueShark, you'll find that this mission is significantly easier than when you piloted the Manatee, and you may find that it's even easier than the BlueShark since your pitch wheel in this vessel is much more controllable.

Start of as you normally would, diving down at the start of the map and avoiding the mines and enemy vessels that inhabit this part of the course. Destroy the ice pillars and ascend up the steep slope. You'll notice a boulder that will uncover a water jet; you can use this if you wish, but it doesn't offer much help. Descend the steep hill and destroy the proxy bomb on the other side, then pass through the moving minefield. Navigate through the rising glacier area and make your way toward the stationary glacier. Like before, shoot a couple torpedoes at it, keeping in mind that you'll make much faster progress if you time the launch of each of your torpedoes to strike in a continuous barrage. Dive down and evade the remainder of mines and enemies and avoid the whale as you make your way up to the end.

Note: If it seems like I am rushing things, I promise you it's not intentional. By now, you should have a solid understanding of how each ship operates, so only you will be able to determine what is 100% effective in each level. All I can do from my viewpoint is tell you what you need to watch out for.

Mission Seven: Enemy Stronghold

If the submarine being built in this base is completed, it will place the entire world in danger. You must find the sub's construction site and destroy it before it launches. Good luck. You have a time limit of twenty minutes.

Take note that you only need to beat this mission with one sub to finish Campaign mode. That being said, I'm going to list the strategy for the Manatee and update the guide with strategies for the BlueShark and Serpent vessels in a future revision.

Start off the last mission by pegging the throttle forward and diving as necessary to evade any torpedoes that are coming at you. Don't hesitate to use the masker if you think the torpedoes are getting a little too close for comfort. When you start making your way into the enemy base, you'll encounder a door right as you start to descend for the first time. A torpedo cannot destroy this door, so you'll have to find another way. Fortunately, there's a door control panel above the door that can be disabled by a torpedo. Look for a faint red light above the door (and above the part that starts to dive down, for that matter), then shoot a forward torpedo at it to disable the door controls and raise the door. Descend through the door, but watch out for a proxy bomb and the homing torpedoes that may be present. When you drop down and level out, you'll be face-to-face with an enemy sub. Two well-aimed torpedoes will take him out. Pass through the tight corridors, keeping in mind that you have little room for error if you wish to avoid taking damage. When you get to the point of ascention, be mindful that there's a surface ship deploying depth charges. Take out this ship as you continue to progress forward. After a short series of maneuvers through more tight confines, you'll meet up with the boss. Whaaaat?! So early?!

Even though the boss is in the background, make sure to keep the front of your sub behind the tail of the boss' sub, as the boss will soon make its way into the foreground. Keep your sub dangerously close to the boss and unload your forward torpedoes to destroy some of the boss' armor plating. Continue doing this until you reach the end of the course.

When you do in fact reach the end of the map, the real battle with the boss begins. This beast of a sub can launch a slew of torpedoes in all directions, and has a couple attacks you need to be mindful of:

The first attack is a cyclonic attack in which the boss will suck you toward his vessel as he charges forward. Dive rapidly and keep away from the boss when he does this attack. The second attack is where the front bay doors of his sub will open and will emit a laser-like beam that deals massive damage. Avoid this at all costs!

In addition, be very cautious about surfacing to repair health, as air-to-sea bombs will hone in on your position. Therefore, try to avoid taking any damage that will cause you to surface to repair, as anything you repair will most likely be lost in the process.

Also, the two subs that are essentially your "allies" come into play and help defeat the boss, though every time I've played, the two friendly subs did not affect the outcome of the fight. Therefore, it's best to ignore their presence.

Defeating the boss is similar to defeating the battleship back in Mission Five. If you dealth enough damage to the boss while moving toward the end of the map, a significant portion of armor will have fallen along the way, leaving the underside of the sub exposed. Since you're in the Manatee, exploit this weakness ruthlessly by firing vertical missiles into the belly of the boss. Continue this process until the boss is defeated.

When the giant enemy vessel is no more, relax and congratulate yourself on finishing the final mission! Sit back, watch the credits and pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

Time Trials Mode

Time Trials is a completely different style of play within Steel Diver. Your goal is to nagivate through the course within the allotted time while dodging obstructions and obstacles along the way. Below is a list of strategies for each of the eight courses. Because the content of each mission doesn't change, I will only be listing one strategy, basically to outline critical actions you should take.

Note: The time is represented in the following format: x:y, where x represents minutes and y represents seconds.

Also, take note that in addition to the game's difficulties (of which I interpreted from the star ratings, with one star being easy and five stars being insane), I've provided my own way of assessing the difficulty, where "Lmao" represents a ridiculously easy course, "Lol represents an easy course, "Lolwut" represents a normal course, "Omg" represents a moderately challenging course, and "Omgwtfbbq" represents a ridiculously challenging course. For these courses, I didn't have to assess anything over the rating of "Omg".